Algaemashio & Crossing Oceans

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En liten SVENSK not vid slutet av inlägget


crossing them, playing with their treasures and making Algaemashio..(algae what?!)

Denmark & Copenhagen is bathing in sunshine and I´m writing this ocean inspired post from my sisters apartment. I crossed the waters between Sweden and Denmark yesterday (woah, that sounds too dramatic since it´s only a 1,5 hour trip from my house to her place..;) Anyway, I´m continuously reminded why I am so in love with this city. The biking trips, the architecture, people´s exciting sense of style, the food (OH THE FOOD) and of course everything is made sparkly by the fact that the spring r-e-a-l-l-y is happening!

So today, with the ocean just a few kilometers away .. It´s algae time! Do not get scared off honeys, I´m gonna tell you how to make algea taste like heaven on a plate (and even get the kids to love it!) So without further ado, let me present the Algaemashio – a twisted and absolutely awesome way of eating algae. 

Ever heard of Gomashio? In Indian and Auyurvedic cuisine it´s a frequently used ”spice” that consists of slightly toasted sesame seeds roughly ground with good quality salt. 

So I embraced the sesame + salt part and added Arame algae, Pumpkin seed and Sunflower seed. The result? A topping for salads & soups, something new to roll your falafels in and that little extra you can add to a mashed avocado sandwich. Yey! I love you Arame!

My sister Amelie took me to Simply Raw (THANKS) / Love bursting walks in Christiana with Sarah <3

Fun & Fabulous Facts

Do you want to boost that glorious beauty of yours? Then Algae is your go-to veggie! Or, I mean.. go crazy with all greens and you´ll glow far more than if you´re on let´s say some form of the Standard American Died (S.A.D). Arame algaes are loaded with all sorts of vitamins and minerals but the beauty one I´m speaking of is Vitamin A. Our body uses Vitamin A for all sorts of things but it mainly strengthens & clears up our eyes, vision, nails, hair and last but not least, our skin. You can get Vitamin A directly from animal products but since I wish to emphasize the wonders of vegetables here, I´m telling you, there is no problem getting it á la green! The body is super clever and can produce Vitamin A out of the carotenoids in veggies. Just remember to consume some fats along with your carotenoids since Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin (this is where the seeds in the Algaemashio come into the picture.

Algae also draws toxins and heavy metals out of our body, a wonder cure in a world where we a are exposed to hundreds of them – Each day! – Go green, go detox!

Algae is also a powerful source of iron, iodine and calcium – minerals that many think we need to consume animal flesh or products to obtain. Big woop, In the kingdom of algea they are abuntant!

Dry Arame triples in size when soaked

Note on Organic: I always strongly recommend buying organic foods but when it comes to algae this is super important (actually, when is it not!?). This fiber loaded lover is grown and harvested in the ocean (duh;) and since many careless years of human lifestyle has resulted in enormous amounts of toxins in the waters of mother earth, it´s good to be extra attentive when buying algae. Remember when I said that algae draw toxins out of our body? Well, it works in the same way in the oceans so you want the algae that your munching on to be grown in pure waters.


When making Algaemashio I just cannot hold myself from lightly toast the sesame seeds. In addition to these delicate, golden and full of flavour seeds I add Pumkpin seeds and Sunflower seeds that I first soak then dehydrate. You can definitely use plain out-of-the-bag seeds but its best to either soak & dry or lightly roast them if you have a sensitive metabolic system. 

3/4 cup unhulled Sesame seeds, lightly toasted (2dl)

1/2 cup Sunflower seeds, soaked and dehydrated (1dl)

1/2 cup Pumpkin seeds, soaked and dehydrated (1dl)

2 handful of dry Arame algae

1 tsp Himalayan salt/ sea salt

1. Finely grind the dry algae in a mortar and put it in a bowl.

2. In a mortar, grind Sesame seeds and salt then put it in the same bowl as the Arame algae.

3. Grind Pumpkin seeds and Sunflower seeds roughly in the mortar and mix with the rest of the prepared ingredients. 

4. Place the Algeamashio in an airtight jar and store it in the fridge.


Play away and sprinkle the Algaemashio on absolutely everything, beauty Goddess/God!

My favorite at the moment is so eat it on top of a plain spring salad, do tell me what you´ll come up with on Twitter and Facebook!

Crazy happy Greenylicious Love from Copenhagen (…and me;)


 En liten not till er fina svenska Earthsproutlingar

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Jag hoppas att få se mer av er!