Hormonally challenged, the pill ..and pregnant? + Omega Berry Bowl

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The "no-fish" omega berry bowl and natural hormone balancing www.Earthsprout.com

This is a story that has been longing to be told.

It’s a very personal one but at the same time I feel like I’m writing the story of thousands of young girls and women whom I’ve spoken to and heard of. It feels sort of like a collective story of our now, a little piece of womanhood today.

In short, this is a story about a crazy confused mind and body, a story about The Pill. A story of being super hormonally challenged and trying to find a natural way to function.

Remember that what you are reading here are of course my personal opinions and the road that I have chosen to walk upon. Your choice is always your own and I am not trying to point my finger to any sort of truth, I just think it’s our duty to tell our stories in a world where we’ve come so far from everyday sisterhood and overall sharing. Again, I’m simply sharing my own story so please don’t be offended. We are all very different and have different paths.


I had just turned eighteen and was in a stable relationship (waiving to Fabian) when I got a prescription to start taking the pill – the most common contraceptive – by a very well meaning nurse. My mom had kindly reminded me to ask about the options as she had read some of the reports on the bad and even nasty effects of taking the pill but she also wanted me to be able to make my own choice. Thing is, I had seen the cooler, older (and even my age) girls popping that blue little pill out of those cute flowery cases everyday at lunchtime since I was 13 and the sense of belonging took overhand I guess.

I got my period pretty late (at 16 if I’m not mistaken) and it had just started to get regular when I began tampering with that delicate balance still trying to find it’s way. Smarty pants me. What followed was this; my weight suddenly took both a leap and a jump up, I was way angrier than usual (always over nothing) and my emotions were all over the place. At the same time I felt all grown up and rather rebellious to have taken this decision that I think I knew deep down was not ideal for me. In a time of trying to figure things, dreams and possibilities out, confusion was greater then ever and the crying sessions got more and more frequent. I had no gratitude whatsoever towards my body, I hadn’t even been able to get to know or speak it’s language! And I was so not happy with that extra weight. I quit taking the pill after only 6 months on it and it felt go-oo-od.

I suppose I thought that my own real period would come back the month after but boy was I mistaken. I decided after careful consideration never again to use any contraceptive that fed my body fake hormones and therefore started using an intrauterine device, or IUD (sometimes called a coil) made of copper, one that would stay there for four years. My natural cycle never returned during that time so I went for check ups regularly at the hospital and everything seemed to be as it was supposed to. My reproductive organs were healthy but obviously not ovulating and my hormone levels were, according to the doctors, normal. I can’t tell you how many times I have been offered hormones to ”kick start” my own cycle. Oh-no, fool me once, fool me twice, I thought and instead gave my body space to breathe.

At that point I was never unhappy not to have my period there. I had never thought about it as a miraculous thing that would have been able to serve my well and give me hints of clarity and guidance. Not to mention children. Honestly, for a very long time (4 1/2 years) my only feeling towards not having a monthly cycle was relief. I always had it in the back of my mind that I did dream of kids and eventually I grew to actually like being a woman (that took me a while) but I never really worried. I knew instinctively that my system had been (and was) way too highly sensitive to handle those pills but that somehow it would work out in the end. Hormones are very powerful substances. Begin tampering with nature’s finely tuned messengers of life’s processes and you are asking for trouble. I had only been feeding my body synthetic hormones for 6 months, which is a short amount of time if I’d compare it to, well, pretty much anyone, yet my own hormone production did not fully regain strength or even start. Some women who quits taking the pill gets their periods back right away, for some it takes a couple of months but I had never heard of anyone how kept adding years to the count.

The "no-fish" omega berry bowl and natural hormone balancing www.Earthsprout.com

Somewhere along the way I changed my approach to womanhood and began living with full on goddess power. Of course studying natural nutrition and organic gardening opened my eyes a lot but I know it was always there, suppressed behind the picture of what a modern woman ought to be. I never fit into that frame.  I was too wild, too brave, too outspoken and too much. Not cute or quiet or even frameable but luckily I had a family who supported all of that. And so I started to read anything and everything I could get my excited hands on when it came to a natural cycle, balancing confused hormones, female nutrition and sisterhood. Basically the sacred feminine and what it could be to live as a woman at 100%. To live this life as I meant it and not hide away anything. I decided to take out that IUD coil and go one step further in letting my body freely and fully heal. Again I got that go-oo-od feeling like when I quit taking those oral contraceptives. I was on the right track, I howled to the moon and I felt fierce, raw, hot, vulnerable and alive. I felt like a woman.

I was more of a woman then I had ever known I could be but I did keep adding years to the count and my own natural moon cycle did not arrive. I still wasn’t worried it wouldn’t return, it just felt rather awesome to realize that I did want it to exist and to function. Then thoughts on how long it would take to actually get pregnant when that time came crept up (the time was to be honest very much there but I don’t think I fully allowed it, being rather young). So I continued to support my natural production of hormones in any way I possibly could (listed below) and kept on feeling fabulous, connected and sexier than ever.

It worked. Maybe not in the way I thought it would but it did. I do know the egg is step one and realizing my period had come would be step two but never in my wildest of dreams did I think we could be pregnant before I actually got to step two the first time. I mean, what are the odds after years of nada nada nothing?! Of course that is exactly what happened. The very much loved minisprout in my belly either decided to join with us on my body’s first ever natural ovulation in, let’s see, 6 full years and that I would have otherwise gotten my period two weeks after. Or it was one of those miraculous conceptions that just doesn’t fit into any frame but as I’ve heard happens now and again.

Either way, here I am sharing my story and the story of a thousand hormonally challenged women globally. Isn’t it time we stop searching for ”quick fixes” that are outside of ourselves? Why give away our innate power to something that we honestly know has got insane side effects. I’m not sure how this resonates with You but I am certain these stories needs to be told and that nurturing the female force of nature (both within men and women) is of great, enormous, explosive and very much massive importance.

The "no-fish" omega berry bowl and natural hormone balancing www.Earthsprout.com

Diggin’ deep

How to support your natural hormone balance

Regardless if a little blue birth control pill has ever passed through your lips, if you’ve taken any other hormone based contraceptive or none of the above, it is still a great idea to support those clever but very sensitive natural hormones of yours. Hormones are very much at the steering wheel of that inner GPS-system or intuition that I always go on an on about and it would be great to have that in balance, right? Basically what happens when taking birth control pills (BCP’s or OC’s) is that they will feed your body a very high dose of estrogen and progestin (synthetic progesterone) and thus prevents the pituitary gland in the brain from initiating your ovaries to produce these hormones on their own. In lazy terms, it will cheat your body into believing you’re already pregnant and the flow of blood that will come during the week ”off” the pill is merely a chemical reaction. Now focus, this is really cool; the hormones that would normally be secreted by your ovaries that control the menstrual cycle are (as I mentioned) influenced by the pituitary gland which is in influenced by higher brain centers which are in turn (beautifully enough) influenced by the seasons, the weather, the moon cycle, your emotions and how you feel. A woman’s psyche is indeed closely connected to her monthly flow of hormones as you may have noticed over the years;) Obviously big things happen in the pituitary gland and the hormones who acts as little smart messengers to pretty much everything that happens in your body are affected by what takes place in the pituitary gland. I therefore ask myself, is this something we what to mess around with?

Even if we try to keep our systems free from synthetic hormones, the fact is that we still get bombarded with them everyday by drinking water contaminated with for example residues from the pill, breathing the air around us polluted with toxic particles and eating food full of growth hormones. I’m not saying thins to send you off living in a cave somewhere to be completely ”safe” (or am I?). I am just saying that it is possible to be connected to your female cycles and the cycles of nature -which are of course one and the same- all while living and participating in today’s world and while living in a city (I know, gasp!)

All right, enough with the sarcasm and back to fun & fabulous facts. There are hundreds of lists and studies showing the side effects of taking birth control pills and therefore I decided to focus on the goodies here instead. Let’s talk about the things we can do (and eat!) to feed our body and soul with tasty, juicy stuff that can very strongly support our hormones and hopefully make them able to do their job. Note: If you just got off the pill, are thinking about quitting or maybe want to keep taking it, do supplement with Vitamin B6 as birth control pills cause major B6 deficiency.

