The Nordic Superfood Mix

It’s a RAW FOOD revolution!


Health kick meets Flavor explosion

Exclusive meets Accessible

Handmade meets Fabulous


The Nordic Superfood mix is a top quality raw food blend that finally puts the

sensational Nordic superberries & supergreens on the map.

The ingredients I have chosen to work with are carefully selected to

bring out the best in each other so that you and your body will receive the

full effect of these nutritional powerhouses and their medicinal benefits.


eat it

Yup, it’s because I know you want to be one good looking sparkle magnet of health and beauty.

The Nordic Superfood Mix release has been years in the making. Every step of the way and each detail is there for a reason. I wanted this product to be as smack packed of quality and value as it possibly could and now I have met my own high standards. The exclusively handpicked Nordic Superfood is finally here to transform your life and create a revolution of health and love.


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Order your Nordic Superfood Mix today,

- Receive a surprise!


Nordic Superfood Mix, 100g

Ingredients: Nettle, rose hip, red currant, elderberry, seabuckthorn, apple, petals of calendula

Based on organic ingredients | Carefully and lovingly harvested in Sweden by me personally | Dried below 42 Degrees Celsius therefore RAW with all nutrients intact | Packaged in recycled material | Ready to boost your life and body

Revolutionize your life and live ECSTATICALLY now!

When your own mix reaches your hand you can rest assured that you are holding the very best quality Nordic superfoods, lovingly harvested be me personally on wild, organic grounds. (Plus you will have your other hand full of that FREE SURPRISE too). The Nordic Superfood Mix will boost your smoothies, juices, food and other kitchen creations with amazing vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, fabulous fats and antioxidants.

The powerful Nordic light even ups the level of antioxidants which are known to protect against free radicals, inflammation and chronic diseases. The Nordic Superfood mix will also help lower your beautiful blood sugar, bring shine and strength to your skin, hair and nails (NR1 Beauty Boost!), balance your pH-level and make your body more alkaline. It will clean out toxins as a bad ass broom and up your level of energy.


Ka-pow Benefits

This is what upping your intake of greens and superberries on a regular basis will give you (like in daily green smoothies/juices).

  • Healthy, shining skin, hair & nails

  • A glow from the inside out (without the Christmas tree lights)

  • Lean & strong body

  • Releasing excess kilos

  • Heightened creativity

  • An angels breath

  • Cellulite free ass-ets

  • Balanced hormones (bye roller coasters)

  • Healthy elimination and internal broom sweeping

  • Energy to go to that hardcore fitness class

  • An ecstatic miracle mindset

All in all, The Nordic Superfood Mix will make both you and your body glow like a full moon and an 80′s disco combined.




The buzz around town!

sebastian copy
”I was so low on energy. Work and sleep was all I could manage but then Elenore introduced me to her Greenylicious Super Smoothie and it completely changed my life. I got more creative and effective which led to having more energy and time for myself. Complete and utterly magnificent work”

Sebastian Sabouné | Project Manager, Ustwo | London

dan copy

”The visionary work of Elenore in regards of food and sustainable green culture is so revolutionary and fun. I am absolutely certain she and the Nordic Superfood Mix will change the world.”

Dan Thorelli Roswall | Actor | Stockholm




”Elenore’s Nordic Superfood Mix is the perfect way to boost the nutrition in so many foods! Simple and versatile, it’s my new go-to when I want to add a blast of pure, delicious nourishment to smoothies, cereals, bars, and salads.”

Sarah Britton | Holistic Nutritionist and Vegetarian chef | Copenhagen





The body thrives when alkaline. Upping your intake of greens and berries -like with the Nordic Superfood Mix- is a great way to balance that pH- level of yours and get more alkaline”

Ronnie Ulvenhag | MD | Sweden



Oh lordy, I am so looking forward to sending you that Nordic Superfood Mix and you ought to get excited about the Greenylicious and supercharged shifts that will take place in your life and body.

Let’s raise our greenylicious glass – Cheers!

Do you have any questions about the product or your order? Pop me a few lines at – I’d be happy to straighten out those question marks.


  1. kimberley
    1 februari, 2013

    Hi Eleonore,
    Would love to know whats in the mix?

    • ElenoreEarth
      2 februari, 2013

      Hi Kimberley!

      Thanks for asking! the list of ingredients is now up on the boutique page <3

  2. Tanya
    2 februari, 2013

    Hi Eleonore!

    Thank you so much for everything you do and hope you’ll have a fantastic birthday!!! I’ve been following your blog for over a year now and love, love, love the positive energy and health that you’re bringing into my life:)

    I wonder though if you can help me with one thing. When I try to make a world wide order, I get redirected to a pay pal page in Swedish which I don’t speak. Is it possible to get this page in English? So I know what I’m doing. Thank you very much! All the happiness and blessings to you!

  3. Alice
    2 februari, 2013

    Hello Elenore,
    This is great news that will give us angel wings like that thanks to you we will travel and cross all borders!
    My birthday is February 12th so thank you!

    See you soon !!!

    mille bises


  4. Elanor
    2 februari, 2013

    Oh Darling Earthsprout,
    Wow how amazing are these ingredients you have! But oh my dear i do not get along well with eating calendula, though i always grow these happy flowers for my garden. Will you make other blends in the future? I am sure you will! I think i will buy a box as a beautiful gift for my man though ;o)
    Can you check the ‘international’ link out please, i think the page is in nordic super language!
    Love and southern sunshine,

    • ElenoreEarth
      4 februari, 2013

      Hi Elanor (gorgeous name;)

      There is only a little sprinkle of calendula petals in the mix, about 4 little ones. So you would have no problem
      just removing them yourself.

