Towering Watermelon Cake

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Towering Watermelon Cake w Coconut Whip @www.Earthsprout.comI can almost count the hours I have slept these past 3 nights on my 10 fingers. 

Having kids that aren’t huge fans of sleeping means you’ve got to have a few tricks up your sleeve to make it through everyday life. Sneaking in a little nap while they nap is of course a good one.. but come on. When would I then get to have a real meal, go to the bathroom without my minions, or sit down on the couch with a cuppa. Me-time actually rates higher than sleep these days because that flickerling through an inspiring magazine, journalling, listening to a podcast, doing some kitchen creating, daydreaming ..makes me feel sane.

So since I’m obviously not great at the ’just nap when they nap’-trick I have learned to amp up my hydration-game these past years. Staying hydrated is always incredibly important but when you are sleep-deprived it has this magical possibility to pull you out of zombie-ville and into sensational-zone. Have you noticed?

Since it’s summer staying hydrated means bucketloads of plain lemon/chia aqua frescas, cooling herbal tea blends, simple infused water ..and watermelon. I’m mad about bowls of roughly cut up watermelon drenched in lime juice, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a touch of quality sea salt. BUT, this cake guys. We served it at Caspian 2nd birthday party last year and it was a huge hit. That one sure loves his watermelon. Since then I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to post this ’recipe’ and I feel like the right time (+ heatwaves) has come. 

This watermelon cake is one fancy (+ crazy easy) way to impress kids & adults alike at summer potlucks AND keeping everyone in the right H2O-balance. Hm, what’s that saying again? Between drinks, always have one ..slice of Towering Watermelon Cake. Right?!

Towering Watermelon Cake w Coconut Whip

DSCTowering Watermelon Cake w Coconut Whip @www.Earthsprout.com_4189
Towering Watermelon Cake w Coconut Whip

Fun & Fabulous Facts

What used to be one of the few foods I despised is now a true favorite. I adore everything from how it’s grown to how it looks and tastes. Did you know that one of the hottest debates of the (very cool) veggie world is weather watermelon, Citrullus lanatus is a fruit or a vegetable. It is sweet like a fruits because it’s main taste-producing element is sugar (as opposed to for example an apple which tastes less sweet because sugar isn’t it’s main taste-producing element). And it’s a fruit because it holds it’s seed inside. However, ask anyone in Oklahoma about their favorite vegetable and you might get the answer ‘watermelon’ (watermelon is the state vegetable). Fun fact: the USDA has classified watermelon as a vegetable since its grown and harvested more as a vegetable than a fruit. Fruit? Vegetable? Just enjoy it.

Watermelon is one of the top cooling foods on earth which makes it THE most excellent summer treat. It cools us down and keeps us hydrated. No wonder it has it’s roots in the Kalahari area in Africa. Nature is wise beyond our understanding. I have actually tried growing watermelon here in Sweden with great success (3 ripened watermelons on one plant must be called ’great success’, am I right?!). Since the plant had to be in a greenhouse, little hangers were created for each melon to make sure they didn’t fall down. Heavy business for the plant, not being able to grow on the ground as you would in warmer regions. 

The original red watermelon is, just like other red edibles, loaded with lycopene (supports good eye health) as well as potassium (neutralizes acidity in the bloodstream), vitamin C (strengthens our immune system) and vitamin A (crucial for healthy vision, skin & glands). 

The optimal way to have watermelon (& all other melons) is on it’s own on an empty stomach. This is due to the fact that they digests so incredibly quickly (15 min!). In other words, it’s not ideal for your digestive fire to mix melon with other foods that takes much longer to digest. This cake obviously does not care about that one bit and loudly proclaims that ‘I’M A CAKE, WHO CARES ABOUT RULES?! Plus, I’m still way better for you compared to the usual cake at summer birthday parties and potlucks’. ..and in the end, I have to agree. We can care about proper food combining some other day.

Towering Watermelon Cake w Coconut Whip


Towering Watermelon Cake

The easiest and most kid friendly cake out there. Naturally vegan and refined sugar free. I used two rather small watermelons for this cake but you can use whichever size you can find as long as you make more/less coconut whipped cream to cover it. To give you an idea about servings, we served it to a group of 12 along with some other treats.

2 small watermelons (use three to make a three-layered cake!)
berries/fruit for decorating
3 cans full-fat coconut milk, refrigerated overnight
1/2 tsp pure ground vanilla
1 tbsp honey/maple syrup, optional

To prepare watermelon: Choose the smallest of the two melons, cut off the bottom and top of the watermelon so that it can stand on a cutting board. Cut off the rind and then sculpture into an as high as possible ’cake’-layer (save leftover chunks of watermelon to eat later). This will make the top layer. Do the same thing with the second watermelon but keep this as wide as you can.

To make coconut cream: Open the cans of coconut milk and scoop out the solid top layer into a mixing bowl (save coconut water for smoothies/soups/stock). Add vanilla (and sweetener if using). Blend using an immersion blender or hand blender until it becomes really soft. Note that it will harden again once you spread it over the blocks of watermelon. Save any leftover coconut cream in an airtight glass jar in the fridge. Lasts for 3 days.