Quit the Cortisol addiction
The hormone Cortisol, aka the king of stress (and the king of today) will keep your hormones wild, crazy and very much out of line. De-stressing yourself and your life is a major part of de-stressing and thus balancing the production of your other hormones. Solution: breathe

Dump the xenestrogens
Xenestorgen mimicks the function of your natural estrogen, attaching to your body’s estrogen receptor sites causing major confusion. These may be either synthetic chemical compounds or natural chemical compounds and you can find them in for example: plastic water bottles/toys/containers, personal care products, cleaning products,
soy, water, conventionally produced greens/meat/dairy and the list goes on. Solution: do a lil’ research and toss the toxins far from your life, go organic and get a water filter. Upping your intake of crucifers like broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts and kale will help your body fight the xenestrogens by blocking toxic estrogen and supporting the production of the beneficial kind.

Bee boost
We need a good strong foundation for our hormone production and bioflavonoids can help us! An amazing way to get these into our system is by adding bee products to our everyday diet. Fully raw (important) jewels like honey, bee pollen and royal jelly will do the trick. Take it easy in the beginning and start with 1/2 tsp mixture of bee pollen and honey and work your way up to 2 tbsp a day. Thank you Lauren for this tip!

Fabulous F’s! Flax, Fiber, Fat
Flax seeds are an outstanding source of the phytoestrogens, Lignans. These will attach to your estrogen receptor sites and keep the xenestrogens from attaching to them. Have you heard of soluble fiber? The greatness of soluble fiber (that you can find tons of in lentils) will act as a broom and sweep your intestines free of toxins. Toxins like xenestorgens that have been pulled from the bloodstream and then dumped in the intestines. Bye bye! The third F stands for saturated fat. Now I’m talking saturated fat from for example raw cacao butter and raw coconut butter/oil. The saturated fat is actually what the body uses to produce hormones so we want to keep a steady, healthy, high quality supply.

Howl to the moon
Start paying attention to the phases of the moon, go out each night and get a glimpse, draw the current phase in your calendar. Remember that I mentioned that the pituitary glad is actually influences by the cycle of the moon? Go out and look at it’s grandness!

Get your hands dirty
The female monthly cycle is not the only one out there! A powerful tip of mine is for you to get your butt out in nature, go for hikes, walks, breathe it in, do some gardening and grow something (even if it’s only in a pot on your windowsill). Get your hands into the earth and start noticing the other cycles of this world and how they flow.

Sing with your sisters
Live with the intention of surrounding yourself with the healing powers of sisterhood. Gather, share, love, support, laugh and have an awesome time together. This is very much lost today (time for change!) so I suggest we stand up for one another and spread the shakti power!

Go greenylicious
If you are a meat eater and your hormones are completely out of wack, try giving the spotlight to more and more gorgeous greenylicious food instead. Conventional meat and dairy are today often filled with growth hormones and other really nasty things (Cortisol for example) that we don’t want to ingest to have a natural and functioning hormone balance. Plus, it’s way kinder, way more loving towards the earth and the animals and, and, and.. If you choose to eat meat or dairy, please buying it organic from your farmers market or another good supplier.

The "no-fish" omega berry bowl and natural hormone balancing www.Earthsprout.com

The ”no-fish” omega berry bowl

This may look like nothing else than a super-creamy-gorgeous-beautiful-delicious breakfast BUT get this: it is also packed with ingredients that will support your natural production of hormones and their balance. It’s perfect for anyone and feeds your body with amazing fiber, vitamins, fats, antioxidants and minerals like iron, calcium and zink. Prepare in the evening and breakfast will be done in no time at all.

Serves one
1 1/2 heaping tbsp chia seeds
1 1/2 heaping tbsp flax seeds
1 1/2 heaping tbsp pumpkin seeds
1 cup water
2 tbsp buckwheat groats + water for soaking
2 dried figs
1/3 cup berries, frozen or fresh
a pinch of cardamom
1 tbsp lemon juice
a sprinkle of raw coconut flakes

1. Add buckwheat to a small bowl and cover with water, let soak overnight
2. Add chia, flax, pumpkin seeds and figs to your blender, add the 1 cup of water (or more if you want the berry pudding to be less thick) and let it soak overnight.
3. In the morning, rinse the buckwheat groats thoroughly and add them to the blender, also add berries, cardamom and lemon juice. Blend until the seeds have broken down but the mixture still has some crunch to it.

Scoop up the berry pudding into a jar or bowl and top it with the coconut flakes, some mint leaves (I use peppermint leaves for this one), some extra berries and dig in!

The "no-fish" omega berry bowl and natural hormone balancing www.Earthsprout.com

I strongly encourage you to research this subject further, there’s a world of incredible and important hormone related knowledge waiting to be found. The many ways of natural birth control, hormonal contraceptives and how they effect us, the cycles of nature and what it could mean to be attuned to them, the way we live/build our houses and how that effects our body, the way we eat and think – I believe you get the point :)

I’m glad I finally decided to share this story here as it is such a major part of who I am. I hope, I hope with all my heart that you’ve found some spark of inspiration in this (long, I admit it) article.

I want to thank you for reading and holding the space. If this resonates with you in some way, please share. It’s a big message that needs to get out there.

Let’s talk, it will get sensational heat waves of miracles rolling.

My love,
Elenore (+ a wildly kicking minisprout)


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  1. Chelsea
    3 september, 2013

    Thank you thank you thank you for this post! I have been trying to balance my hormones naturally after years of the pill and it has been a roller coaster. I was prescribed BC originally for acne and PMS rather than a Dr. exploring with me why my hormones were out of whack in the first place. Now I’m figuring it all out. With doctors looking at me like I’m crazy when I won’t pop a pill, it is so nice to have support from other natural goddesses like yourself. You ROCK!
    Love Love love,

  2. Katie
    3 september, 2013

    I tried for a long while to go natural, wanting to embrace that which was woman in me, but my monthly cycle is an absolute nightmare for me. I get incredibly anxious and depressed (NOT just sad and/or moody, much more serious and frightening) with cramps painful enough to keep me home for the day. After getting off hormonal birth control a few years ago as part of my lifestyle change towards an all natural and health-focused one that was in tune with nutrition, food, exercise, etc., believing I could work my way naturally towards a more tolerable monthly cycle, I gave up. Now I am finally on a low hormone pill that makes my life SO much easier. Only problem is that it costs $100 a month without insurance (which I don’t have), which is quite prohibitive! Sigh. While I feel like it’s a decidedly un-feminist thing to say, I honestly feel like women get the total short end of the stick in this deal!

    • Andrea
      5 september, 2013

      If you are on Ortho Tricyclen Lo go to Planned Parenthood, they have it there for a very low price, I think it is $20. I am on Ortho Lo as well and was paying $125 until I needed a prescription refill that’s when I found out that I had been getting ripped off! lol

      • Katie
        9 september, 2013

        I’m on LoLoestrin Fe

  3. Caroline
    3 september, 2013

    Thank you amazing Elenore for writing this!! I took the pill for five years and had major depressions during this time. Now that I’ve stopped my period came immediately (such a relief!!) and I’m feeling great, but I my skin is super irritated! I look like I’m in the midst of puberty and have pimples all over. Do you have any knowledge about that? Could it also be a ”post-pill-hormon-problem”?
    Thanks anyway and I wish you all the luck in the world, especially for #minisprout! :)
    Xxx Caroline

    • Stephanie
      19 oktober, 2013

      Hi Caroline!

      Have you found anything that has helped your skin issues? I am in the same position and am looking for advice. Any recommendations about what has and hasn’t worked would be much appreciated!

      • Harriet
        28 november, 2013

        Hi Stephanie,

        I’ve recently gone off the pill and found that a zinc supplement really helped with my skin. If you’re not comfortable taking a supplement, using a zinc-based suncream can also help.

