Raw Snickers Bars + A Heatwave of Love

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Raw Snickers Bars + A Heatwave of Love @ www.earthsprout.com

Let’s say for arguments sake that I was ready to meet the love of my life at 17 and that all went as smoothly as avocado chocolate mousse after that.

Let’s say that whenever love pops up, we embrace it as wholly and deliciously as we can and that we’re always ready to both give and receive while in the midst of the strong current that is (the sometimes confusing, always gotta-just-shake-my-whole-body overwhelming) l-o-v-e.

Sadly, that’s always not the whole truth.

Sure, I may not have been fully prepared to embark on such a huge journey at such a young age but neither was Fabian. What I do know is this: growing together is the most amazing, crazy-town, wild and rewarding ride of them all. It’s a constant reaching higher – sometimes crashing always building stronger.

In a few short days I will have spent 8 years of togetherness with my man (+ Valentines day is just around the corner) and so naturally these Raw Snickers Bars are for him (..I’ve also heard your plea’s since this Instagram 1.5 yrs back). Fabian, honey – although I’m not crazy about peanuts myself I know you’re wild for the decadent peanut/caramel/chocolate-combo and although you swear these bars taste so much better then the not-so-nutrient dense bars at the supermarket I know you can’t resist those at times. That’s so very ok but be prepared to fill your 14th of February with a decadent AND deliciously dare I say healthy, Snickers bar.

The universe will respond to your actions weather they come as the form of thought/day dream actions or real life coffee shop/ street corner/ late night working actions. Try it out and see what’s brought back to you.

Love the way you wish to be loved

Give the way you wish to receive

In this Earthsprouty space right here you are loved. You are oh so loved.

Raw Snickers Bars + A Heatwave of Love @ www.earthsprout.comRaw Snickers Bars + A Heatwave of Love @ www.earthsprout.comRaw Snickers Bars + A Heatwave of Love @ www.earthsprout.com

Fun & Fabulous Facts

– Peanuts, the not so hot truth

You may want to label me as one of the weirdest people on the planet but I don’t really love regular peanuts. I think they have this dusty dry taste to them that doesn’t really appeal to me. I will say that pairing unsalted peanuts of good quality with other foods, both savory and sweet is a whole other situation (and now I sound like the biggest food snob). So if you’re favorite treat is PB&J sandwiches, please bare with me for a while longer. I think you’ll want to hear me out.

Did you know peanuts are actually a legume? But not a regular legume, oh no. After the flowers have been pollinated, the stalk grows until the pod of peanuts is pressed down into the soil where it matures – how cool is that?! As opposed to other legumes that store starch, peanuts in fact stores fat and they do look alot more like nuts then beans. The common misconception of peanuts being an actual nut is not hard to understand.

Now, back to your PB & J’s and Snickers bars. Conventionally grown peanuts are one of the most chemically adultered crop there is as they are often crop rotated with cotton when grown in the southern parts of North America. The chemicals used when growing cotton (up to 16 applications of various pesticides, herbicides and fungicides a year) are not permitted on food crops but the rotation situation makes sure that the peanuts later slathered onto countless of slices of bread and packed into lunch-boxes are heavy with these ’non-food’ toxins. As well as the toxins used when growing the actual peanuts too of course. Toxins don’t magically disappear just because December turns to January, just saying’. Another disturbing and not so hot truth is that when the pods of beans are left to dry in humid air, mold is inevitably formed. This is a known fact and the USDA allow a small percentage of the cancirogenic mold Aflatoxin. Peanuts, originally grown in very dry areas of South America and cultivated by the Aztecs are today grown all over the planet. Aflatoxins cannot form in the desert-like areas of New Mexico but China, North America and India is much more humid (hello mold!). Peanuts are a great example of a crop that in the hands of humans misusing their power have ultimately turned into something that is plain bad for us. By taking a crop and using it in ways it’s not really meant to be grown or consumed we turn beautiful possibilities into, well, money. Another example is corn and all the plain scary products that corn is now the base of. High fructose corn syrup, anyone?

