Miraculous summer crepe

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Miraculous Green Crépes w raw vanilla hemp sauce and edible flowers @Earthsprout.com

There is a little homemade sign on our front door and as I pass by every day, I read the words I believe in miracles”.

Sometimes I really need to see those words and take them to my heart but sometimes I just laugh at the obvious truth of them and get on with my rad and magical day. This story (be warned of the lovey dovey and gushy-ness) is one where miraculous explosions and heat waves of ridiculous love collide.. and finally ends up on a crepe. Makes sense, right?

I bet you’ve already met the brilliant and ever so awesome superstar Sarah of My New Roots but do you remember our shared Ecstatic Raw Chocolate post from last summer? If not, go here after you’ve read this post and you’ll end up nibbling on a choco bar that will seriously rock your socks -eh, sandals- off. Since that time, many get-togethers has followed and even if Sarah and I live in different countries it only takes us a little more then an hour (thank god) to end up crazy dancing, hugging and laughing on a random train platform in Sweden or Denmark. We’ve always known that our our brains will keep colliding (or not colliding, we’re actually pretty certain that we share brains – honestly, it’s rather creepy sometimes) but we have not found the thing that would top the Ecstatic Raw Chocolate post and the story that went with that recipe. Until now.

Apparently our shared brains and magnetic love rubbed off on another dimension as me and Fabian and Sarah and Mikkel found out we were pregnant at pretty much the same time (7 weeks apart). Whoa. So as we played around in that strawberry patch last week, filling our bowls (but mostly bellies) with red-hot berry gorgeousness, Minisprout was 30 weeks and Miniroot 23 weeks. Pretty miraculous and well manifested indeed I’d say.

Now the green gluten free crepe and vanilla infused hemp sauce that follows is just as magical. When we finally got to taking the pictures it was a little too dark, then suddenly the last rays of sun showed up from between the clouds and saved our asses (or photos). Plus, how the heck did the end result look exactly the way both of us imagined when we had that brief recipe chat over the phone the day before? Beets me, but as I walk past that sign on the door I’ll smile and remember the miracles we co-create. Cuz that’s just how we roll.

Miraculous Green Crépes w raw vanilla hemp sauce and edible flowers @Earthsprout.com

Miraculous Green Crépes w raw vanilla hemp sauce @Earthsprout.com

Fun & Fabulous Facts

Flowers, you guys. I can honestly not think of anything more ridiculously high vibe then actually eating flowers. No I have not lost my mind and gone to hippie-land (at least not completely). Edible flowers are that little extra thing that will add a new dimension to your kitchen creations. Yes, they may look all cute and fragile but they are pretty bad-ass when it comes to flavor, texture and complete uniqueness. It’s time we fall for flowers in more ways then as lovely looking in the park. Did you know that the nectar of edible flowers is packed with vitamins, minerals and macro-nutrients? Or that the petals and leaves also contain a wide array of powerful nutrients? Here is a little introduction of some of the flowers that you can safely enjoy. Now, either head to your nearest gourmet food store to get the goods (expensive & wrapped in plastic) or start foraging/ plant some seeds by your window (unbeatable & cheap). And hey! Who says you have to eat them fresh? Dry flowers and make tea or put in your own fancy skincare products!

Marigolds (tagetes variety): Comes in different shapes and sizes but are all quite peppery and adds a sensational burst of color and an impressive amount of carotenoids.
Violets: Carry the phytochemical rutin inside it’s sweet tasting petals which works wonders in our body as an antioxidant strengthening our capillary walls.
Wild roses: The distinct aromatic & dessert tasting petals are believed to relieve headaches and soar throats while the pure essential oil of rose petals are known to be hormone balancing, anti-depressant, blood cleansing and acts as an aphrodisiac.
Elderflowers: The flower that (for me) carries the pure taste of summer can actually help your digestive system and promote regularity as well as help treating sinusitis and colds. (The exceptional elderflower berries can be found in my handmade & raw Nordic Superfood Mix).
Daisys: The cutest one around! The petals does not taste much but the yellow middle of the flower does and also adds an interesting texture.
Nasturtiums: With it’s overwhelmingly spicy and mustard-like flavor, nasturtiums is amazing in savory foods and salads. These flowers contain plenty of Vitamin C and iron. Both flower, leaf, seed and stems are edible.
Borages: The flavor of this little blue fella reminds me of cucumber and feels really light and watery when eaten. Both plant and flower contains impressive amounts of Omega 3,6 & 9.
Calendulas: Has been used for centuries for their health benefits such as preventing new cancer cells to form, wound healing and eye protecting. (You can find petals of calendula in my Raw Nordic Superfood Mix).

