18/6 Mossagårdsfestivalen, Sweden – Me and Karoline (my tv show co-host) will be taking you on tour in nature to see, explore and gather some edibles which we’ll then cook up a storm with, focusing on plant based tricks and moves (texture/flavor/colour-wise) to get to the next level in your veggie cooking. Also some fun styling tips to make the meals look extra delicious. Program + Tickets HERE



Choose between the two dates: 29/7 or 30/7 – 2017. Held in swedish

 Join us for a full day event of all things Sea Greens. Harvest! Cooking! Exploring! 

Event med Sjögrässkörd och Matskapande
Sjögräs på tallriken?! Makalöst gott, klimatsmart och spännande på alla sätt.  Men hur gör man? 

Elenore Bendel Zahn, Matkreatör, och Linnea Sjögren, Tångexpert bjuder in till en heldag i Catxalots Hamnmagasin i Havstenssunds med tångskörd, sanslösa smaker och revolutionerande matlagningsnycklar till det gröna köket. Inspirationen är ett faktum och smakexplosionerna blir många. Följ med på tångäventyr!

Boka din plats! Linnea@catxalot.se Pris för heldag: 1700kr 


11/4 – 2016 Health talk, Parapeten Helsingborg
22/5 – 2016 Cooking demo + Cooking ws, Skåne food festival
9/6 – 2016 Foraging walk + Cooking demo, Mossagårdsfestivalen
3/9 – 2016 Cooking demo, Vegomässan

22/9 – 2016 Cooking Event, Breakfast Bowls  – How to compose the most delicious breakfast bowls that will fill you up with nutritious goodness. Power Porridge in different ways, smoothie bowls with toppings galore (and how to make them!). We will take on both sweet and savory and I’ll hand you keys for your upgraded breakfast routine. Where? Malmö, Green. Booking & Q’s – info@greenmatmarknad.se

1/10 – 2016 Cooking demo + talk, Vikentomater

9/10 – 2016 Morning Magic Session, Superboosted Morning Drinks – Your warm cuppa in new and super boosted way! Healthy Hot Chocolate, Matcha- & Pumpkin Lattes, Golden Milk and other exciting things. It’s 100% plant based, will load you up with energy and not to mention, it’s incredibly tasty. Where? Malmö, Green. Booking & Q’s – info@greenmatmarknad.se

17/10 2016 Cooking Event, Roots Rock! – We’re diving into the forgotten land of roots and explore hidden gems and how to use them in fresh and ridiculously delicious ways. Crips kohlrabi, celeriac fries, sweet potato brushetta or salsify chips! The possibilities are endless and the recipes are perfect for busy weekdays. Where? Malmö, Green. Booking & Q’s – info@greenmatmarknad.se

24/11 2016 Cooking Event, Veggie Flavor Bombs – Are you at loss on what to use to make your plant-based recipes sing? Which basic ingredients give that something extra to both regular weeknight meals and a gourmet Saturday? We’ll explore easy favorite flavor bombs + recipes to enhance your kitchen creations. Where? Malmö, Green. Booking & Q’s – info@greenmatmarknad.se

7/12 2016 Morning Magic Session, Snack Attack – Incredible and powerful snacks to avoid the dreaded ’hangry’ situations or fussy kids. Healthy snacks with a total treat-y feel. Crunchy Grain-free Granola, minute made puddings, nut & seed butters, blends and trail mixes. What to use and when for optimal endurance & balance. Where? Malmö, Green. Booking & Q’s – info@greenmatmarknad.se

11/12 2016 Morning Magic Session, Towers of Toasts – Tartines! Toasts! Open-faced sandwiches! Smörrebröd! Many names for that hard-to-beat favorite. Toppings, spreads and dips (for your own rye sourdough or easy gf bread) that are both sweet and savory. Our go-to meal gets a seriously delicious upgrade! Where? Malmö, Green. Booking & Q’s – info@greenmatmarknad.se

17/12 2016 Cooking Event, December Desserts – Winters desserts and treats are often plentiful so we’ll simply take it all to the next level and load up on ingredients that are incredibly healthy, completely plant-based and so, so good. Superfood raw candy, dreamy chocolate creation, vegan pannacotta to satisfy your cravings. All made with whole foods. Where? Malmö, Green. Booking & Q’s – info@greenmatmarknad.se



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