Guest post for Green Kitchen Stories

Posted by: on mar 5, 2012 | 2 974 Comments

Celebration + Crazy Green Love =

Raw super infused chocolate cake

 Yes. I have gotten the spring craze just like everyone else, and everywhere I look there are happy faces, too thin jackets and the first flowers peeking up. It´s like the first warm sunshine gathers us in some sort of collective, heartfelt smile. So let´s just love that for a moment and make an absolutely fabulous Raw chocolate cake while we´re at it!

Today I have exciting news for you! The cake on the picture that you just cannot wait to taste is in all it´s glory over at Green Kitchen Stories as a guest post!

 I have been loving Green Kitchen Stories ever since I first laid my eyes on their site about a year ago and I have even made a post entirely inspired by them. Funnily enough I clearly remember this particular night when I found GKS.. It was during my first week in Andalusia and I just could not sleep. (That´s when you start searching the internet universe for either new Little Grandmother/Abraham You Tube videos OR stunning food blogs, duh!). I found this gorgeous site called Green Kitchen Stories run by Luise, David and their daughter Elsa and have been hooked ever since. After meeting them while in Stockholm, our web relationship turned into friendship and today I´m extremely proud to preset my guest post at Green Kitchen Stories.

Get over there for the whole post, interview and not to mention the recipe on this greenylicious layered Raw cake. And yes, I admit that I could not stop myself from adding nettle and spinach to the minty layer.. It would not have been a cake á la Earthsprout without a mix of Superpowers, Beauty, Health and Flavor explosions!

 When you´re done writing down the list of the ingrediens for this cake, drooling a bit and adoring the many wonders of Green Kitchen Stories, come chat with me on Facebook and Twitter, Honey!

Greenylicious love,