Note: all flowers are not edible so be sure to check which ones in your garden/park or on your walk that are before you start munching away. Ps. the importance of organic goes for flowers too so only eat those that are not sprayed with pesticides.

Miraculous Green Crépes w raw vanilla hemp sauce and edible flowers @Earthsprout.comMiraculous Green Crépes w raw vanilla hemp sauce @Earthsprout.com

Miraculous summer crepe

Do not be fooled by the girly dessert-like look. These green basil crepes are insanely versatile and can easily be a part of an amazing savory meal. We filled some with freshly grilled veggies and portabello mushrooms and enjoyed as dinner with a green (+ flowery) salad. If you want to use them as wraps, simply let them lay under a fresh tea towel right after frying and they will stay very soft and pliable.

Green summer crepes
Makes 8-10 crepes
1 1/2 cup buckwheat flour
1 cup brown rice flour
2 1/2 cup water
2 cups fresh spinach
1 handful fresh basil leaves
2 tbsp virgin olive oil
1/2 tsp Himalayan salt / Celtic sea salt or other mineral rich, good quality salt
1 tsp apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp coconut oil, for frying

1. Combine the dry ingredients in a large bowl.
2. Blend water, spinach, basil, olive oil and apple cider vinegar using a high speed blender or an immersion blender until smooth. Pour over the bowl of flour and salt.
3. Combine the dry and wet ingredients thoroughly using a spatula or a wooden spoon.
4. Fry the crepes over medium heat and use a teensy amount of coconut oil before you pour batter into the frying pan. Use a spatula to make a thin round crepe.
5. Fry and flip each crepe until they have a bit of color on each of the sides, stack crepes on a plate and cover with a clean tea towel while you continue frying.

Hemp & Vanilla Sauce
1/2 cup (75 g) hemp hearts

3/4 cup water
5 large medjool dates, pitted
1 vanilla bean, scraped
a pinch of salt

1. Rinse hemp hearts well and add them to a high speed blender along with dates, salt and water. Blend until smooth and creamy. (If you do not have a high speed blender, soaking hemp seeds for 30-60 minutes prior will help soften them)1.
2. Open the vanilla bean and scrape out the seeds using a sharp knife. Add the seeds to the sauce in the blender and blend again.

Edible flowers
Basil leaves
Hemp & Vanilla sauce

Slice the fruit and berries and put onto a crepe, drizzle over the vanilla sauce using a spoon or a spritzer and add flowers and basil leaves. Remember that it does not have to be a dessert though! These crepes would for example make a perfect and easy savory picnic wrap!

Miraculous Green Crépes w raw vanilla hemp sauce @Earthsprout.com

Now I know you´re all excited to go make that flavor bomb up there, visit My New Roots to check out Sarah’s fun & fabulous insights tied to this recipe or read all about our Ecstatic Raw Chocolate (phew) but first;

What´s your miracle today? Share and spread your rock´n roll shine in the comments below!

Summer heat waves to you,

°°Elenore, Sarah + our little ones °°

Ps. See you om Instagram for all kinds of Greenylicious adventures!

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  1. Magdalen
    20 juli, 2013

    Do you think I could sub more buckwheat or some whole wheat flour for the rice flour? I’m not too fond of how it tastes.

    • ElenoreEarth
      20 juli, 2013

      I think you could definitely do that! Give it a try! Just know that the taste of rice flour in this recipe does absolutely not reach through the basil. Good luck!

  2. Chelsea
    20 juli, 2013

    I love the sound of this! Genius mama brains at work! I can’t wait to try this recipe out. I’ve been thinking about making a layered crepe cake….this may be the answer!

