Do you have a truckload of questions popping up, like:


  • Where can I get those ingredients?
  • How do I order your Nordic Superfood mix?
  • Who on earth took that picture?
  • Can I borrow content?
  • What does your breakfast look like?
  • Can I really change my life by adding more Greenylicious things?

Ah, well that last one is quite obvious.. Before you get all excited and send me that sweet e-mail, be sure to scroll down to where I have answered some common questions.

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Are you a 100% “Raw Foodist”?  Simple answer, no. I get questions like are you a Vegan/Raw Foodist/Fruitarian/Vegetarian all the time but I think it’s enormously important not to identify one self with what you are eating. Therefore my answer is always I AM me, and anything I eat, I eat because A). It´s delish B). It boosts both my own health and the well-being of the planet. (To feel and look energized and fab is an awesome side effect of eating greenylicious things). Simple as that. It does not matter if it happens to be a hot miso soup, a slice of sourdough bread with cashew cheese, an occasional egg (that my mom brings from their hen house), fresh veggies from the garden or Raw chocolate… You get the point. My intuition is what I swear by in the kitchen or when shopping for groceries. Try it, It’s super fun!

You are a green gourmet chef and organic gardener, tell us about your work? I started my company Earthsprout both because I wanted a creative space for my passions and because I wish to spread them to the world. Here I work with projects that have superpowers and are close to my heart like healthy recipe developing for magazines e.t.c, tailor made adventure changes with natural nutrition, workshops, events, photography and organic gardening. Healing the earth while healing the people!

Is it true that you live inside of a forest? It is! Fabian and me live in the cutest little house in the south of Sweden, surrounded with oak trees, wild animals, water springs (our next-door neighbor is the sky). Come visit and I’ll make you a green juice!

What is your favorite ingredient in the kitchen? I’d say my camera but since It’s quite hard to digest I will have to say that my all time favorites would be anything I have grown myself. Those veggies are so loaded with love and care! I’m a harvesting nerd!

What is the story behind your product, the Nordic Superfood Mix? Years ago when I started to learn about Raw Foods, I got the Superfood craze just like everyone else, but after a while I realized the stupidest thing. While I ordered Spirulina and Maca from the other side of the planet, Nordic Superfoods grew at my very feet. So I created a Nordic Superfood Mix! All ingredients are locally harvested by hand (kind friends and family), prepared á la Raw Food and exciting both for the eye and the taste buds. I always have my eyes open for great places to sell it. Do contact me if you are interested in hearing more about the Nordic Superfood Mix!

Do you have any questions of your own? send me and e-mail to info@earthsprout.com and I´ll get back to you as soon as I possible