        Harriet :)

    • Rachelle
      21 oktober, 2013

      I just came off the pill, too, and I find that regular facials help SO MUCH to combat the acne and craziness that used to be my skin. I go once a month and my skin is mostly balanced and in control, except a tiny flare up when I have my period. Also, I switched to a higher quality skin care line.

  4. Gunhild
    3 september, 2013

    Thank you for this very important post. I needed two years to get my period back after going off my contraceptives, though I must admit my periods were never normal (my normal was 8 days of heavy bleeding every three months), but after two years of waiting for ”auntie red” to return I had one year of my normal cycle before meeting my husband and going back on contraceptives. I am now going to have my implant removed and not replace it with anything, I want to be hormone free and we just have to live with using the raincoat again, but so be it. I am tired of low energy and absolutely no sex drive. I want my life back!
    Elenore, I wish you and your growing family a very happy new moon on Thursday. Thank you for taking the effort to write this post.

  5. Jo
    3 september, 2013

    This post made me feel connected and part of something special in a way I’ve never felt before. Your special story is so similar to mine, it gave me goosebumps! Thank you so much much for sharing it with us, it takes courage to share such personal experiences and you have shared such incredible knowledge that women need to know! I was put on a combination of the pill and anti-biotics when I was 15 as ‘treatment’ for my chronic acne I had at that age. I was told that a long-term prescription for anti-biotics would sort out my spots, and the pill would balance my hormones which were causing the problem. Uh-huh.. riiiight. As you can imagine, it did no good except make me even more angry and frustrated that my skin was still in a bad way. After 8 months of taking these pills, I realised that there must be an alternative way. I took myself off them straight away and that day was the beginning of my journey to alternative health and wellbeing. I have never looked back. The same as you, the minute I came off the pill my periods never returned, and as the years went on, I became more and more thoughtful towards when (and if!) I would ever be fertile again! I tried various therapies, including cranio-sacral therapy, acupuncture, herbalism and shiatsu. I cannot say if any of them contributed towards the time when my period came to me one special day, but all I know is that the day after I met my partner (and father of our baby!!) it came. I couldn’t believe it, and after using natural contraception methods (charting and temperature-reading) for two years (and one mis-carriage) we fell pregnant with our first baby girl. I do think that our paths are carved out by our exposures to the extreme opposites to where we intuitively know we need to direct our beings. If those well-meaning nurses hadn’t given me those pills so early on, I don’t know if I would have gone full-blown into alternative healing as early as I did! Thank you for sharing and encouraging others to share in the way you have. I love your writing and the way you share your beautiful life with us here. Blessings to you beautiful woman and the bundle of gorgeousness kicking wildly inside you too! The berry bowl looks and sounds divine, and not unlike my breakfasts of late!

    All Love xxx

  6. kelly
    3 september, 2013

    Hi Elenore,

    I love your post.
    I didn’t know that the cycle of the moon has influence on the menstruationcycle of a woman. How does that work? Do you know a good book about that subject? And do you have other recommendations for books about hormone balancing? Thanks a lot for sharing the information! xx love

    • jenny
      12 september, 2013

      Hi Kelly,
      An excellent book that you might enjoy is Dr. Christiane Northrup’s Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. It is massive so it might serve best as a reference book but it goes into all aspects of our amazing reproductive systems and cycles, sexuality and so on with a holistic approach filled with self love. It also goes into our amazing connection to Mother Nature including how the moon can help regulate our cycles. As Elenore mentions, time moongazing is a wonderful exercise to get back in touch and the book even says that some have used lights to mimic the moonlight and help regulate women’s periods.
      I borrowed it from the library at first and found it so helpful and inspiring that I now have a copy of my own.
      Hope it helps,

  7. Kath
    3 september, 2013

    Thank you for this post! I just went off the pill about a month ago after moving to a plant based diet I just wanted to get the hormones out of my body. I too was not getting my period on the pill and getting it again feels crazy. There are moods and emotions I haven’t felt in years, and some bloating and weight gain coming off the pill as my body figures out hormonal balance again. But despite dealing with all these symptoms I do finally feel like a woman again! I really don’t think I can go back to any hormonal contraceptives because I want my body to be able to self regulate and cycle naturally again. Thank you again for this post though, it was so refreshing to hear a similar story, it re-inforced my decision!

  8. Erin
    3 september, 2013

    This is a topic I’ve been curious about for the past year. I was on birth control for just over a year when it occurred to me that there was something very unnatural about ”tricking” my body into thinking it was pregnant. Around the time I stopped taking it, I found out my Aunt, who has been on the pill for 10 years, was told by her doctor that it would be DANGEROUS for her to keep taking the pill.

    One thing I do struggle with (I’m really embracing the openness of the ”sisterhood” here) is that I still, ahem, need some sort of birth control; however, they ALL seem so unnatural to me! Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • Michelle
      3 september, 2013

      Hello! This was a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing. I use a method called natural family planning (NFP) and it is a wonderful hormone free way to embrace and understand your cycle. I recommend the book, Taking Charge of your Fertility to explore if you’re interested.

      • Adrienne
        9 september, 2013

        I, too, use NFP. My husband and I absolutely love it. It helps you to stay very in tune with your body, your cycle, etc. While we are currently using NFP to avoid pregnancy, I feel good that when we are ready to try, we will know right away if things are not working properly. I high encourage all women to take control of their bodies and their own fertility and NFP is a fantastic way to do so. Thanks, Elenore, for sharing your story and bringing this topic to light. We sooooo need it!

  9. Christina
    3 september, 2013

    Dear Elenore,

    thank you for sharing! This is SO important.
    This is why we are here: to remind us of what we already know, deep inside. Actually. Unfortunately this wisdom is burried.
    Have you ever heard of LUNA YOGA? It is Yoga (taught only by women as we are gifted by nature with our special connection to all kind of cycles. This kind of yoga promotes fertility in many ways thru a healing bodywork, not only for the pelvic area.
    It is so much fun to feed and move our bodies, minds and souls well :)

  10. Caroline
    3 september, 2013

    Thank you so much for this post. It made me cry. I recognized myself so much in your story.
    I have never taken the pill or had anything like that because I always refused. At almost 30, I have around 3 periods per year. Every time I see a doctor (not much, they scare me!) they tell me to take the pill to regulate things. And then stop when I want to have a baby? What’s the point then!
    I am not ready to have a baby yet but I refuse to take these things. I rather adopt if I can’t have a baby.
    I have started to take maca, bee pollen and all those fertility natural healing things. Yet the periods haven’t returned much more but I feel much more balance in my body these days. When time comes, I am sure I will be able to do something without the help of chemicals.
    Thank you thank you for this post. I will read it more than once for sure.

  11. Laura
    3 september, 2013

    I just read this post and thought, wow this is what i need! well i really hope so anyway… i am 15 years old and i am recovering from anorexia that i have had for 2 years :( and sadly i am still without period, even though i have come to a stable weight. I really, REALLY, want to have children one day in the distant future (I’m one of theses people who is smitten over any child) but i have heard so many stories of people who have recovered from this disorder yet never regained the natural monthly cycle.
    i eat a wonderfully nutritious diet of un processed food and organic products, and was wondering if you have any tips to boost (naturally of corse) my period along?
    Thats for writing this wonderful post! I love Earthsprout so much :)
    From Laura, In the distant land of New Zealand ;) xxxxxxx

    • Lynne
      7 oktober, 2013

      Hi Laura,
      You could look into reflexology (my periods stopped for 3 months which I think was due to stress) and was blown away as my period started again the next day after my treatment. Obvioisly all of our bodies and circumstances are different and so respond differently but it might be worth investigating and consulting with a professional reflexologistfor a course of treatments. Also for another natural alternative you could try to find a professional ayurvedic consultant to speak to. I used to suffer from severe period pain and incorporated a few (natural) ayurvedic changes ( life style/daily routine/yoga/herbs) which was very powerful in improving this.
      I hope this helps :-)
      Good luck & Much love,

  12. Karolina
    3 september, 2013

    Thank you for this wonderful post!
    I lost my period years ago… because of emotional and physical breakdown. It took me 7 years to bring the cycle back – thanks’ to raw food and green clay taking internally. Since I still struggling with some libido imbalances and menstrual pain (even if I also was studying everything on female cycle…) It’s only since a little time that I found Australian bush flower essences for Women. It’s absolutely wonderful!!! Maybe it will help some of you…
    With love

  13. Aurea
    3 september, 2013

    Eleonore this is so weird. I just thought about so many things related to this today, about how I haven’t had my period in more than four months (I’ve never taken pills) and about how awful it has made me feel lately(physically and emotionally). And then I read this! I am seventeen, and oh I can not believe how well your story describes my life. Thank you sister. Are there any good books on female hormones and the menatrual cycle that you could recommend?

