The Nordic Superfood Mix

It’s a RAW FOOD revolution!


Health kick meets Flavor explosion

Exclusive meets Accessible

Handmade meets Fabulous


The Nordic Superfood mix is a top quality raw food blend that finally puts the

sensational Nordic superberries & supergreens on the map.

The ingredients I have chosen to work with are carefully selected to

bring out the best in each other so that you and your body will receive the

full effect of these nutritional powerhouses and their medicinal benefits.




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Nordic Superfood Mix, 100g

Ingredients: Nettle, rose hip, red currant, elderberry, sea buckthorn, apple, petals of calendula

Based on organic ingredients | Carefully and lovingly harvested in Sweden by me personally | Dried below 42 Degrees Celsius therefore RAW with all nutrients intact | Packaged in recycled material | Ready to boost your life and body

By the way! Did you know that Nordic Superfoods have got an extra trick up their sleeves? The powerful Nordic light ups the level of antioxidants which are known to protect against free radicals, inflammation and chronic diseases. The Nordic Superfood mix will also help lower your beautiful blood sugar, bring shine and strength to your skin, hair and nails (NR1 Beauty Boost!), balance your pH-level and make your body more alkaline. It cleans out toxins as a bad ass broom and ups your level of energy. The Nordic Superfood Mix also happens to be an incredible pregnancy & postpartum tonic full of those specific nutrients needed during this time.


sebastian copy

”Work and sleep was all I could manage but then Elenore introduced me to her Greenylicious Super Smoothie and it completely changed my life. I got more creative and effective which led to having more energy and time for myself. Complete and utterly magnificent work”

Sebastian Sabouné | Project Manager, Ustwo | London

dan copy

”The visionary work of Elenore in regards of food and sustainable green culture is so revolutionary and fun. I am absolutely certain she and the Nordic Superfood Mix will change the world.”

Dan Thorelli Roswall | Actor | Stockholm


”Elenore’s Nordic Superfood Mix is the perfect way to boost the nutrition in so many foods! Simple and versatile, it’s my new go-to when I want to add a blast of pure, delicious nourishment to smoothies, cereals, bars, and salads.”

Sarah Britton | Holistic Nutritionist and Vegetarian chef | Copenhagen


The body thrives when alkaline. Upping your intake of greens and berries -like with the Nordic Superfood Mix- is a great way to balance that pH- level of yours and get more alkaline”

Ronnie Ulvenhag | MD | Sweden

”I love this superfood! I make it with all sorts of things, salads, smoothies, grilled veggies…Nordic Superfood is such a lovely treat to myself and the ones I love to share good health with as much as possible. Unique”

– Kathleen


The Nordic Superfood Mix is a unique plant medicine that can pop into your life and transform it. Each ingredient is there for a reason and carefully harvested & prepared to shine as brightly as possible. Raw, organic, wild-harvested and absolutely beautiful for all senses.

Do you have any questions about the product or your order? Pop me a few lines at and I’ll happily to straighten out those question marks.