Earthsprout, Say what?!

With the latest of knowledge in the world of natural nutrition mixed with my passion and work in the garden and kitchen I´m here to guide you towards flavor explosions and healthy thoughts and actions. Earthsprout is all about playing with the veggie gifts of nature that have the power to make you live in your fullest potential.

In other words…

Earthsprout strategies will make you Hot ´n Healthy

…and abundant in vitality, energy, giggles, strength, clarity, playfulness etc etc. As you can see I´m not kidding about the ”live in your fullest potential”-part. Because that is not an impossible dream, it´s absolutely do-able, and not only do-able. It´s a rocking freaking awesome adventure and you are just the superhero to it make it happen!

I often say that Earthsprout is not about making you fit into a particular size, leveling out a raging blood sugar or another specific focus point. Here we´re all about the glory of seeing the whole picture and even if you may have a particular goal, following this greenylicious way is going to boost All.That.You.Are, feels good, right!? That being said, Earthsprout is a place for everyone. Regardless if you are looking to pump your muscles, kick some chronic dis-eases ass, unlock your bouncing spiritual potential or just get some more zippy energy, Earthsprout is a great place to start! Not to mention how much help we give to Mother Earth when living á la Earthsprout… and there you have it. The core of this company. To heal the Earth while we heal ourselves and understand our wondrous part of this grand organism.

I use a plantbase for my tasty kitchen creations and this is a result of me caring for You, Mother Earth, the animals and all of our well being. I wish to share what my education and ongoing studies teaches me about living in our fullest potential with the help of food. An Earthsprouty plate is therefore filled with Raw, Whole, Natural and Organic foods to increase the bodys alkalinity and add tons of enzymes (not to mention protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fabulous fats). Flavor explosions to live for!

If you are interested in hearing more about these greenylicious things, get a tailor made health kick plan, some unique recipes or ordering treats á la Earthsprout for your dinner party. I´d love to hear from you! Hop on over to the CONTACT page for all the details.

PS.Check out THE FREE Greenylicious Manifesto for some straightforward and super powerful guidelines to get you going! Put them on your fridge and/or handbag and get some of that Hot´n Healthy Earthsproutiness into your life!

Curious about the logotype? The Earthsprout logotype is inspired by an ancient African Zulu symbol for ”Planter”. Beautiful, right?!