    Love love love and yes, Shakti!


  14. Ally
    3 september, 2013

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I too am really sensitive to anything, medication, lack of water, and hormones. I had always been against taking the pill until I started getting super painful ovarian cysts, (or so the doctor though, it could never be confirmed through ultrasounds). I decided to take the patch since I thought it would be easier. The very first day I put it on I started feeling depressed and emotional. I figured I would just have to get used to it because I was literally bedridden from pain for months on end. I didnt have any significant side effects besides the fact that I cried over almost anything. I cried almost on a daily basis. After 6 months I started to feel anxious and depressed and a few months later I decided to stop bc even though i feared the return of the pain. My cycle came the next month like usual but was irregular for the next 6 months. The pain remained at bay for another 6 months after stopping then returned shortly there after. It comes and goes month to month, and somedays I want to get back on the patch but it goes against my intuition and I am glad there are ways I can balance my hormones again with food. I look to your blog for inspiration in my own life, and I hope one day I can be as healthy as you, and commit myself to being fully raw, and as in tune with my body as I can be.


  15. Toia
    3 september, 2013

    Congratulations Eleonore and thank you so much for opening your heart to us sisters. I follow you from Argentina, you’re an inspiration to live the real path with courage. Thank you, beautiful. Have a wonderful maternity.

  16. hay
    3 september, 2013

    Oh wow… How timely this is… I have not had a period for 6 years… I am now 41. I lost a great deal of weight going down to 46kg which for 5ft 4 is very light… my period stopped, obviously my body sensing something wrong. I have managed to put weight back on and am very healthy.. I eat no take aways and eat good fats.. I also did alot of exercise which I have also started doing less of… Not stopping but walking instead of spin classes… I went to the dr and had hormones tested and she said that they all seem normal… I am hoping that my body is now thinking that everything is good and all things will start flowing again… it’s amazing how much you want your period when you don’t have it… I am also wondering about Maca … did anyone find this beneficial ..???

  17. Ally
    3 september, 2013

    Thanks for sharing your story sweet! Anyone looking to learn about non-hormonal contraceptives might like Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler, MPH. Even if you don’t want to chart your cycle with the Fertility Awareness Method, it’s a seriously awesome resource to just learn about your cycle.

    Elenore, have you read The Wild Feminine by Tami Lynn Kent? I think you would love it.

  18. Brittany
    4 september, 2013

    Ahh! This is so relevant to my life right now. I was on hormonal birth control for six years and just went off of it this summer, and I got the copper IUD as well. I lost about ten pounds right off the bat (I didn’t need to lose weight at all, but it happened), had my period for a month, and now it’s super irregular. For a while my boyfriend would come home from work to find me crying pretty much every day about nothing. But I can totally relate to feeling super womanly once the hormones are ditched. :) There’s something still obviously out of whack in my body. I think I’d like to try the B 6 supplements, and of course the berry bowl. I’d love to read more on this subject, I hope to see more of it. :)


  19. Kate
    4 september, 2013

    I took yaz for two months and ended up in hospital with extensive bilateral pulmonary emboli – aka many blood clots in my lungs this February. One was 1.5cm thick. I was 22. I just came off clexane, an injection I was giving myself daily a few weeks ago. But am still struggling to breathe. Especially when stressed. Taking that pill was one of the worst decisions I could have made. Especially when I knew it could have such negative effects, and had as such avoided it for many years. The time I tried it before it gave me morning sickness – I couldnt believe it. I am still trying to get my body back in sync.. it is going to take time. So many drugs have gone through my veins the past six months. Clexane, warfarin, antibiotics, pain killers… It is awful feeling so out of whack. If I could turn back time…

  20. Katie Fearn
    4 september, 2013

    Thank you so much for sharing this story!! It is something I am so passionate about, our hormones, cycles and our mother earth connection effecting these golden threads of our existence. I started taking the pill when I was 17 stopped when me and the guy I was dating at the time broke up. Then when I met my now fiance 7 years ago I decided to start taking it again, as you said the society we live in tends to push it upon us. I tried 3 different pills all which made me angry with everyone and everything in the world, my tolerance levels were non existent and I was heavily emotional. So whilst on holiday in Greece I spoke with my partner and we decided it was best I stop. So after 6 months I stopped, at the time so many of my friends thought I was crazy (my doctor also did). However I know my body and I knew my body was not happy at all. I am so sensitive to drugs and over the years I have realised just how sensitive I am (taking after my moma). I did start my period as soon as I stopped taking the pill but it took 4/5 years to sort my cycle out it was all over the place. I also suffer horrifically with severe period pain and PMT and within those 4years I collapsed countless times due to my period pain. I knew in my heart the pill had totally effected my body in a very negative way. This year I was rushed into hospital with suspected ruptured appendix however it turned out to be a ruptured Ovarian Cyst. After leaving hospital and visiting my GP she said the only option was for me to go on the pill as it will stop me ovaluating…Madness!! As we want to start for babies in the next year or 2 this is noway an option and I gave her my opinion. Sadly I have to suffer with the pain of the cysts however I have found alternative natural ways which help. I am still having side effects from the drugs given to me in hospital 6 months ago but I drink pure/raw Aloe Vera every day, take Bee Pollen, eat well and also visit a truly wonderful Spiritual healer (all which help). I feel so much more WOMEN and I feel empowered!
    Thank you as always for sharing your stories and for radiating your wild, beautiful and free spirit around the world you have inspired my day :) I am truly so happy for you and Fabian on your little miracle Minisprout – what incredible parents you will be. Love&Light Katie xxx

  21. Katie Fearn
    4 september, 2013

    I also forgot to say the moon cycles heavily effect my period and emotions! Before I was taken into hospital in March my healers said to me how the moon was effecting my cycles. I had never thought of it before then and boy she is so right! Now days I am always on time with my period but the Blue Moon we just had I was 6days late. I have charted it all down and the day after a full moon my PMT starts every month! its incredible and I am defiantly all for sisterhood :) thank you to everyone who also shared their stories fascinating to read x

  22. Ma
    4 september, 2013

    Funny how the body rebels sometimes. Got the call to get rid of my contraception after years and years using the implant.
    All was fine, and there’s no pregnancy project yet, just felt it was ”bugging” me. My body, my inner me urging me to free myself from it.
    To, as you say it so righlty, allow myself to be a woman. I felt connected, I was not. What used to be a nuisance is now the symbol of my very existence. I must admit, I love it:o) (most of it at least;o))

  23. Kristin from mamacino
    4 september, 2013

    Thank you for this post xx

  24. Maria
    4 september, 2013

    Thank you for the amazing story about how your first mini sprout came to be. And also thank you for the amazing recipe, I’ve been making versions of it since you posted it on Instagram a while back. Like so many of your dishes, it’s genius! I wish you to enjoy those last wonderful ”kicks” or more like visible movements of baby body parts over your belly, and all the best for the delivery of mini sprout.

  25. Annie Ominous
    4 september, 2013

    you spelled challenged wrong. I know that is missing the point, but it is such a great article and so helpful, but if you are going to put it out there, spell it right. You are missing a big audience because people will likely just skip over misspelled blog titles.

