Magical mung bean sprouts + zucchini coconut chips

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Magical mung bean sprouts + zucchini coconut chips at www.Earthsprout.comMagical mung bean sprouts + zucchini coconut chips at

Sometimes the sensation of awe is lost on me and I feel like I am doing exactly what everyone else is doing. Like there is this certain society mold that sucks us in and spits us out looking very much alike. This only ever happens if I have been working too much by the computer and when the moments of bare feet touching grass is too far apart. I know it’s not real. I do know that but when I spend a bit too long scrolling through instagram or answering e-mails it’s like the buzz and electronic fields makes me forget stuff.

Stuff I remember when I (after one to many sighs) head outside and let my feet be tickled by the dewy grass. When I let my skin be touched by the glimmering sunlight that follows a full blue moon and I pick up and savor an apple that just fell to the ground. When I sit down on the now slightly cold earth and reach for a blackberry – that’s when the bliss enters again. That’s when the awe trickles in and when all things magical starts to sprout. All left to say at that point is thank you.

Magical mung bean sprouts + zucchini coconut chips at

Fun & Fabulous Facts

Mung beans must have a very prominent magical gene in them. Somehow this little tough green stone-like legume can be transformed into creamy delishiousness when cooked or delicate crunchyness when sprouted. And the sprouting process is a chapter on it’s own since it’s so effing easy. I first met the mung bean was when entering into the world of auyurvedic / yogic cooking, many years back. Honestly I had never seen this weird thing before yet there it was, hanging out in bags of several kilos each. So I rolled up my sleeves and started to learn.

But what’s the magic in them, really? What does that particular magical gene actually hold?
When it comes too Chinese medicine, mung beans are seen as the most important therapeutic bean and it’s widely used to treat and heal all sorts of conditions raging from minor heat outbreaks, high blood pressure, swellings and toxicity. Can you find a red thread in these examples? Yes, mung beans are used in cases where heat is ruling. Being an incredibly cooling food ( much like all other legumes apart from soy beans and fresh green beans), mung beans ought to be combined with good fats if consumed by a rather cold person or simply consumed very regularly by anyone. Eating raw mung bean sprouts as opposed to the common cooked store bought version will give you an incredible amount of gorgeous enzymes and fresh water to help your body restore and rebuild. I always strive to up my intake of those precious buzzing enzymes and pure water as they help my body to easily combat the negative effects from things I have a hard time controlling. Like say the electronic field from this computer friend of mine. Hrm.

Magical mung bean sprouts + zucchini coconut chips at Earthsprout.comMagical mung bean sprouts + zucchini coconut chips at

Magic mung bean sprouts with zucchini coconut chips

Friends, meet my go-to and all time fave way of preparing mung bean sprouts. I hope you’ll fall in love with it as much as I have over the years. It’s a true savior when you need to prepare a meal really quickly. Just through everything together in a bowl, let marinate and pair with whatever the season has to offer or whatever floats your boat. And yes, the zucchini chips are pretty sensational on their own too.

2 light meals – and a lil’ extra chips
Magic Mung beans
2 cups mung bean sprouts (see how-to below)
1/2 clove garlic
1/2 tbsp (heaping) tamari
1 tsp freshly minced ginger
1 tsp honey
1 fresh chili, sliced
1 stalk celery, the greens too
a small handful mint leaves
1/2 lime, the juice
1/2 avocado

1. Add garlic, tamari, ginger, honey and mint leaves to a mortar and turn it into a paste using your best muscle power (and a pestle). Rinse the mung bean sprouts one last time before mixing with the paste and the lime juice in a bowl. Add the thinly sliced chili and celery and the diced avocado. Let soak while making the zucchini chips.

Zucchini coconut chips
1 small yellow zucchini
2 tbsp virgin coconut oil
2 tbsp shredded coconut – unsweetened

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C/ 350 degrees F. Thinly slice the zucchini lengthwise (easily done by using a mandolin slicer) and arrange the slices onto baking tins covered in baking sheets to prevent the chips from sticking.
3. Let the coconut oil liquify over hot water and the brush the zucchini with the oil before sprinkling over the shredded coconut.
4. Let the zucchini bake in the over for no more then 7 minutes (but keep a close eye, all ovens are different!)

