How to eat a fresh Fig (Warning: Passion Overload)

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It’s time to play with figs

and I’m warning you..

There are some serious food orgasms coming your way if you get what I want to convey in this post. Oh, maybe that’s more like a promise. Who wants in on a pleasure explosion? Did you raise your hand? Then continue reading…

As I’m writing this I have just served lunch to a hungry bunch of Nature Spa-ers at La Lumiere in southern France. The afternoon sun makes everything exceptionally gorgeous & lures out my inner photographer. But it’s writing time today. Stop persuading me, sun! (noo – please don’t, only kidding!).
I did have other plans for this weeks post but sometimes there are simply other things that needs to come out and THAT it so much stronger than structure.

What is so much stronger than structure today you might wonder? Well, let me give it to you in three words.

1. Passion 2. Play 3. Powhooooow

So. Do you see the enormous tree I´m hugging up there? Get this: it’s a fig tree. A FIG TREE. Plus, there are ripe figs hanging from it’s branches just waiting to draw you into an ecstatic state of mind. I let it do just that. I go there and search for a soft and squishy fig. I pick it and float away in a moment of pure awesomeness. If that’s not worth a crazy dance then I don’t know what is. A fig is such a delicate manifestation of Mother Earth’s creativity and it sure is not for nothing called an aphrodisiac. I don’t think I have ever came across a more sensual food or eating adventure. Now, do you want to experience this? Then follow these guide lines:

1. Get your hands on a really ripe fresh fig

2. Feel how it´s softness touches your skin. Is it heavy? dense? light?

3. Dive into it’s colors and patterns, watch it´s stunning stripes and spots

4. Turn it upside down and see how there is a star formed at it’s base. Cool, huh?

5. Now, open it with your hands into two pieces and watch the seeds dance

6. At this point, take a deep breath and let a silly smile spread across your face and heart

7. It’s time to take the first bite. Are your ready?

8. FOOD ORGASM at it’s best

(The absolutely sensational medicinal benefits and nutrients you get too is also quite great)

The next step is taking this awareness into your every encounter with food and I’m telling you. Within a week you will be floating high up on an ecstatic cloud somewhere with many more food orgasms in your baggage then you can possibly count. Yeah, it´s a promise.

So. WHICH is your personal brings-me-to-another-world sort of food?

What brings you passion, play & phowoow?
Is is an iced Kombucha cocktail? Raw chocolate truffles? fresh grapes? Pesto pasta?

Do tell me in the comments below and then hop on over to Facebook & Twitter for further food orgasmic discussions

A huge hug from Provence


Bigtime photo credit to the amazing Nina at

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