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[DIY] Raw Oatghurt w Spruce Tip Honey on www.Earthsprout.com

I have gotten into the habit of calling Caspian ”mitt lilla havre” (my little oat) and it must sound, well.. a bit weird. You see, I not only have a Pantry Obsession .. I am pretty obsessed with oats too. Whole oats, steel cut oats, oat flakes, sprouted oats, oats in porridge, golden oat fields, oatotto, oat milk and best of all..oatghurt (thank goodness for the a-mazing swedish company Oatly. Seriously). Naturally this has a lot to do with me favoring crops that are well suited for the Swedish climate (hello hemp, millet, flax and other cool stuff) and the things I’ve been surrounded by all my life. Quite a few of my so-called obsessions explode in todays recipe. Honey, Oats, Spruce Tips, Yoghurt, Foraging, Bees, Edible flowers, Culture and *ahem* Caspian (just a lil nibble..)

Food is dreams, history, culture, goals, play and in many cases, dear memories. Foraging for wild spruce tips with Caspian in our Mandala Ergo, him sleeping under a tree (see pic below), walking home again to put those bright green spruce tips into a jar of my granddad’s friends golden honey. Carefully and lovingly fermenting Swedish oats (I mean really lovingly, this gal right here shares many secrets with her fermenting projects while taking care of em’). Smelling lilacs in the morning sun then spreading them over these breakfast bowls. Picking up the camera only to realize the glass of the lens is entirely crushed, accepting the situation and shooting the recipe with it (so if you notice any odd shadows in the pics, now you know why).

..It is and will always be about ridiculous over the top live-in-the-moment love-filled sacred medicine and oh my god pleasure for our souls. It won’t ever be about simply fueling the body. So as you can see, this recipe is not only a recipe. It’s a collision of my heritage, my heart and my love for Mama Earth. I will never give you random Greenylicious recipes just for the sake of it on Earthsprout. I strive to serve with a whole lotta high vibe love and thought put into every single post. However, I would say that this is a special one as it’s actually been sitting on my note of ideas forever just waiting for the right moment to come. My tastebuds and my body says thank goodness that moment finally came! My hope is that your’s will too.

[DIY] Raw Oatghurt w Spruce Tip Honey on www.Earthsprout.com
[DIY] Raw Oatghurt w Spruce Tip Honey on www.Earthsprout.com

Fun & Fabulous Facts

Bees are all the buzz. Really. This is a hot topic in need of our caring attention (and some putting on our hard core superhero costume too). Bee that need to live are dying all over the world. These enormously intelligent beings need us to open our eyes and step up. And no, it’s not just about the immensely  nutritious/ delicious honey, we rely on bees to pollinate 1/3 of what we eat meaning we’re pretty lost without them. The twisted truth is that our search for cheaper food and larger and more even harvests is the same thing that’s killing bees. Bee-keeping should be about care, love and respect, not controlling big business. It all breaks my heart. Let’s not have it this way. Let’s change it. How? Chose organic, go local, support kind. And hey! A flat boring lawn? Screw it. Enter the Greenylicious revolution. Read more on the topic in THIS Fun & Fabulous Facts-section

Open any health-oriented book/website and gluten-free seems to be the Golden Gate to all things fantastic. While I don’t think that’s entirely true I do give the advise to cut back on (any) refined grains if you’re in search for a health boost and long term wellbeing. Chances are you’ve stumbled upon a package of ”gluten-free oats” and thought that will be the only way you’ll ever consume oats again but the thing is, oats are naturally gluten-free. It’s just that they may have been handled in an environment where the also work with wheat/rye/barley. Oats rock and making yoghurt with these gems will rock your socks off! The live bacteria in fermented foods are such miracle workers and will support your gut-health (the mother of a healthy body) tremendously. The Lactic acid bacteria in this yoghurt (present in all un pasteurized fermented foods) will help the body to produce it’s own natural antibiotics, anti-carcinogenic compounds and will even produce certain compounds that inactivates toxins! Read more on the oaty topic in THIS Fun & Fabulous-section

..So, Spruce tips? Really? Yeah! Get onboard! These tiny shoots are quite miraculous, providing us with enormous amounts of Vitamin C and a surprising flavor experience. Spruce tips has long been used by indigenous tribes for relieveing choghs, soar thoughts and as a boost of Vitamin C during wintertime. One way of preserving spruce tips is gently drying them and keep for tea, baking, addition to smoothies or such but here I’ve chosen to make a spruce tip honey! When I first tried spruce tip honey a few years back I couldn’t believe it’s taste. Imagine a crazy concoction of strawberries, candy, lemon and liquorice. That’s spruce tip honey. Dip a chashew nut in this and you’ll go straight to honey heaven. Harvesting spruce tips for this jar of honey (1 handfull) will take you around one minute so while you’re at it, why not harvest some more to make tea/jam/sweet pesto or something else fun! For best result and taste harvest the tips of evergreen trees when they first begin to emerge from their golden papery casings (see pic below). If they’ve passed this stage, simply try one to see if it still tastes good and lemony, in which case you’re good to go, or if it’s too hard and bitter. Note: pregnant women are advised not to consume spruce tips.