How to easily sprout mung beans

Take one cup of beans (will double once sprouted), wash with cold water and drain them in a bowl. Fill the bowl with 2 to 3 times as much water as beans. Soak for 8 to 12 hours. Drain the water and rinse again with cold water. Cover the mung beans with a light cloth and at room temperature. Continue to rinse and drain the sprouts until little tails emerge. You can keep them growing longer if desired. Store in the fridge and eat within a few days.

Magical mung bean sprouts + zucchini coconut chips at

So, how do you remember to keep your magic sprout button on in life? Do you also get that high kick out of stepping onto dewy grass like me?

We need new genius tips and we need to keep sprouting, right!? Share in the comments below, dearest honey!

Early Swedish fall vibes and full moon love,

Elenore + minisprout


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  1. Inés
    21 augusti, 2013

    Hello Elenore,

    Just last week I saw mung beans in a store in very big packages and wondered what one could do with them in order to empty such a bag .. as just sprinkling them over salad (the only thing I knew about) doesn’t use up that many ;-) What can one do when cooking them? Just use them in a recipe instead of normal beans or how do they taste when cooked?
    By the way: Your mint plant looks fantastic! Do you know which sort of mint that is? Mine doesn’t seem to want grow at all…


    • ElenoreEarth
      26 augusti, 2013

      Hi Inez!

      That one is a Moroccan mint plant. Just give them a large pot to grow in and they’ll be happy as they require a lot of space. <3

  2. Nourish The Roots
    21 augusti, 2013

    Mung bean sprouts, my favorite! I literally just posted about mung beans sprouts (and sprouts in general) on my blog last week…we must both be riding the same electronic fields, haha. Well, that just means I have a new mung bean recipe to try! Thank you.
    <3 Renee

  3. Lauren
    21 augusti, 2013

    Did you add avocado also? This looks delicious! I love the idea of zucchini chips!

  4. Shilpa
    21 augusti, 2013

    This is so perfect for the weather we are having! And what an absolutely gorgeous recipe, Elenore.

    And have to completely agree with you about computer time. I say, more time spent outdoors walking along side sweet smelling flowers then time spent on the computer.

    • ElenoreEarth
      26 augusti, 2013

      Yes yes yes! Lets dive into the world of flowers instead of facebook ;)

  5. Harriet
    22 augusti, 2013

    I totally agree with you on the draining power of all our computers/phones/devices – you get caught in this weird loop, going round and round from one to the other. For me, a delicious cup of chai, and a sit in the sunshine with my cats never fails to hit the reset button. It’s all about taking a moment and just being.

    On this recipe: this is the third or fourth recipe I’ve read this week that involves sprouting – it’s like the universe telling me to get on the sproutin’ game! Do you have to buy special ‘sprouting’ mung beans (I’ve seen some special sprouting seeds in the health food store) or are regular dried ones (like in the bulk section) ok? Thanks for an inspiring recipe!

    • ElenoreEarth
      26 augusti, 2013

      I agree, the universe is pretty rad, Harriet and you should so get into to sprouting :) ps. there are no special sprouting mung beans (that I know of). Just buy regular dried ones in bulk or packaged and get started!

  6. Chelsea
    22 augusti, 2013

    Oh man. I have been on the computer way too much the last few weeks and it does the exact same thing to me. Getting outside is crucial. And I’m also planning a retreat with no computers and phones to really ”cleanse” from all this internet overdosing.

    This recipe looks so delicious. For some reason, I have never cooked with mung beans! I will definitely be trying this. Plus I love squash cooked in coconut oil. So yummy! Thank you again, Elenore!

  7. Natalie
    22 augusti, 2013

    Perfect as usual, dear! Also, I have a question. Our garden is bursting with zucchinis now (not complaining). Do you have some recipes or tips how to use them?