Assemble: Put bottom watermelon layer onto a cake stand / plate, then put the top layer onto it. Cover with coconut cream using a spatula or the like. Let set for 10 minutes and then decorate with berries. Serve!

Towering Watermelon Cake w Coconut Whip

Towering Watermelon Cake w Coconut Whip

Towering Watermelon Cake w Coconut Whip

Happy Healthy Summer, friends!

Keep wild, keep shining ..and stay hydrated (by eating cake!). And hey! Show me your watermelon creations and innovations on Insta! #earthsprout 



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  1. Julie
    4 juli, 2016

    Hi Elenore, the cake looks fab! Just curious what made you think watermelon is a vegetable? Botanically speaking vegetables don’t have seeds inside their produce. So, watermelon is most definitely a fruit, it’s actually a kind of berry. It belongs to the same family (Cucurbitaceae) as cucumber, courgettes, and pumpkin. Which are all fruit in their own right. Sugar content doesn’t dictate what makes something a fruit or a vegetable, it’s their build and means of propagation that does.

    • ElenoreEarth
      4 juli, 2016

      Hey Julie! I am absolutely aware which botanical family watermelon is a part of :) ..To include all (and there are many) opinions watermelon would be considered both a fruit and a vegetable. I’ll clarify this in the post, thank you for pointing this out. The difference between fruits and vegetables often overlap and come down to cultural distinctions between regions etc. The USDA has classified watermelon as a vegetable since its grown and harvested more as a vegetable then a fruit. Anyway, thank you so much for your comment, I loved finding my way to your site – it’s gorgeous!

      • Julie
        4 juli, 2016

        Ha. Yes, I thought you might have. There are many ways to sort the plant world in. I jumped on this one because it said avocado is a fruit (drupe like dates, olives, etc) which is a botanical categorisation and then switched to a cultural categorisation. I’m happy you brought it up, though, since I’m mostly focussed on the botanical side when it comes to categorisation and the cultural side when it comes to its nomenclature and ‘story’. I think what I really love about botany is that it’s a universal understanding/knowledge base. Where as cultural categorisation is quite interesting for its ‘narrative/story’ it does create certain divides and misunderstanding on a more global level. But, in a way if you mix it all together it’s quite interesting to see where it overlaps or how you can bridge the gaps.

        Thank you for your compliment!

  2. Leah
    4 juli, 2016

    genius! gorgeous! my little one will love this. me too. thank you elenore!!

  3. Lauren
    4 juli, 2016

    Absolutely love this idea! I have so many newer mommies that are looking for a healthier recipe for a birthday cake and you can’t get better than this!

    It’s amazing you can even write this post and take these beautiful pictures without proper sleep or proper ”work” time. Love you and your little munchkins!


  4. Shanna
    4 juli, 2016

    Beautiful as ever, Elenore!
    I can say, I don’t have little darlings running around and causing me to lose sleep, but I do have a member of my family fully casted and using crutches for the next many many weeks and let me tell you – a little ME time is what I am feeling desperate for as well. As much as I value sleep, (going to bed early and reading with some candles + a cup of something hot and herbal…) that’s just not happening these days and I too, am happily trading sleep-hours for ME-hours wherever possible.

    Cheers to staying sane, love!

  5. Pia
    7 juli, 2016

    Amazing Elenore! I sent you a little love note via email a looong while back and haven’t heard from you, busy woman.

    Anyway, there are some MAJOR shifts taking place in my life right now and I just want to thank you (and Earthsprout!) for being a constant pool of life, food and love inspiration, and being so unique at that. As big as the problems are that our generation is facing, with people like you I am sure we will rock the future. We CAN live a life full of abundance, joy and fulfillment while making conscious decisions close to nature and ourselves.

    I also really enjoy the development you have gone through, with the Gluten Free Grilled Sourdough Pizza, the Shawarma Spice & Herb Salad w Tangy Fennel Kicks, Masala Kitchari, Naan, Greens + Ginger Appetizer and the The Healthy Gooey Black Bean Chocolate Mud Cake being my favorite recipes so far, that I (and not only me) have LOVED !!!

    Keep on shining your radiant and inspiring light. You work hard and it shines through every word and photo. Thank you.

  6. Mary
    11 juli, 2016

    Wow, this cake looks great!! Just one thing- what about the seeds?? Whenever I eat watermelon I feel they are everywhere so I guess there is no way to take them out while preparing the cake? Just wondering…

  7. Eve
    12 juli, 2016

    It’s my daughter’s second birthday on Thursday. I had an idea for a cake in mind, but this, this just takes the cake! She is c.r.a.z.y for watermelon. Last year I made her a watermelon dreamcake, but it turns out freezing watermelon takes away from it’s deliciousness. This. This is a good idea! I will let you know how it turns out! :)


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