[DIY] Raw Oatghurt w Spruce Tip Honey on www.Earthsprout.com[DIY] Raw Oatghurt w Spruce Tip Honey on www.Earthsprout.com [DIY] Raw Oatghurt w Spruce Tip Honey on www.Earthsprout.com

Raw Oatghurt + Spruce Tip Honey

These two recipes may seem like big projects at first glance but they are actually less time consuming then making a hearty salad with all the trimmings. I wanted to give you a very simple recipe for an Oatghurt that tastes great, is easy to make but still lets you reap the benefits of eating fermented foods. Raw oats can sometimes be a tad bitter but I absolutely prefer using steel cut oats for the nutritional punch (regular rolled oats are steamed). If you want your yoghurt to taste well, less, then go for 50% steel cut oats and 50% rolled oats. The addition of spruce tip honey is really perfect here. Adding some berries to the natural Oatghurt and then blending it up is also very tasty. Or using it in a smoothie/ ice cream/ dip/ with a fruit salad.. You get the idea.

Oatghurt – notes

  • How long does it take? This depends on how tangy you desire the oatghurt it to be. Normally it’s ready within 2-4 days. Follow you own nose and tastebuds here as the fermentation process is different every time depending on factors like room temperature and ingredients. You’ll notice how it gets tastier and tastier with each hour that goes by, it’s a really interesting process to take part of. Remember that the end of the process will be quicker so at day 3 or even 4 you’ll need to ckeck on the oatghurt more often to prevent it from going bad. Better take it a little earlier then too late.
  • Keep a starter. Once you’ve made one batch add 1/3 cup of that batch when making a new one. It will serve as a little live starter full of good bacteria and make the fermentation process a bit quicker. Keeps refrigerated for 1 week. 
  • Use wooden utensils. Since you’re working with live bacteria metal might interfere with the process so when making/stirring the oatghurt only use wooden utensils and preferably ceramic or glass bowls/containers . Our special love-carved spoon that you see in the pictures is made by my super cool friend (and very talented wood designer) Moa Ott.
  • A good fermentation spot is important. Keep the bowl of fermenting oatghurt in a warm, undisturbed and draft-free place during the fermentation process. If you want to give it a kickstart or if the weather is really cold, a good idea is to place the bowl in the oven with only the light on for the first 8-24 hours.
  • Make GF Sourdough bread/pancakes/pizza using the (unsweetened) oatghurt that will serve as a kickass sourdough. Recipe for GF sourdough pizza HERE

3 cup steel cut oats/whole oat groats (or 1.5 cup steel cup oats + 1.5 cup rolled oats for a more neutral flavor but less nutritional punch)

3 cup pure water
1/4 tsp pure ground vanilla bean or vanilla essence
3 drops good quality stevia concentrate / pinch green powdered stevia OR 1 tbsp liquid natural sweetener of choice

1. Add oats to a ceramic/glass/metal bowl and cover with water overnight 
2. In the morning, rinse thoroughly then add the oats along with the 3 cups pure water to a high speed blender and blend until very, very smooth. It will be really runny but firms up after only a few hours.
3. Add back into the bowl, cover with a damp kitchen towel and keep in a warm, undisturbed and draft-free place during the fermentation process.
4. Stir once or twice every day and make sure the kitchen towel is kept damp. Most times it takes me 3-4 days of fermenting until I’m pleased with how sour the oatghurt is.
5. When you are pleased with the sourness of your Oatghurt, place it in the blender with vanilla and sweetener of choice, blend then refrigerate. If you want a less thick Oatghurt add some spoonfuls of water with the vanilla+sweetener. Note that this step is optional, the oatghurt tastes great without sweetener too.
6. Oatghurt stays fresh for 5-ish days in the 

Spruce Tip Honey

1 handful fresh spruce tips
5 tbsp raw honey (local + organic, please)

1. Add your fresh spruce tips and raw honey to a clean glass jar. Let sit on your window in the sunshine for a couple of weeks then keep in a dark place. You’ll be able to taste the interesting and bold flavor after only 2 days but the longer you wait the more intense and amazing it will get.

[DIY] Raw Oatghurt w Spruce Tip Honey on www.Earthsprout.com[DIY] Raw Oatghurt w Spruce Tip Honey on www.Earthsprout.com


What can you do Today to support the marvelous honey bees of this earth? Taking action creates change regardless if it’s to never again buy conventional, imported honey or quit cutting the grass on your lawn or exclusively opting for organic food or telling a friend about what’s going on with the bee population. Be the game changer and let us know in the comments below what you’re planning to do!

All Honey Love

°°Elenore°° + lil’ fam


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