Pantry Party Cookies | Waste-Free Lifesavers

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Pantry Party Cookies | Waste-Free Lifesavers

I’m the girl who adds that sad looking, 2 tbsp worth of leftover hummus when I cook up some pui lentils. I’m the one who prepares dinner at a friends house then calls the next day with an idea on how to use the cups of quinoa that we didn’t finish. I’m the crazy gardener with a seriously passionate relationship with all and any composting systems. And I love worms. I pour water into those almost empty jars of honey and use that water for tea or sweet smoothies. I’m the one with a fridge full of kale stems, a quarter of an apple that Caspian ”ate”, 3 carrot sticks from yesterday and other ”scraps”. Because let’s face it, if you respect your food and in particular leftovers enough, anything can really be juiced or find themselves a perfect place in a smoothie/soup/stew or the like. And yes, I have some dumpster diving action in my past too.

People who’ve had me in their home will also know about my slight obsession with pantries. I can’t get enough of diving into other peoples pantries and especially cleaning and arranging them, making sure they haven’t forgotten the fabulous half full bag of sesame seeds or the unopened trail mix. Have you ever noticed how much somebody’s pantry tells of a person? Oh goodness, no one will ever invite me into to their kitchen again.. Funnily enough it’s not like our own pantry is super-tidy or anything but if I’m looking for the raisins on the shelf with all other nuts, seeds, dried fruits and superfoods and then find them in the fridge (gasp!) I will let Fabian (although very lovingly.. ahem) know. Daydreams of mine can revolve around cool walk-in pantries with beautiful vintage glass jars filled with everything a foodie like me can imagine. It’s a good dream. The reality is that ever so often I actually do need to make use of some forgotten 1/2 cup of homemade millet flour, 5 pistachios, the last 3 tbsp sunflower seeds, 3 squares of chocolate and other this-and-that in the back of the pantry. ..or some juice pulp, leftover porridge or..or.. You know what I mean. The solution? I throw a leftover pantry party and make some Pantry Party Cookies!  

Pantry Party Cookies | Waste-Free Lifesavers www.Earthsprout.comPantry Party Cookies | Waste-Free Lifesavers

Fun & Fabulous Facts

I’m pretty hot for the idea of living waste-free and I really think the over-use of plastic should have been a story that ended with the shift of the millennium. For me, the base of going as much waste free as possible is respect. A deep respect for this grand, amazing and absolutely magnificent planet that hosts us so lovingly. Am I perfect? So not, but when researching for this post I’ve definetley found some new inspiration that I wish to share with you.

In terms of the overuse of resources, if everyone lived the way we do in Sweden, we’d need two more Earths and if everyone lived the American way we’d need 5 more Earths. Now I know it’s to generalize a bit but nonetheless, isn’t it just horrid? Really, where is the love in it? Many people today use take-away containers, straws, grocery bags, single-serving items that come in their own disposable package without any second thoughts and landfills are spreading out, filling up and leaking out nasties all over the planet. There is a business in selling/buying other countries garbage just to have them ”dealt with” on other places of the globe. So now we’re not just exporting food all over the planet, a non-environmental friendly act at all, we´re then throwing away as much as 50 % of the precious food this earth produces and to top things off, we’re exporting that waste. Brilliant.

We also have to think beyond that slightly off-looking lettuce (especially if it’s not organic or local) and see what it took to grow it. There is the fresh water, soil, a seed (non GMO, please), people and machines tending the land and taking care of the crops, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, healthy bee’s and all other components that I could go on and on about. It’s an agri-business then wrapped in plastic, shipped across the globe and many times thrown away. And then shipped off again. Also.. ”Carnivorous diets add extra pressure as it takes 20-50 times the amount of water to produce 1 kilogramme of meat than 1kg of vegetables; the demand for water in food production could reach 10–13 trillion cubic metres a year by 2050” writes Rebecca Smithers in The Guardian.

I’m sorry about this heavy load but on the bright side, there are actually much good news to find as well. How about this: We can change it all! We can step up! We can make a difference!


  • We can! Reuse leftovers or slightly off-looking veggies. We can put that brown banana into a batch of Pantry Party Cookies or throw it in the freezer to make ice cream.
  • We can! Refuse plastic straws, those unnecessary 5 bleached napkins, the plastic bag/ wrap/ cutting board/water bottle (our Klean Kanteen’s are our best friends) or over-packaged foods in the supermarket (bulk is awesome).
  • We can! Store our lunches (check out waste-free lunches for some kiddo inspiration), leftovers and all the this and-that in glass jars and then of course make use of the delicious stuff.
  • We can! Recycle our household waste and sort out our Plastic, Paper, Glass, Aluminum, Compost etc. We’re headed to our recycling station today, actually. Not hard at all.
  • We can! Donate clothes, furniture, toys and other things around the house that we no longer need or use.
  • We can! Make a really cool apartment friendly Worm Compost System. I’ve never tried because we’ve always had a garden but if you’ve tried -big yay!- please let us know in the comments!
  • We can! Grow plants, herbs, sprouts to whatever extent possible. Roof top gardening? Two pots in your window? A full blown garden? All is amazing!
  • We can! Do our research! This book is a total gem, great finds are a few google searches away and awesome people with tons of knowledge are just waiting for you to ask the right questions.


Starting a new habit and making concious choices in new areas can be hard, I know, but learning is cool and personally I really get a kick from finding better routes, don’t you? Choose to green-ify all areas of your life; food, house, clothes, cleaning products, diapers, personal hygiene, travels, etc and you’re likely to find that the mark your making here on earth is a really really kind one. The Greenylicious Life is a good one in so many ways and as soon as you’e making an effort to do a little bit better, the universe will follow your lead and support you. that’s a promise.

Let’s start by checking in with our pantry and fridge, locate the goodies that need a new home and turn them into Pantry Party Cookies!

Pantry Party Cookies | Waste-Free Lifesavers www.Earthsprout.comPantry Party Cookies | Waste-Free Lifesavers Pantry Party Cookies | Waste-Free Lifesavers

Can you hear the Greenylicious Revolution rushing in our body, super excited for us to dive into the next step? How will you start? Let us know about your fist move in the comments below! ..and remember to hashtag your no-waste-love! #PantryPartyCookies #Earthsprout

Ps.1 – How’s the Pantry Party Cookies tasting after that dinner of gorgeous The Whole Pantry juice pulp burgers and home grown leafy greens + sprouts? Pretty darn good, eh?

Ps.2 – Please don’t be put off by the nutritional yeast in the list of ingredients, it adds a fabulous depth of flavor to an otherwise pretty plain cookie concoction (not to mention some fab Vitamin B12 and other nutritional goodies)

Ps.3 – Curious why Nutritional Yeast is good news for your body? Read my Fun & Fabulous section on just that HERE