  8. Ketmala
    22 augusti, 2013

    We sprout mung beans weekly at home either to sprinkle on salad, use as filling in ”banh khoai” (Vietnamese rice crêpes) or spring rolls, or simply mix in the green smoothies and so on. They are so easy to sprout and are juicy, sweet and nutty with a nice crunch! Thank you for this recipe, I already know that my little ones will enjoy it especially served with your fabulous zucchini coconut chips – brilliant idea!

    I totally agree with you on making the time to ”unplug” from our daily routine to reconnect with nature and our inner self. For me, it’s a run or walk in our woods, weekly morning yoga on the deck when I breathe in and out deeply and just be while the birds are singing beautifully around me.

    I found your blog via My New Roots not long ago and I am enjoying getting to know you and being inspired by your ”joie de vivre”. Thank you and keep on sprouting Elenore!!!

    • ElenoreEarth
      26 augusti, 2013

      Hi sweets!

      Those meals you mention sound absolutely divine! I’ll come over :)
      I am so glad that you found you way here! All beautiful energy and spark collecting <3 Whoa, such a ride (was better then browsing the net;)


  9. Jobeenectar
    22 augusti, 2013

    Wise words lady! I know how that feels to be sucked into the ‘bubble’ that the internet/blogspere/media creates! For me, a trip around Iceland sorted my head right out! Though any sort of camping trip, even if it be to the bottom of the garden in a tent.. under the stars and with no electronic devises near! I just love camping!
    As the courgettes just keep on flowing.. chips are now on the menu over here thank you! I thought one could never have too much courgette spaghetti, but I’m starting to think that maybe, one can ; )Will certainly be making those chips and yummy marinaded sprouts. Big love to you and mini (or not so mini!) sprout xx

  10. Thewoodenspoon
    23 augusti, 2013

    Just gorgeous Elenore!!! I have an obsession with mung bean sprouts at the moment!!! We’ve been eating them with green papaya and smashed tomatoes with chilli and lime. Your recipe sounds amazing as always. Cant wait to try it. Sending you all our love from Australia xxx

    • ElenoreEarth
      26 augusti, 2013

      Oh oh oh – I miss green papaya sooooo much! Amy! Now you send me longing for the tropics so bad! ;)
      Sending the biggest hugs to you and your marvelous family!

  11. Camilla
    24 augusti, 2013

    Gorgeous recipe, must try it!

    Like for you, Mother Nature is the one who makes sure I become still and reconnect to that inner pulse again. But also rest really helps a lot…to leave everything (that needs to be done) for a little while and allow myself to recharge, works miracles for me. Even a short rest or nap helps me land in that greater space within again.

    Thanks for yet another beautiful recipe!


    • ElenoreEarth
      26 augusti, 2013

      M-mm I love that expression ”inner pulse” – so spot on.

      Thank you so much for sharing your brilliance <3

  12. Jasmine
    29 augusti, 2013

    I love using mint leaves in my cookings and desserts too. Fortunately we happen to grown our own mint bushes in our front yard. They just add such a delightful splash of freshness to any dishes!
    I’m going to try out this recipe tomorrow, starting by sprouting some mung beans tonight! Thanks for the beautiful recipe! :)

  13. hannah
    4 september, 2013

    Hi Eleonore,

    I made this tonight and absolutely loved it!
    I know we can get too stuck on computers and iEverything but I am endlessly grateful for the opportunities for connections (and delicious foods) that the internet offers.

    One question, I ended up baking my courgette for like 35min because it wouldn’t go anywhere near crispy, just how thin did you slice it?!?!

    British Indian Summer vibes!

    love hannah

  14. Michelle @LALLnutrition
    15 september, 2013

    Eleanore, I LOVE me some mung bean sprouts too;) I’ve had them with lunch a few times this week already:)

    And to answer your question I keep my connection to life by focusing on my passions everyday and being in the moment. Taking photos, writing, & reading about the nutrition and life force in what I am eating motivates me to stay present at meals. I also try to move everyday and reconnect to my body and inner voice; I gain a lot of clarity from that. I could go on and on but that’s what comes to mind right now :)



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