  26. danijela
    4 september, 2013

    Breathtaking story! Thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us. I am starting the day with your Golden Detox Drink. Even my 2,5 years old boy likes it. Specially when I have a feeling that we are becoming sick. Well, we had influenza-free winter. :)
    Your Berry Bowl sounds great as well. I am just not into blending the flax seeds because of the prussic acid (blausaeure) that they contain. They are supposed to be consumed whole. Do you know anything about it?
    Lots of love from the swiss alps

  27. Sheryl
    4 september, 2013

    That was an amazing read! While I have never really been able to take the pill due to migraine side effects etc I’ve lived most of my adult life in hormone imbalance. This has meant terrible, heavy periods, chronic PMT (a very ugly two headed monster) and problems with too much oestrogen. Two years ago at 43 I was diagnosed with hormone receptor breast cancer and that followed with surgery, chemo, radio and no end of horrible side effects. All of that threw me into menopause however my experience of that has been alot more positive than pre-monapause and of course I have now discovered the effects of diet, environment and stress on female hormones! I wish I had known all that a whole lot sooner but I am now very aware for my teenage daughter :)

  28. Liv
    4 september, 2013

    This is so interesting. Thank you for the article. I agree, this subjects need alot more attention, we need to speak about it and find the new ways to understad be with and take care of our female bodies.

    I have myself also digged into the information about our nutrition and hormone system. But sometimes I get answers that contradict eachother wich can be confusing. For example this with phytoestrogens, as I understand, most of us have an excess of estrogen in our systems, because, as you also mention, all the toxins we are surrounded with that contains phytoestrogens (or is it xenestrogens?) what is the diffrence?). And there for it is important for us to decrease the estrogen level and instead increase the natural progestorine level to measure it up. The progestorone helps us to start the ovulation. What I have read about this says that we should avoid estrogen increasing foods and products like Flax seeds, licoriqe, soya and tea tree oil for example. What do you know about this? Have any ideas or what is your experience?

    For increasing our progestorone level it is good to get alot of C-vitamins every day. And B vitamins (especielly B6, as you also mention) Zink is important for the progestorine ans also other functions of the body (Maca contains alot)and Magnesium. (read about it more here http://youqueen.com/life/health/top-7-natural-ways-to-increase-progesterone/ ). It is just interestion to bring up to the discussion.

    I also wonder what Brussel sprouts is in Swedish? :) And where did you go your education to health nutrionist? I am looking for someplace good. :)

    Lots of love and laughter and blessings your way

  29. betty
    5 september, 2013

    Would you do a post about fertility awareness methods? They can be used for contraception or to pinpoint ovulation if you are attempting to become pregnant. I love the idea of working WITH Mother Nature and knowing my body better, instead of making a natural process into a condition to be medicated or supressed in some other way.

  30. The Vegan Cookie Fairy
    5 september, 2013

    Thank you so much for this post. I feel like my situation is very similar to yours and it’s a true comfort to read about someone else’s experience. I still need some form of birth control, though, as I’m still quite young and so NOT ready for children, so I think I will go for the copper coil after all. But I am definitely going to become more in touch with my fertility. Thanks for sharing your story with us xoxo

    • Adrienne
      9 september, 2013

      Make sure to check out Natural Family Planning, or NFP, before trying any more conventional birth control methods. It’s NOT the Rhythm method as many doctors assume (with a dirty look on their faces). It’s very scientific and you chart your cycle based on temperature and other signs, or signals, of fertility. I know exactly when I’m fertile (aka when to avoid sex) and exactly when I’m infertile (aka when to have little fun). Just look into it. It’s not for everyone because it can be tough to develop a routine, but once you get the hang of it’s super easy and absolutely free. Good luck!

  31. Lisa
    5 september, 2013

    Tack tack tack Elenore!

    I’m humbled by you, having shared this with us. You’re so right, this is something that is never talked about and I think many women and girls think they’re alone about it.

    I took the pill for ten years, and it’s now been three years ago since I stopped. Me and my boyfriend thought it was ”the moment” to have a baby. So we tried. Nothing happened. I tried different ways of how to see when I was ovulating, and then try to calculate when I would be the most fertile. Still nothing.

    I believe there’s a reason why it didn’t happen.

    I was at a point in my life where society and myself thought that it was time to settle down, have a baby, house and you know…the rest. But I wan’t really happy in the situation I was, in the country Iived, with my job, or body…

    After a workshop on raw food, which led to a dive into the magic world of raw food (going 100% raw in cold danish winter), my mind got so clear and the connection to my body became so different from what I’d ever felt before. I started to really feel and connect to my body. Within two months I’d made big changes in my life. I decided to leave my job, move to another country, and start living my dream.

    I am fine not having become pregnant.

    If it would’ve happened three years ago, I wouldn’t be living the life I’m living now, which feels so much more fulfilled than the one i was living then. This is the kind of life I want to give my child. If and when it comes.

    Once again thank you for sharing your story, tips and inspiration.


  32. Valerie
    5 september, 2013

    Thank you for sharing your story. There is a wonderful book out that I am currently reading by Dr. Sara Gottfried ”The Hormone Cure”. She is definitely not your regular Dr pushing mainstream medicine. She discusses the main hormones in our bodies and then proceeds to provide information how to balance them through the way we eat, move, sleep and live. If you have access to it, I highly recommend it.

  33. Ariela
    5 september, 2013

    Gosh! Thank you for being so honest and brave Elenore, and for putting your story out there. While I have not experienced a hormone or mentrual cycle imbalance due to taking the pill, I have not had my regular cycle in 6 years due to a big weight loss I experienced my first year of university. I have gained weight and insight into nutrition and natural healing via raw and whole foods, but have not regained my cycle as of yet. Like many of the commenters above, I agree that there is a huge void when your cycle is lost and I feel so reassured to read your post and know that I am on alone in this thought. I will definitely make this berry bowl, along with your other nourishing recipes as I continue on my quest to balance!

    xoxo to you and your growing family!

  34. Arianna
    5 september, 2013

    Thank you Elenore! This post really helped me <3

  35. » Thoughtful Thursday Kibby's Blended Life
    5 september, 2013

    […] ♥ Hormonally challanged, the pill ..and pregnant? + Omega Berry Bowl – Fantastic article about balancing hormones and the how easily SCREWED UP they can get.  There’s a great smoothie recipe at the end that I made for breakfast this morning using strawberries and peaches.  We all need to keep our hormones in balance and check – important part of our system. […]

  36. Emily
    6 september, 2013

    Words cannot describe how joyful I felt to read this post about the dangers of contraceptives! I have never used them, and never will, but it is very encouraging to see a woman in the plant-based blogging world baring it all about her disdain for contraceptives! Thank you!

  37. Magdalena
    6 september, 2013

    Thank You!
    Share this with your friends!
    I hope that mothers talk to there daughters and sons about this. That fathers learn about it! That teenagers would get in touch with this knowledge and speak with each other!
    You ar brave and wonderful!
    I love You!

  38. Judith
    6 september, 2013

    Hej Eleonore,
    Thank you so much for this post! I’m very happy for you, that you found your way! I’ve only touched this topic so far, but haven’t dug very deeply yet. You inspired me to do so in the future.
    Again, thank you! All the best to you and minisprout!

  39. Sarah B
    6 september, 2013

    I am so proud of you. Thank you on behalf of ALL women for writing this post.

    All love, all ways,
    Sarah B

  40. Linda
    7 september, 2013

    Elenore, thank you for writing about this very important, but so often misunderstood, topic. Beautifully honest writing, and straight from the heart. I have struggled with the same thing and had to find my own way too, and as for you, that’s taken years. I found that healing the gut, ditching gluten, plenty of healthy fats and a combination of natural magnesium + B6 works a treat too. Congrats on your little minisprout too, such a happy blessing :)

    Linda x

  41. Inês F.
    8 september, 2013

    Thank you for your beautiful post!!! I’m medical doctor but first of all i’m an hormonal woman and i’m completly against hormonal contraceptives ( i tryed them because everyone around me told me to, although deep down I knew that that wasnt my thing. Thank god it only took me 1 month to quit and to realize how powerfull and how easily they could pull you to the darkside). I really dont know why most of the women prefer it.I encorage all my patients not to use it, but its so hard, the pill its a cultural thing (at least here in portugal). people dont realize the dangerous of synthetic hormones, if you use ityou really really are messing around with all your body metabolism, your not in control of it, your letting some pharmaceutical company that chosses the estrogen doses to control your body and that’s just wrong.besides you have some life threatening problems related to it like thrombosis and i really think pill is directly related to osteoporosis (as estrogens directly influence the calcium deposition on bones) but anyone talks about that.
    There are other options, everyone should know about them , every women must understand what they are taking and how important it is to control your body, to let nature do its work, to let your hormones free and flowing and to boost your bodys and mind health ( they are dependent on each other and of hormones) so you can empower your mind-body-hormone circle!!!

