Juicy cleanse shots – Red hot!

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We’re off on our honeymoon and so I won’t be posting full articles with the ”Fun & Fabulous Facts”-section these weeks. (Looking forward to writing an ”Earthsprout vegan wedding post” for ya’ll when I get back).

Married. Tasting the word.. letting it play on my tongue, feeling the means of it. I feel expansion, I feel excitement and a greater sense of connecting. Not only with that gorgeous groom of mine but also with myself and little (or not so little anymore) minisprout in my belly. First and foremost I feel like there is someone punching me (gentle reminder, universe?) at times when I disappear into the future/possible future, and yes, I tend to do that a lot.

A great teacher reminded me at the beginning of this week that the most precious thing I can do is to work with the things that are actually here and to create with the now rather then structuring or worrying about possible scenarios. Not that dreaming is bad but I often lean into trying to figuring out all the equations around that dream (…and here comes the stress hormones). That, my friends, is so not hot. Especially not during a honeymoon.

Practice. Punch. Practice. Punch. Practice aaaand I feel my entire being go ahhhhh. I feel Me aligning with Myself and with that which is to be Now. The golden red hot reward and love is in the doing/allowing and not in the destination. I’m holding hands with the center of the universe (and Fabian) and trusting. Laughing my head off at the cinemas yesterday helped too. ”Despicable me 2”, you guys. Hilarious, tehe..


Juicy cleanse shots

Not feeling like having a summer tequila shot race? Here is your substitute! It’s spicy, it’s cleansing, it’s refreshing and it’s celebratory. In short, it’s a red hot shot. Cheers!

1 cucumber
4 mid sized beet roots
1/2 fresh chili (you can add the other half if you are feeling particularly in the zone today)
2 green apples
2 lemons

1. Rinse all the fruits and vegetables (scrub the beets) but since you are using organic produce there is no need for peeling (and loose fiber and nutrition).
2. Cut the ingredients in pieces that will fit your juicer.
3. Juice away!
4. Pour the juice into a glass jar/bottle, add a handful of ice cubes and serve.


Do you also tend to lean into planning/structuring mode instead of releasing and allowing? Hey! Let me know about your awesome tricks to get back in the zone! Secret reveling time in the comments below..

Red hot love,

Elenore + minisprout (kicking a hard hi)


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