Earthsprout Guide | Grow Your Microgreens!

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Earthsprout Guide | Grow Your Microgreens! How? What? Why?

What fuels you?

What feeds your spark? What enriches your ridiculously awesome soul-self and ever so bold’n crazy brilliance?

In terms of nutrition? Well, I could write a mile-long list of nutrient-packed foods that would love up your body and allow miracles to enter more easily. Yes, microgreens would be among the powerhouses dancing at the very top of this list.

To create a wildly great precondition to that desired overall tingly, buzzy, high on life-feel, top quality, nutrient-dense foods sure are the bomb.

However, I still find that if I’m not in tuned to the other things I need in my life, the ones that makes me feel like I can fly, food becomes both dull and a chore (even if what I’m making is totally high vibe). So don’t get stuck in an idea that diet is everything because there are so many other parts of us that needs to be fed to rise high. Take a moment to check in with yourself, what can you do TODAY to feed your unique spark?

Personally, I need to hug trees barefoot as much as I need healthy and bursting with flavor savory bliss bowls. I crave crazy dancing i heels to loud music as much as I need green smoothies. I have to freely create with colors and patterns as much as I need to chug quality water. I need to remember to adorn my home (body & house) in beautiful things with meaning as much as the essential regularity of healthy meals and snacks (& desserts!). All of what I am needs the diving into soul projects & conversations, as much as it requires being fed (literally) things that support it all.

This is where high quality veggies, juicy sexy fruits, powerful grains and legumes and gorgeous good-for-me chocolate enter ..and microgreens.. oh the microgreens..

So for all of us: this long in the making, really easy, down to earth (sprout!) guide on how to grow your own little microgreen powerhouses. A small act with a large impact in your life, body, tastebuds and overall glow. So get growing and proudly show the world those soil-stained fingers!

Earthsprout Guide | Grow Your Microgreens! How? What? Why? Earthsprout Guide | Grow Your Microgreens! How? What? Why? Earthsprout Guide | Grow Your Microgreens! How? What? Why? www.Earthsprout.comEarthsprout Guide | Grow Your Microgreens! How? What? Why? www.Earthsprout.comEarthsprout Guide | Grow Your Microgreens! How? What? Why?

Fun & Fabulous Facts

– Grow Your Own Microgreens!

I admit to being totally obsessed with having microgreens growing in the house. Microgreens allow anyone to eat freshly harvested greens even without an actual veggie garden, it’s a gorgeous high-vibe interior touch and it’s also like having a few hundred besties around. Important note from my gardeners heart: No cheating with the quality of the soil you use, deal?! Remember this: the quality and minerals (or lack thereof) of the soil will later be inside your microgreens and in the end inside your body. We want it to be rich in minerals, 100% organic and responsibly collected. With Microgreens you can have it all, all year around and still be incredibly kind to the earth and your body. Hurrah! Now to the details..

What? Microgreens is a fancy word for seeds that grow in real soil – not in water as sprouts are – and are harvested after around 7–14 days.

Why? Studies on microgreens are everywhere at the moment and showing among other things that microgreens can carry up to 40 times the nutritional load compared to their grownup counterparts. Imagine a tiny basil/radish/sunflower microgreen and the and power it holds as it’s meant to be able to grow into a full plant one day. How intense is that?! So why bother growing your own and not just buy them at the store? For one it’s much easier on the planet with no need for plastic containers or transportation. Secondly, as soon as harvest happens nutrients begin to drift off to neverland meaning that a high percentage of the good stuff is lost during storage. Harvesting in your kitchen by your plate = more powerful and buzzing enzymes, vitamins and minerals for you! Thirdly, growing microgreens is the most amazing process to take part of. You’ll feel like the raddest gardener ever and with minimum effort too.

How to use them Microgreens are a fantastic way of celebrating uniquely concentrated flavors and characteristics of certain plants in your meals. You can if you wish add them to smoothies and salads without a second thought to flavor. However, I love topping off a soup, a cracker, a piece of fruit or any dish with carefully selected microgreens not only because they are ridiculously packed with nutrients but because the intensity of the flavor makes me float out in space for a while. 

What you need
Organic soil (for seedlings).
Organic seeds (preferably ones that says ’for sprouting’ on the package).
Containers to sow in. Anything works here. Recycled sprout/milk/berry/veggie containers or the like. I usually save and cut plant milk cartons in half lengthwise & with a little help from duct tape they make great little sowing containers that I can use over and over.
Water + spray bottle or such for watering 

My preferred organic seeds for growing microgreens
Basil, different varieties
Sunflower Seed (with shell on)
Radish, Red 
Beet, Bull’s Blood
Mung Bean

How to sow Fill container with 4 cm | 1.5 inches organic soil and water until moist all the way through. Drizzle seeds generously and rather closely over the soil and lightly press them down so they are in contact with the moisture. Note that if you plan on using larger seeds like mung beans or whole wheat it’s great to soak them in lukewarm water at least 6 hours pre sowing. After sowing the soil is to be kept moist (not drenched!) or else the seeds won’t sprout. Lightly water daily using a spray bottle to avoid dislodging the seeds. Place in a warm, light spot on a tray/large plate to make sure the table/windowsill/ kitchen bench doesn’t get wet.

When to harvest Harvesting time comes around when your tiny plants have gotten their so called ”heart leaves”. Heart leaves are the first pair of leaves on all plants, these resemble hearts and have none of the characteristics that the next pair of leaves will but all of the flavor. The most important thing is not weather you let your plants grow for 7 or 14 days, it’s that you harvest just before you’re planning to savor them in a meal. If you do this your greens will still be bursting with life force and nutrients going straight into your system. Compost remaining soil after harvesting (or kindly offer it to a nearby city plantation:)

Microgreens vs Sprouts Microgreens grow in actual soil instead of plain water and this enhances their nutritional value. Microgreens are often exposed to more sunlight than sprouts, meaning they develop and carry a wider array of nutrients, not only the alkalizing and healing chlorophyll. As microgreens are older then sprouts they also have a higher amount of fiber in them. Then again, sprouts have other benefits. My final thought to add is this: Which ever way, upping your intake of top quality greens will love up your body and soul in plenty of both great + tasty ways. Sprouts? Microgreens? Grown up veggies? Munch away!

Earthsprout Guide | Grow Your Microgreens! How? What? Why? Earthsprout Guide | Grow Your Microgreens! How? What? Why? www.Earthsprout.comEarthsprout Guide | Grow Your Microgreens! How? What? Why? www.Earthsprout.comEarthsprout Guide | Grow Your Microgreens! How? What? Why? Earthsprout Guide | Grow Your Microgreens! How? What? Why? www.Earthsprout.comEarthsprout Guide | Grow Your Microgreens! How? What? Why?

If anyone asks what gives you that ecstatic bounce in your step and golden glow in your overall way of being, I hope that the simple yet profound act of growing your own microgreens will be one of the reasons. 

Bring it on! Go waive those soil-stained hands of yours high and proud!
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Thank you for staying with me to the end of this long guide. It’s all been straight from my Greenylicious heart to yours. All of it. 


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