  42. Leah
    9 september, 2013

    Such an important topic Eleanor!

    I was on the pill for 5 years in my early 20’s. I gained 20 pounds, had excruciating migraine headaches, high blood pressure and was angry at the drop of a hat. All of the above, completely the opposite of natural me. Had a stressful job at the time, and thought that was it. Finally figured out it was the hormones! I went off and a few months later, everything back to normal. Never ever took one of those pills again! Also ditched the job!

    Now in my 40’s there is pressure to go on them again to ”regulate” my fluctuating hormones and prevent other ”conditions” related to uneven estrogen production. NO WAY! I’m committed to letting my body do what it needs to, and I will support the effort with beautiful food, exercise, meditation and lots of laughter.

    Thank you so much starting the conversation! xo

    • Kristy
      9 september, 2013

      Leah, I’m in my 40s too and am constantly pressured by my doctors to take the pill or progesterone. I congratulate you on remaining true to your own voice!

  43. Ketmala
    9 september, 2013

    Thank you for your inspiring words Eleanor!!! Our body knows what is good and nurturing for its well-being if only we ought to stop and listen to its wisdom more often indeed.

    In high school, I took the pills to try it and also to be ”cool” like the other girls, however after 15 days, I just tossed them away because it did not feel ”right” to me and I have never look back.

    Big hug for sharing with us all.

  44. Anna
    9 september, 2013

    Thank YOU! Thank you, thank you, thank you…. i’ve experienced a lot with that pill. For the first years it was ok, than i got a heavy migraine and a poor skin. It took me over two years to realize that it came from that pill. Then i quit and – not a miracle at all – i am pain free. I will never ever take those things again… so much changes when you don’t. I never felt better with beeing a woman then scince quitting hormones! So thank you for sharing that personal story <3

    I wish you the best for the next weeks and the birth of mini sprout! Keep telling us what happens :-)


  45. Aniko Gyonyoru
    9 september, 2013

    Dear Elenore!

    You are such a wonderful person and I am so lucky to find your blog and read your amazing stories and recipes. Thank you to be the gorgeous person that you are!


  46. Kristy
    9 september, 2013

    Thank you for sharing! When I was a young woman I too tried the pill. I lasted 1 month. The changes in my personality and how I felt were very similar to what happened to you and it was just too much for me. I’ve never used hormones since then and I feel like it was a wonderful thing I did for myself to say no.

    Thanks for all the great suggestions! I especially like the idea of connecting to the moon.

    Congrats on the birth!!

  47. Lexi
    9 september, 2013

    Aww elenore this is so great!! Thank you so much for everything you do! You and Sarah B have made such a huge difference in my life :) Sending my blessings to both of your mini sprouts! Xoxo

  48. Chelsea
    9 september, 2013

    Thank you so much for sharing this incredible story!!! I’ve gone through the exact same thing after only being on the pill for 6 months. I’ve been studying and trying to balance my hormones for years and they are so complicated. I’ve had so many tests done and doctors trying to put me on hormones to kick start my cycle. The subject always stresses me out, but I love the beautiful way you wrote about it. I’ve read a few blogs where people haven’t had a period for years, but were able to have 1 or more children. Some people believe that the period is a way to release toxins and if you don’t have enough in your body, your egg will be released in mucus instead. This could be why so many healthy eaters and isolated groups of people (like Hunzas) who aren’t exposed to as many toxins do not have periods (or very light ones). Hormones are so powerful and most people avoid the sensitive subject. Thank you SO much for your amazing post! I know it will encourage more people like myself to share their own stories. Have a wonderful day!

  49. Christina
    9 september, 2013

    Hello again,

    you dear women you should see Diana Fabianova´s movie ”Moon inside you”. A lovely, funny and wise story/documentary about womanhood, cycles, menstruation, looked at from different cultures, perspectives… Check her homepage!


  50. Sarah
    10 september, 2013

    Wow Eleanore, thank you so much for writing that article. It’s funny how sometimes information is presented to us only when we are ready to receive it. :) Your words really struck a chord with me as I have just (last weekend!!!) started a regular period cycle after coming off the pill. Thanks to meditation, diet, positive thoughts, connecting with the moon and my naturopath’s assistance, my pituitary gland can finally do What its meant to do! Thank you for helping to get the message out there, this is a huge social issue which I hope we can start to change. Best wishes for your next exciting step in life’s journey! Sarah. Xxx

  51. Caity
    10 september, 2013

    Thank you so much for your story and words Elenore! I had to go off the pill to decrease my risk of a blood clot with varicose vein laser treatment earlier this year & four months later there is still no sign of my friend returning. Now I am worried about how long it may take for me to fall pregnant once I decide it is time, but I feel fantastic and free! Its all a beautiful thing and we are all in it together :)
    All the best for the coming weeks!

  52. Iren
    10 september, 2013

    So touched about your post – and so touched about all the comments and stories…

    I never liked the pill and I didn’t take them for a very long time. I had my period regularly. But when I met my (future) husband, I started with pills, on my own decision. But after three months, I made a thrombosis! I did not smoke, was a student but made some sport and walked a lot. I was shocked. But some years later, the doctor, specialist for thrombosis, told me, that he meanwhile found out, that there are special situations with pills, where a normal, healthy young woman without any risks (like smoking or blood with tendencies for thrombosis) can make a thrombosis, specially after the first three months of taking the pill. –

    So, what do we really know? The doctors find out new things they didn’t know all the time… And still we now so little! The only thing we can do is carefully listen to our body!

    After tried some special Minipills again two years ago (with three beautiful girls in my arms), I stopped them again after having had a terrible headache for two months almost every day… this was not written as a risk on the package. But the next day I stopped them, the headache was gone!

    These are my two experiences with the pills. – NEVER AGAIN!

    And I will be very careful with my three daughters and hope, one day, we will find good solutions togetherI can help them to find good solutions. Each one adapted to their own personality and situation.

    Thanks to all of you for sharing!

  53. Alina - Thinking Creature
    10 september, 2013

    Beautiful. So happy for you. Congratulations and all the best, beautiful soul.

  54. Jenny
    10 september, 2013

    Thank you for saying all this. Doctors make me feel like I’m crazy when they keep pushing the pill on me to ”solve” all sorts of issues (acne, stress, you name it) and I don’t want it. I was on the lowest dose of hormones and it took me a year to get my period again. How is this ok? I really hope that the information that taking hormones can be dangerous will get out there, especially for young girls!

  55. Earthsprout – Go Green Hot´n Healthy Tomato inferno pasta w kale pesto » Earthsprout - Go Green Hot´n Healthy
    15 september, 2013

    […] Of. All. – Thanks to everyone who read, commented and took my last article/story/post to your hearts. It’s a huge conversation still going on over there. I am plowing my way […]

  56. Cristina
    15 september, 2013

    Dear Elenore,
    Thank you for your beautiful post.
    We are a lot of women with hormonal problems… It is fantastic to see I am not the only one who doesn’t believe in conventional medicine.
    I was taking the pills for two years until I decided I had enough of chemical, not natural hormones in my body.
    I became vegetarian and I feel great. I live in London and eating organic is a challange!
    But I try hard because I believe in the power of nature and don’t think the world we are creating in the cities is the real one!
    When I stop taking the pills we decided with my husband not taking any precaution and to start a family.
    It has been more than a year now…every month when I get the period is frustating!
    I know my hormones are crazy imbalanced. I am 27 and have acne as a teenager.
    I seriously don’t know what to do… But I will continue trying healthy/natural products in order to restore my balance and hopefully start a family.