  3. Jobeenectar
    20 juli, 2013

    Hehehe.. On seeing Sarahs post just pop up, I get two bursts of super-crepe gorgeousness come up at once here too! Yey, love it! You to are so beautiful. Just as well its Sunday tomorrow which always means pancakes in our house! And I have a garden full of spinach, basil, strawberries and flowers too. Perfect : ) I am addicted to eating flowers at the moment! They are so abundant! (plenty for the bees too!) My miracle today has been finding my first blueberry on my plant. Yummm! Life is as perfect as that. Thank you for your wonderful recipe and words mumma-to-be xx

  4. Leah
    20 juli, 2013

    you two are BEAUTIFUL! congratulations mini sprout mama on your wedding! all crazy wonderful! blueberries are in season here. my babe and i are picking about a pint per day of juicy deep purple orbs. amazing how radiant just picked fruits are. i can feel the energy immediately in my body.

    thank you for another beautiful recipe! much love!

  5. Golubka
    20 juli, 2013

    You two are radiant! And these crepes look amazing. Sending all the love to Minisprout and Miniroot ;)

  6. Harriet
    21 juli, 2013

    Inspiring friendships are awesome – I love that vibe that you have with certain people – it always feels miraculous to me!

    And the versatility of these crepes has got me SO intrigued – love the idea of a savoury filling!

  7. Sarah B
    21 juli, 2013

    Ooooooohhhh! I love you so much. There are no words. I’ll just eat you..nom nom nom!

    your honey pot ;)

  8. A tasty love story
    21 juli, 2013

    Now I have read both of your amazing post. Currently located on perhentian Island in Malaysia and with rather sunburned butt cheeks, i still couldn’t resist krepning updates with my favourite blogs. I love love love how you describe your friendship and it is hard to resist jumping on a train as well and joining you in that glorious strawberry field. But your graditude and love to each other is amazing and makes me smile and appreciate all the magical and blooming friendships I am blessed with! Thanks for being who you are and for sharing your awesomeness with the rest of your fellow hippies and life entusiasts.
    Love always, Josephine

  9. Thess@greenattraction
    21 juli, 2013

    What a lovely post! You seem to have found each other on every level, that is so beautiful! The crepes look absolutely amazing!!

  10. Emma
    22 juli, 2013

    What beauties you both are! Your radiance honestly shines through my computer screen and makes me SMILE!! These crepes look so beautiful, and versatile like you say.
    Thanks for the info on edible flowers too, I have a lot of these in the garden :)

  11. Sasha
    22 juli, 2013

    This is such a great guide (and post)! I’ve been wondering a lot about edible flowers and this year I reserved a spot in my balcony garden for nasturtiums, but beyond these orange beauties my knowledge is pretty limited. I’ll make sure to save some room for violets next year. Any dish with violets just sounds dreamy.

    And hurray for Sarah and Eleanore collaborations! I’m looking forward to more in the future.

  12. Ally
    22 juli, 2013

    Those pictures of you two are so beautiful! And this crepe looks almost as gorgeous. High vibe flower eating sounds like the best. I have a few of those in my garden but i definitely need to plant lots more.

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  14. Ashlae
    25 juli, 2013

    Lady, pregnancy suits you so perfectly. You are stunning. And I’m loving everything about this post – so wishing we could make it up to Sweden for a visit to that sweet strawberry patch.. and to give you a big squeeze. :) XX

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  16. jj
    28 juli, 2013

    I read this post on MyNewRoots first, and after leaving a comment there, I just had to come up here to see more of fun and fabulous facts&pics&thoughts. And to leave a big smile and hug here also, since the story of you two makes me even more confident how miraculous this life is :) My miracle for today? Heading to the ”ecstatic raw chocolate” post on Sarah’s link just to find the sentence ”I will not put anything on my body if I wouldn’t eat it.” – which is something I was starting to wonder about yesterday, when my lip balm got empty. So, I am heading to a new adventure investigating ”edible” cosmetics, along with planting some more calendulas on my balcony :) Thank you both! Hugs and kisses!

  17. Emma
    28 juli, 2013

    Can’t wait to try those amazing crepes! Well done you girls! One question about the edible flowers; are all sorts of marigolds/tagetes edible, or just the tagetes tenuifolia?
    Lots of love to you both, and the offspring ;)

  18. Ivelina
    29 juli, 2013

    You two girls look glorious in that picture against the blue-green background of sky and strawberry field! Smiling and shining!
    True friendship is a blessing and just seeing you makes me happy! Keep up the creative vibe!

