Raw Easter treats and green buds

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I am walking around with a silly smile, kissing all the green buds. Yep, it´s that time of year.

It´s official, summer is here. Ok, Ok.. maybe not. But fact is that I do not have to put on my rubber boots when going for forests walks and I can lay down in the grass without looking like a soaked animal when rising up. These are good things, yes, great in fact but there is one other thing that beats them both and it involves these Raw Easter Treats. Ready?

For as long as I can remember me, my sisters and brothers have gone searching for Easter eggs in the garden. Come rain, come snow (!), come sun. We were there in our PJ´s running around with huge smiles on our faces and even today I can recall the exhilaration of it all. The early morning smells, the sensation of the wet grass on my fingers, the violets and finally the taste of chocolate. Yes, it´s all there in my treasured memories. Let´s all hope Fabian hides an egg full of goodies for me this year, shall we?! And if he is lucky he´ll get some of these Raw mini brownies in his.


Fun & Fabulous Facts

So we all know I´m a big fan of Raw desserts (understatement) and when inspiration flows ingredients like Cacao butter can come in very handy. Have you ever met the Raw Cacao butter? If not, it´s about time you two got introduced! 

We sadly still live in a fat obsessed time where calories are counted and processed low fat products sell like hot cakes. This is a huge problem since there is no way that these faux ”foods” will ever feed our body with high quality nutrients, energy or love. Do you want your skin and hair to shine? Do you like it when your brain functions? Is fertility and hormonal balance important to you? Um, YES! This is why you ought to consider rethinking the fabulous fats. If you cut back on whole pure fats and only eat low quality fats, we have ourselves a problem.

I´m just going to spill it. Cacao Butter is partly a saturated fat but it´s still good for you (whaaaat?!). There are in fact various types of saturated fat and not all of them are ”bad” in that way that media has taught you to believe. It is true that they should be consumed in moderation but that goes for all foods from cucumbers to toffee or from carbohydrates to vitamins. When you eat say virgin coconut oil or cacao butter you get these good types of saturated fats that we all need for a healthy brain, proper nerve signaling and happy hormones. Cacao butter is also an amazing source of Vitamin E which protects the cell membrane when attacked by free radicals – nice! 

I do not want to leave you all confused by the talk on different types of fats. Let me just say this; I´m all about high quality and balance when choosing what to eat. It may sound super boring but get this, a greenylicious and balanced diet will let you have way more fun than any microwaved low fat dinner will. I think we can all agree on that.. especially when it comes to making Raw, healthy and full of flavor desserts, right?

If you happen to get any cacao butter left after making these Easter treats I suggest melting it with some coconut butter and pure vanilla, pour it into a small glass jar and refrigerate = the greatest body butter ever! (Not to mention you can eat it if you would ever get the urge. Convenient since your skin will smell of divine chocolate

Raw Easter Citrus Treats

These ”mini brownie bites” are wildly versatile. Cut them in larger pieces and eat like an energy bar or simply wrap small squares in paper and put them in the Easter egg. This recipe is nut free and honestly, one of the best dessert combinations I have ever tried.

Makes 25 ”mini brownies”

Citrus layer 

2 cups shredded coconut (2.8 dl)

3 organic oranges – zest & juice

zest from 2 organic lemon

juice from 1 organic lemon

1. Mix the shredded coconut in a food processor until a bit creamy

2. Add the zest from 3 oranges and 2 lemons

3. Add the juice from 3 oranges and 1 lemon and mix again until incorporated

4. Put plastic film in a pan (mine measured 10 * 3 inches /25 * 8 cm) and spread the citrus layer evenly onto the bottom of it. 

5. Put the pan in the freezer and let it sit there while you make the chocolate layer

Chocolate layer

2 cups dried dates, pitted (2.8 dl)

8 tblsp water

7 tbslp Raw Cacao (or regular organic)

1 pinch of Himalayan salt/Celtic sea salt

1,6 oz (45 grams) Cacao butter

1. Roughly chop the dried and pitted dates and put them in a food processor along with the water. Mix until it turns into a thick paste

2. Add the Raw cacao and the salt and blend for approximately 20 seconds more.

3. Melt the Cacao butter gently over hot water and add it to the food processor once it is in liquid form. Mix for another 20 seconds.

4. Spread the chocolate layer on top of the Citrus layer and sprinkle some whole hemp seeds and cacao powder if you like. 

5. After 30 minutes in the freezer you can cut it into smaller pieces and store in the fridge (or eat right away).

Fill the Easter egg for your loved one with these treats or simply eat them yourself (I think I´ll do both;). And remember, go out and give those green amazing buds some kisses and love!

Let´s meet on Twitter and Facebook, friend! I would love to know in what blissed (and tasty) way you are celebrating this weekend!