    Thank you for your post and beautiful and inspiring blog.
    Enjoy being a mum!

  57. Amanda
    16 september, 2013

    Hi Elenore!
    Thank you for sharing your story! I have just become familiar with my cycle and it’s relation to the moon! I think it is so amazing and I can’t believe I didn’t realize it until my thirties. I heard about it while I was pregnant last year, a woman told me babies are born near full moons- I thought it was crazy at first but low and behold it happened to me!! My son was born just a few days after a full moon. I started doing reasearch after his birth and came across the book Red Moon. I wish I would have learned about this when I was younger. The book has helped me accept this part of being a woman and really discover the intuitive power we have. I used to think I was crazy, mood swings thru out the month, I learned the different phases of the moon and how it affects my moods! I think it is an important book for young girls to discover and I will definitly be sharing it if I have a daughter in the future. I had such a hard time with my cycle when I was younger- I would have awful cramps and nasuea, missed school and work. I took alot of pain medicine, but one day I decided no more medicine and I would just work through the painful cramps with yoga stretches, breathing and rest, whatever natural method I could find. This utimatly helped me have a natural birth I think, I was able to control the pain the same way! I could talk about this for days! haha But I just hope sharing my story can help someone else too- I also wanted to mention another great book I’m reading now- The Way of the Happy Woman, I’m really enjoying this one and it has similar info on how we are connected to the seasons and moon cycles :)

  58. Marisa
    17 september, 2013

    Hi Elenore, I love your site and make your recipes often. How many days a week do you recommend eating the omega berry bowl? I understand that maybe I should eat it when I feel my body needs it, but I want it to be effective and help balance my hormones (along with the rest of healthy eating and exercise). Can I eat this every morning?

  59. Mrs G
    18 september, 2013

    I have hesitated a bit in writing this comment, but I would like to show another point of view.

    I never took the pill, nor any other form of contraception. I’m in my late 20s and I suffer from PCOS and endo. I’ve skin issues which have caused a lot of embarrassment.
    I believe that my issues, along with a genetic component, come from the untimely introduction (at 3 months old) of gluten in my diet. I’m gluten intolerant, but this went for many years undetected.
    I can count on a hand the times I had a normal cycle (read not too much, not too little, not too early, not too late, not too much pain).
    Being pregnant (let alone carry a healthy baby to term) will be very unlikely if not impossible.

    So, please forgive me, but when I read your post, I was quite upset.
    Not because I’m envious or jealous (I’m genuinely happy for you), but because you seem totally out of touch of what a serious hormonal problem means.
    I appreciate that not having your period for such a long time was a bad experience but the fact that you got pregnant straight away means that your hormones were basically healthy and you just needed to come off unnatural and unhealthy contraception.

    Another point is the nutrition, it seems that if you follow your dietary recommendations everything will be alright.
    Well, that’s not that simple.
    I have a deep mistrust for conventional medicine and I also turned myself into diet and nutrition in an attempt to solve my problems. Well, it helped but the problems have not been totally solved.

    Well, I hope you will forgive me for this rant, but I wanted to present my point of view.

    I wish you all the best with your new baby. Who knows, maybe he/she is already born…. ;-)

    • Jessi
      16 december, 2015

      Hi ‘Mrs. G’
      I understand where you’re coming from because I too have PCOS. I was Dx at 17 and I’m 29.
      I understand why you’d feel upset by this post and at first I was like, I cannot relate to this at all. But then I started reading over the comments and I realized that I could relate to what some of the other women were saying and if it wasn’t for her post, I wouldn’t have found a couple resources commenters posted.

      I was like you where while I am skeptical of pharmeceuticals and such, the only thing that seemed to help was the birth control.

      However, I will say this and this is genuine and as real as I can get. About 3-4 years ago I started going to therapy with what I finally considered as THe therapist for me. She helped me uncover some really deep trauma that I had been covering up with a slew of things from drugs to processed food to TV to promiscuity, etc.

      Once I started getting real and really working through all of that toxicity, I started to change and so did my body. For the first time I wanted to HEAL my body, not just fix things that were wrong. There’s a huge difference I found. Because of this, I started eating a whole foods high raw vegan diet, I started caring about myself and treating myself well, I stopped eating shit, doing drugs, and cut out toxic people or set boundaries with ones that I can’t really just cut out that easily. I swear to you with no ounce of BS, my periods naturally regulated for THE FIRST time in my entire life as a menstruating woman.

      What’s really interesting is that this past year I kind of put the healing on stop. And I didn’t really notice all of the changes until a couple weeks ago when I really started to evaluate things again. I realized my period had stopped for the past few months, I was eating unhealthy, I was having long periods of severe depression or way too high highs (the kind where you do really impulsive things). I just was disconnecting completely, body, mind, spiritually, disconnecting from friends, etc. I *just* told my therapist that I wanted to get back to working on the toxic trauma I’m still holding onto and we’re getting serious starting tomorrow.

      It’s scary and there is of course a Biological component, but biology doesn’t mean it will happen and that you can’t control it. Almost all of my PCOS symptoms lifted for a full year. The shitty things with my face started to minimize too. I don’t know if I would’ve even gotten diagnosed in that time (my sugar regulated (I don’t have diabetes but I was glucose intolerant) too). Please know that there are other women with PCOS that have found ways to naturally control it and it IS possible. In fact, there’s a woman on Youtube that just makes videos about controlling her PCOS naturally. I was at a summer festival at a farming collective and wouldn’t you know, a girl gave a class on how she’s controlled her PCOS naturally!

      Just know that while it could entail some emotional, spiritual, psychological, nutritional work and is a lot harder than just taking a pill, it’s worth it 10000000%. I hope you read this and don’t feel like just giving up and that you’re stuck with these horrible symptoms because you are not.

  60. ON | food | Rebecca Hawkes
    19 september, 2013

    […] Image Sources (From Top to Bottom, Left to Right) | Unknown, w-u-n-d-e-r, Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars from Top with Cinnamon, Urbaani Fusikka, Omega Berry Bowl from Earthsprout […]

  61. Natalie
    19 september, 2013

    So well said Elenore! I am a holistic nutrition counselor and training to be a doula, and I read this quote and really thought of you – ‘the whole point of woman-centered birth is the knowledge that a woman is the birth power source. She may need, and deserve, help, but in essence, she always had, currently has, and will have the power’. I believe we can apply this to our bodies in general and allow our natural, feminine power to do its job without hormonal interference. :)

    • ElenoreEarth
      20 september, 2013

      Dear Natalie!

      Thank you so much for sharing this quote <3 How beautifully put!
      Best of luck with your doula training, sister!

  62. Dea
    20 september, 2013

    Thank you for this post, Elenore! I was told I had PCOS when I was in high school and was prescribed the pill. I took it for three days and something inside of me (intuition!) told me to stop so I did. I never touched one again and since then (I am now 23), I have been looking for natural ways to balance my hormones. The truth is that it’s the woman psyche is the MOST important thing. Whatever is causing our hormone imbalance is hiding in our past somewhere and is causing our subconscious to send signals to the rest of the body to act a certain way. But as the body is constantly trying to repair itself, it is so so so important that we give it everything it needs to heal. And so with that in mind, I have two sources to share, one of which is truly a god sent for any type of hormonal imbalance:

    1. Dr. Schulze – an amazing organic herbalist who is absolutely obsessed with the power of nature to heal anything. He has dedicated his life to this mission and I have never come across a more knowledgable, absolutely obsessed over 100% organic and clean products, and say-it-like-it-is doctor. You will learn so much about preventative medicine from him. He has a few products that regulate women’s hormones, the one I use is Female Formula. LOVE IT. You can find him here http://www.herbdoc.com OR his blog
    at http://www.herbdocblog.com.

    2. This very interesting article on seed cycling, which is very much in tune with your blog, written by naturopathic doctor, Dr. Kristy. Here is the link http://www.dr-kristy.com/balancing-hormones-with-seed-clycling/

    I hope this helps, soul sistas!

    Much love.

