Earthsprout approved & Raw Valentine cookie

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-Totally Earthsprout Approved-

How can it be this beautiful?! Seriously February, I´m in love! These days more than ever I feel like I cannot be the host of any more ideas and creative outbursts.. But they keep coming and honeys, I want to share them all with you! 

 So with the snow glimmering, the dehydrator brumming, the fire cracking and a mug of mint tea (which means I´ll need to pee soon;) I want to present a new thing. A list of things ”Totally Earthsprout Approved” …Since not every single idea, adventure and experience can become a post of it´s own I´ll give them a place on this list and spread the Earthsprouty looove! Oh, and a Raw pink valentine recipe as well! (Somewhere in the world it´s still Valentines day, right?!)

  • Those of you who know me won´t be surprised that the SNOW makes it to the top of my list. It´s simple really.. Snow upps the overall frequency in an otherwise muddy, wintery Skåne and spreads sparkle and pure bliss. Playing in it is heaven. Not to mention making snow angels with my little sister!
  • My birthday just passed (thank you all for your b-day wishes!) and I spent it with family, nature, great food and awesome prezzies:) Like this health bible and a deluxe rake which is made of FSC-wood (Forest Stewardship Council) so when the time comes, my organic garden work will get a silver lining in the form of a FAB rake;)
  •  Kris Carr of ”Crazy Sexy Life” is a true force of nature (literally). Nine years ago she got a real bad cancer diagnosis but went veggie style and now lives in health. She created a revolutionary community and her latest  is an e-book called Crazy sexy juices and succulent smoothies. I know I will download it asap. You do it too! 
  •  Another universal sister and great inspiration of mine, Sarah B (of My New Roots) has just launched her Cooking classes in Copenhagen. The first one will be on Auyurvedic cooking for yogis, a subject close to my heart! Check it out and attend if you live near by!
  • Yeah, I´m all about a minimum amount of consumption but I have to say I want ALL of the Organic clothes at GUDRUN SJÖDEN. After all, a goddess need goddess like clothes, right!?
  • MAJOR LOVE! I spent most of my 2011 tending the gardens of Casa Acequia in Andalusia (a very Earthsprout approved place). If you visit Spain, Go.There! So many great things happens there, like our Healthkick course (COME!) which will take place here. Also Reneé Voltaire and Lotta Bertilssons course whichI was a part of last year speaking about my Nordic Superfood mix and helping out in the kitchen. Not to mention Karin Eliasson who lives at Casa Acequia and her outcoming book Grönt”. Conclusion: Casa Acequia rocks! 
  • This month i got a new toy and we just love playing together. I´m talking about this amazing JUICER and I can´t wait to taste all various flavor explosions that we will create together! Yesterday I made a pink one á la Valentines day – sooo good and smack packed with nutrients!

Juiced beets and a loving heart

  • YOGA. I just have to say it. I keep meeting new sides of myself and yoga every day even if it´s not always about actual body postures on the mat.
  • I keep a visulisation/manifesting board above my desk. The power of the thoughts is mindblowing and it is a daily reminder of that we are creators of our own live experience. We just have to let our power free and play with it! So when negative spirals try to get a hold of me I just stare on that collage for a while and I´m good to go;)
  • I´m of to Stockholm in a few days to put the final touches on the label design for the Nordic Superfood mix. Can´t wait to meet up with family and known and unknown friends. I just love Stockholm, always have, always will. Are you in the area? Let´s meet up!

A pink creamy layer on a Raw crunchy cacao cookie

  • It was many years ago that me and a dear friend of mine had a huge crush on both Ryan gosling and ”The Notebook”. Apparently, now he´s vegan (YEAH!) and I cannot stop laughing at the pictures and texts at this site, hilarious!
  • Last but not least Fabian and me are going to London!!! (Birthday gift). The last time I was there it was all about clubs, cocktails and clothes but now I have the distinct feeling that the top 3´s will be food, food, food ( and LOVE). Any London related tips of yours are more than welcome, fellow Earthsproutlings!


Raw Valentine Cookies

These cookies are very simple (& uber tasty) nut-free cookies made with basic ingredients. You do not even have to put them in the dehydrator if you don´t have one or simply wanna much away as soon as possible! Get the pink craze on!

Makes approx 30 cookies 

Cookie base

1 cup whole oats

1/4 cup buckwheat

4 tbsp raw cacao

3/4 cup oat milk

4 drops of stevia concentrate

7 small dates

1/2 tsp pure vanilla

1 tsp cardamom 

1. Soak oats and buckwheat overnight and dehydrate until completely dry in a dehydrator or regular oven at lowest temperature. Mix into a flour in a strong blender or coffee grinder and put in a large bowl.

2. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix into a cookie dough. (Do not eat it all!)

3. Use a rolling pin to flatten the dough and make small rounds with a glass or any other desired form. 

4. Refrigerate (2 hours) or Dehydrate (8 hours)

Pink topping

2 cups shredded coconut

2 tbsp juice of root beet + pulp

4 tsp date molasses (or sweetener of choice)

8 drops of stevia concentrate

10 small dates

a few pinches of chilli

1 lemon (zest & juice)

1/2 cup coconut fat

5 tbsp raw cocoa nibs

1. Mix the shredded coconut into a creamy mass in a strong blender or coffee grinder and put in a large bowl.

2. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix with a handblender

3. Use a spatula to spread the mixture over a Teflex sheet or other non-stick paper and decorate with the cocoa nibs. 

4. Refrigerate for 3 hours and then use the same glass as you did with the cookie dough to make small rounds and put the layers together when your friend, lover or yourself want a crazylicious pink & raw treat! 

So.. That´s what stirs in my heart and soul these days. What happens in your adventures?

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