Ok, let’s turn to the positive side of things, shall we? There is a solution! Buy heirloom peanuts, baby! No, you won’t get the same quantity for the same amount of money but the quality is worlds away from your go-to jar of peanut butter or salted snack. Before meat was an everyday ’luxury’, peanuts were actually launched as a brilliant and cheap way to get protein into our diets and even though that is true, the protein is not worth squat if it comes with a carnival of toxins. By going back to the heirloom varieties we’re not only supporting the health of ourselves and the planet (heirloom varieties are often times much easier to grow without using toxins). We’re also supporting small farmers and a sustainable way of caring for and respecting both the crop and the earth. So go get yourself a bag of delicious (& SO gorgeous) organic Wild Jungle Peanuts, store them in the fridge and enjoy the real deal of this widely loved staple. Either as they are, in cooking, nut butters or in sweet treats. Plus, you’ll be changing the world to the better and if that’s not hot then I don’t know what is.

Raw Snickers Bars + A Heatwave of Love @ www.earthsprout.comRaw Snickers Bars + A Heatwave of Love @ www.earthsprout.comRaw Snickers Bars + A Heatwave of Love @ www.earthsprout.com

Raw Snickers Bars

This is a recipe that requires some love and attention due to its three layers and chilling time in the freezer. This is why it’s perfect to create these for a special someone (includes yourself!) and really infuse ’em in goodness and high vibes. For an all the way through low glycemic treat, use rice malt syrup or such in place of the dates in the carmel layer. If so, you may need to add some almond flour or the like to make it less runny.

Makes 8 bars

Raw Chocolate 
1/2 cup | 50g finely chopped Cacao Butter (you could sub for virgin coconut oil)
1/3 cup | 25g Raw Cacao Powder
1/4 tsp vanilla bean powder
pinch good quality salt
5 drops Stevia / 1 tbsp powdered coconut sugar

1. Bring water to a boil in a saucepan, remove from heat. Add all ingredients to a bowl that you can let sit on top of the saucepan until all the cacao butter has melted. Combine with a spatula and set aside

Cream Layer
1/3 cup | 80g cashew butter (make your own by blending 2 cups cashew nuts in your food processor until a butter-like consistency is formed).
1/3 cup | 25g almond flour
pinch salt 

1. Combine all ingredients in a small bowl using a fork.
2. Roll the Cream ’dough’ into a roll with your hands and divide in 8.
3. Make little rectangles of each cream piece, put onto a baking sheet and let sit in the freezer while you make the Caramel Peanut Layer.

Caramel Peanut Layer
1/2 heaped cup | 150g pitted dates (around 7-10 dates depending on size)
1/2 cup | 45g wild jungle peanuts (preferably) or organic high quality unsalted peanuts
1/4 tsp maca powder, optional but delicious & adds lots of nutrients
a tiny sprinkle good quality salt

1. Add all ingredients except the peanuts to a small bowl and blend by using and immersion blender until smooth.
2. Add the chopped up peanuts and combine with a spoon. Set aside. NOTE: if you wish, you could lightly toast the raw peanuts in a dry hot skillet before using them in the recipe.


—instructional pictures below—
1. Once the cream rectangles are chilled (5 minutes in the freezer is good) spoon over small amounts of the raw chocolate until covered on one side. Pop into the freezer for a minute or so
2. Bring out the raw chocolate covered cream rectangles again, cut around the edges of the cream-base so the chocolate doesn’t stick to the paper when you flip them over. Flip over so that the chocolate covered side is down and smear 1-2 tbsp worth of Caramel Peanut onto the Cream Base. Pop into the freezer for a minute or so
3. Bring out the Snickers Bars from the freezer and spoon over raw chocolate until covered while holding the bar with your hand over the bowl of raw chocolate (it will drip!). Top with a little sprinkle of chopped up peanuts and flaky sea salt. Store in fridge if you plan to eat within a few days or put in the freezer for a longer storing time.
4. Also.. ehm, are you (and your love target) prepared for a major chocolate bliss orgasm? You better be.

Raw Snickers Bars + A Heatwave of Love @ www.earthsprout.comRaw Snickers Bars + A Heatwave of Love @ www.earthsprout.comRaw Snickers Bars + A Heatwave of Love @ www.earthsprout.com


There is only love,

Share your Raw Snickers creations with us all on Instagram using the #earthsprout hashtag and have fun blissing out in the ever so orgasmic chocolate-land! I know I will.


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