    • JessiJessi
      16 december, 2015

      Hi Dea! I was reading over the comments (you wrote like 2 years ago so who knows if you’ll even get this) and I was wondering if I’d see anyone with PCOS! While I love that Elenore got the discussion going, I was diagnosed in HS too at about the same age and I was put on birth control and I had the ring. I did get my cycle, but after a couple to a few years I stopped taking it because I really didn’t like putting hormones into my body. I know that PCOS causes a hormonal imbalance and finding that balance has been difficult..I go through periods (like now) where I have no period for months, and then I’ll go through periods where my period will last a month!

      Honestly, the only thing that has helped me was once I got serious about healing past trauma. Once I started working through it, I started wanting to take care of myself and while I’ve been vegetarian since I was about 10, I’d go through periods of healthy eating and unhealthy, just like my cycles hah! So when I finally started healing that trauma, I started eating a whole foods vegan diet that was high raw and walahh..My period evened out on its own and I’d have it for about 3-5 days a month. Totally what’s considered ”average”! It felt amazing. Sadly, I sort of halted in my work that I had been doing on myself emotionally and spiritually and it’s really shown in my body. This past year I’ve gone back to those sporadic periods of eating healthy, my periods been gone for 3 months, and I’ve gained weight and my mood swings have gotten really bad with really long periods of depression.
      But I’m feeling again like I need to get back into working on that really hard stuff that got me here in the first place…I totally agree with you and can totally relate to your story Dea. I’m excited to pick up again and work the rest of this toxicity out..It’s hard though when you’ve carried it around for 10+ years!

  63. Shae
    21 oktober, 2013

    Such a wonderful & powerful post! A topic that needs serious attention in women these days. I was on the pill for 5 years, initially prescribed by my doctor to ease cramping, when I was 16 or so. Then at 21 my partner and I were hoping to start a family, but my period didn’t return for a year. After 3 months I had blood tests done and doctors assured me I was healthy and nothing to worry about. Then after a year and a half of no period, but still hoping for a positive pregnancy test, our dreams came true. Now we have a little 9 week old boy. Now I am on the hunt for natural alternatives to the pill. No way I want to take a pill each day while breastfeeding. And the pill completely drained me of feeling any natural highs or lows. Going off the pill was the best feeling, so dammmm goooood. Could see colours again. Thank you again for posting your story

  64. Kali
    29 oktober, 2013

    Congratulations on your precious little sprout!

    I really appreciate your honesty and posting a post on this topic. I am 24 and an organic farmer in California. I was on the pill (all sorts, I switched type of pill ever 6 months for almost 5 years!) trying to find one that ”worked” best and didn’t make me crazy emotional. I had an ”aha” moment last January. I realized that, how could I as a farm manager and being surrounded by delicious, sustainable vegetables could I be taking a synthetic pill everyday? So my partner and I decided we’d explore other options and definitely get me off of the synthetic mess. Over the last 8 months I have had fairly regular cycles and feel amazing emotionally, spiritually, sexually, etc. Now, my partner and I are left with a big question, what birth control method should we use? We are committed to each other, but don’t plan on having kids for five years or so.

    I’m curious if anyone reading as any input on the copper IUD? It seems like the best nonhormal/successful method (my cycles are not normal enough to do the NFP method), any thoughts anyone?

  65. Elle Griffin
    11 december, 2013

    Thank you so much lady. This message needs to go viral!! (and it so is!) So glad you were able to get pregnant so easily. Such a miracle!

  66. Fern
    18 december, 2013

    Dear Elenore,

    Thank you sincerely for your post; I really needed to read it. I was on the pill for five years but decided to stop taking it when my long-term relationship ended. I have felt so good since being off it but my period never came back. I thought that I was alone with this strange post-pill effect. It it so good to read that I am not. I think that I am a healthy person (even more so since coming off the pill), so I was puzzled about why my body hadn’t returned to a balanced state. I was especially worried about this as a few women in my family have had big issues with their reproductive systems (including cancer), so I thought that it was a sign that something was not right.

    It is only recently that my natural cycle has returned; it came back after two years and happened to coincide with meeting a really lovely and special man. Part of me thinks that this is not a complete coincidence. Our bodies really are wonderful things in tune with the world.

    Thank you again for your post. Sending love to you and your little family.

  67. Iris
    23 december, 2013

    Hi there Elenore!

    Thank you for sharing this! I work with pregnant women a lot as a doula and there pop up so many questions about hormones. This post is amazing.
    If you like reading more about it I can recommend The Woman Code by Alisa Vitti (:

    Iris Josephina

  68. Maria Balcazar
    31 januari, 2014

    Beautiful Goddess!
    thanks for the Love and the honesty… thank you being in this world and sharing your wisdom, loving your sisters (close or far) and doing what allows your Self to shine brighter every day…
    Love Love Love your way!

  69. Julia
    14 april, 2014

    Hi Elenore,

    I’m absolutely impressed by your blog and the way you write! I’m studying psychology and actually I have exams. But in my ”free of learning time” I love reading your blog!
    It’s absolutely great!

    Thank you for sharing!

    I wish you all the best,



  70. Heather
    23 maj, 2014

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on hormones. I would like to ask for further resources… After many female problems, I ended with a hysterectomy last year at the young age of 38. I still have my ovaries and therefore my body continues its own natural hormone production. However, I am concerned about maintaining this ability without chemical interference. Can you offer suggestions on blogs/sites for information that I can research? I have continued to come up empty handed on the topic.
    Best wishes and much love,

  71. Eva O' Brien
    27 december, 2014

    Elenore, this post is wonderful. I’ve been searching for months trying to find out why my period still hasn’t returned after over two years, since I stopped taking the pill. My story is very very similar to yours – like you I got my period late and was only just starting to become regular when I was (mistakenly) prescribed the pill – in my case, it was because I had an eating disorder and my periods had stopped – so there was a double hormone imbalance there anyway! I have now been fully recovered and off the pill for over eighteen months, and have been wondering what’s wrong and why my cycle hasn’t returned. I’ve resisted the idea of taking artificial hormones, feeling instinctively that there’s nothing truly ”wrong” with me. It is so good to have this affirmed by someone like you. I do believe that the best thing we can all do is to trust our bodies and allow them to tune into nature, instead of trying to ”fix” nature. Thank you. Eva.

  72. Hannah Moore
    22 januari, 2015

    Thank you so much for writing this insightful post Elenore, I first read it last year and am finally coming off birth control altogether and am so looking forward to honouring the amazing natural cycle of my body and eating foods to support and encourage it starting with this delicious breakfast recipe. You’ve inspired me to read up on how to find a completely natural hormone balance. Keep shining you’re an inspiration to me. xxx

  73. Chocolate mousse pie with peanut butter whip + pretzel crust
    16 november, 2015

    […] seven vials of my blood, and trying to convince my nurse practitioner that oral contraceptives are wildly unnatural so I’M NOT GONNA TAKE ‘EM (side note: I adore Elenore). After what felt like an […]

  74. Stephanie
    27 januari, 2016

    Dear Elenore,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s an important story to be told.

    I can add mine. I was put on the pill to ”regulate” my period when I was about 20. Given the fact that the typical pill suppresses ovulation, the question comes up what there is regular about this fake cycle. Well, a question I would ask now, but not back then, how ignorant was I.

    After years on the pill, I decide one day to go off, a good decision. I stayed off for a few years and then tried a copper IUD, to stay away from hormones. After about 6 months, I started to feel side-effects: back pain, besides the typically advertised ones like heavier and longer periods and bloatedness. It took me about another year to finally permit myself to trust the signals my body sent me and I then removed the IUD. With the IUD gone, all the side-effects disappeared too.

    And here comes the most important part of my post: in the meantime, I have learned and practice the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). I have read books about it and booked a few Skype meetings with a certified FAM instructor. With this little investment, I’m now capable of reading and interpreting the signs of my fertility. It’s the greatest of all discoveries concerning my womanhood. Every day, I know exactly where I’m at in my cycle. The sense of empowerment FAM has given me is mind blowing. Oh, had I only known about this method much, much earlier in my life.

    In sisterhood.




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