  19. Inês
    2 augusti, 2013

    I usually dont comment blogs but this post deserves one, because 4 amazing things:
    -first of all you inspire me.really!!! And i’m not a very easy person to impresse, but you do that every single time you post a recipe, and i would like to thank you for that!!!
    -second all my life i have been vegetarian (thanks to my wonderful mom) but a couple of years ago, since i meet sarah,s b. My new roots, and then your blog ( and after thar a bunch of them) i think I can consider myself a gourmet vegetarian, your blogs and photos an and all that opened my mind and my imagination and i know i eat better than ever and i have never been healthier!
    This post really touched me because i met a big big friend ( Ana ) through cooking, in fact we met an year ago when we went to a detox eeekend with sarah b. in lisbon, and since then we cook, laught and do everithing together. our heads are so similar that we are always saying that we are twin sisters and that we were separated at birth!!!
    Finally i really decided to write this because last night i dreamed me and Ana went to paris to a wonderful indu temple with you and sarah and we were bff’s :)) thats so funny what our brains do when we sleep, its lame, i know, but maybe thats my head saying how important all this small events contributed to my life, step by step, and how the universe its alive and awake and bring to our lives this wonderfull people at the exact moment ( even throught the net)
    Much much love for you sarah ( and mini sprout and root) <3

  20. Michelle @LALLnutrition
    19 augusti, 2013

    Omg! I love all the colours; green, pink, yellow, and they are so pretty but pack a powerful nutritional punch ;) I’m so jealous of you and Sarah B. both being pregnant, it’s truly magical and inspirational that you both are doing it in a natural and healthy way, yay! AMAZING…

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  22. Thomas
    18 januari, 2014

    First thing I noticed were the beautiful professional pictures included in the article. Very well done.

    You two seem to have a really strong and solid friendship. As some people say friendship is a real blessing.

    My mother used to be really passionate about baking and decorating cakes with a girlfriend. They loved it so much, they’ve managed to make a successfull business out of it. Unfortunately she passed away last year :(…

    You guys just seem to share that same passion and friendship which brings me back to good memories :).

    You also really got me inspired to try out the crepes recipe. It looks amazing! This will also be the first time I include flowers into a recipe. Simply can’t wait to taste it.

    I will help spread the word about including flowers in our home made recipes. I know my friends and family will love it.

    I wish you all the best. (Hopefully you understand everything i’m trying to say)

    Greetings from The Netherlands!

  23. Kathy-Lee Westergom
    30 mars, 2014

    Such a sweet post! And such AH-MAH-ZING photos!
    You two are simply wonderful together! Promise me, to never loose each-other!
    I know exactly that feeling of knowing somebody, with whom one shares their brain!
    I will never forget that ecstatic week in school in the mids of this cold, snowy winter, where my art teacher hosted an art-project-week and I met my art-soul-mate!
    As soon as she has spoken to me and we decided, despite we didn’t even knew each-other, to work together on an art-project, including every favorite element from both of us. Our picture turned out beautifully and during the process we found out oh so many similarities. I was in a desperate art-block for months (it was that worse, that I almost wanted to quit art…), but as soon as we put our brains together to plan our picture and the longer we talked to each-other, I felt my inspiration coming back!
    I am very grateful to destiny for have given me the opportunity to meet her.
    (Phew that was a lot, but I just needed to get it off my heart…)

    But I just have a teeny question to ask about the recipe-
    Could one make the batter in advance and fry them the next day? Because I could prepare all the things ahead before my spinach goes bad (which happens unfortunatly fast!) and make them tommorow for breakfast.

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  25. Lauren
    29 juli, 2014

    This is so lovely! I have yet to experiment with edible flowers, but I think I must do it soon! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Mika
    1 augusti, 2017

    I made these, and they were absolutely delicious! My brother said that they were good too. I used oat flour and almond meal in place of the buckwheat and brown rice flour. I didn’t have any dates (due to eating them all) :) and so I substituted twice the amount of dried apricots. For the vanilla hemp sauce I replaced 1/4 cup of the water with raw milk and it turned out delicious but had a nasty aftertaste :( However, the fruit and flavor of the crepes masked the aftertaste of the sauce and the result was a beautifully yummy crepe! Thanks, Elenore! And, as always beautiful blog! My family has buckets of local organic strawberries that we are looking to use, do you think you could create a treat using those? If so, that would be amazing!


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