      I’ll look into the translations on that page, thanks a million!

  5. antje
    2 februari, 2013

    i just found out by trying the ‘international’ paypal page changes the language to my home language after i logged in!
    superfood mix, here i come! ;)

  6. Clare @ A New Hope
    3 februari, 2013

    How excicing, I will have to put this on my birthday wish list! Sounds fantastic.

  7. Kristin Alvestad
    3 februari, 2013

    Gratulerer! This is super exciting and every thing looks gorgeous, I just want to move into your universe :-)

    • ElenoreEarth
      4 februari, 2013

      Sweeeets! Thank you for those loving words! I bet your universe is damn grand too <3

  8. Shanna
    3 februari, 2013

    Hi Elenore!
    I am very much looking forward to the launch of your Boutique! I am wondering, if ordering without PayPal….. Canada doesn’t show as a shipping option. Will you be shipping to Canada at some point? Looking forward to extending my love & support for you and Earthsprout!

    • ElenoreEarth
      4 februari, 2013

      Hi! That’s indeed very odd and not a conscious choice. I will look into it <3

  9. Liz B
    4 februari, 2013

    I am crazy excited for this!!!!!

    Thank you Elenore!!

  10. Amelia
    4 februari, 2013

    hi Elenore, the nordic superfood sounds really interesting and awesome. Would you be able to provide some information on the benefits? I am clueless about the ingredients really and i have never come across them in my side of the world (asia). Many thanks in advance.

    • ElenoreEarth
      5 februari, 2013

      Hi Amelia!

      Of course! Please check back on Sunday (the actual launch day) when the shop page will be far grander and more informative!

      See you soon!

  11. Marisa
    4 februari, 2013

    Hi Elenore, I love your site and recipes. You are so inspiring! I would like to know, how many servings (about) are in one of your superfood packages? Thanks!

    • ElenoreEarth
      5 februari, 2013

      Hi Marisa.

      Oh thank you so much dear one! 100g goes a long way – about 50 servings! Filled with power each and every one <3

  12. Kelly
    4 februari, 2013

    Wauw it sounds really fantastic! Offcourse I want some lovely superfood mix for over my smoothies and advocado!
    But I am unfamiliar with some of the ingredients out of the mix. So before I order I would love to get more information about the health benefits and the taste of it:)? Or is the extra information coming in blogform with the official launch? xxxx

    • ElenoreEarth
      5 februari, 2013

      Oh you guessed it! I absolutely understand what you wish for and it will all be provided!
      Check back on Sunday for the official launch day <3
      Take care, Kelly!

  13. Louise
    10 februari, 2013

    Hi Elenore, love your product would like to know more, however your links are not working. Louise

  14. Alice
    25 februari, 2013

    I’m too exited because it is, I just got my super food! a wonderful thank you!
    great miam miam !


  15. Yasmine
    27 februari, 2013

    Elenore, i’ve ordered a supermix and i can’t wait to use it! When will you send it?

    • Yasmine
      27 februari, 2013

      Youpi’! I received the supermix today. Thank you for all :)

  16. Nordisk Superfood Blandning » yogayama
    29 april, 2013

    [...] Den här nya blandningen som just kommit ut på marknaden tycker jag verkar väldigt intressant, då det är våra nordiska superfood, alltså närproducerat. I dagsläget så tror jag inte att jag är ensam om att stå och mixa ner x-antal olika superpulver i min morgonsmoothie. Att ha en färdig mix låter för mig väldigt praktiskt och skönt, även en viss trygghet att man vet att man får i sig “allt man behöver” från en å samma blandning.  Ni kan läsa mer om Nordisk Superfood Blandning HÄR. [...]

  17. Bozena
    7 oktober, 2013

    Hi there Elenore!! Your little Prince is absolutely heaven sent!!! I tried to locate the ingredients to your new super mix and I could not find it on the Boutique page as you mentioned?? I know this sounds silly but where exactly would I look?


  18. Joanne
    17 november, 2013

    Hi Elenore, I just love your website and ALL your recipes. You are sooo inspiring. I have just ordered Nordic Superfood Mix, how much would you recommend for a morning smoothie? Thank you, Joanne P.S. I can’t wait for your book (I’m putting it out there to the universe

    • ElenoreEarth
      24 november, 2013

      Oh darling dearest you! (and thanks for that thought, aren’t you the sweetest!?). I usually use 1 tsp in my morning Greenylicious Super Smoothie. Have tons of fun playing with those nordic super powers!


  19. Grace McGuire
    12 december, 2013

    Hi Elenore,
    so happy to let let you know I have placed my order and cannot wait to try it here in Allen, Texas USA. I’m about to have a c-section on Monday 12/16 and know this will be a big help in the recovery as well as nourishing my sweet little baby boy.
    Thank you for creating this awesome superfood mix. I’m grateful for the time and effort you have put on this product. Sending you blessings and love :-)

  20. Kathleen
    3 april, 2014

    I love this superfood! I make it with all sorts of things, salads, smoothies, grilled veggies…Nordic Superfood is such a lovely treat to myself and the ones I love to share good health with as much as possible. Unique~


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