Pregnancy, Glowing? Really? Workshop in Lisbon

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I am writing this due to the enormous amount of questions I have received regarding pregnancy and nutrition. I know this might be exciting for some but for others not so much and that’s totally ok. (I love you unconditionally either way).


I’m thrilled to announce that wonderful Casa Vinyasa in Lisbon and Earthsprout has teamed up to present a totally fabulous and sensational workshop for pregnant ladies the 25th of May.

Under the Portuguese sun we will bask in the sweetness of prenatal yoga, gorgeous food and natural nutrition tailor made for this special times.

The ups and downs, do’s and dont’s of these 9 intense months can be pretty crazy and sometimes nerve wrecking. Let’s meet in a sonic boom of love for all you babymakers out there and support one another with precious knowledge and inspiration.

See you behind the sunglasses in the Portuguese sunshine. (Seriously, I even bought a new pair;)


Glow & Grace,


Pregnancy Power


Yoga, Natural Nutrition and Fabulous Food for Your
Glowing and Gorgeous Pregnancy

w Elenore Bendel Zahn & Stephanie Birkholz

Lisbon, 25th of May

I seriously cannot wait to meet you there so RSVP asap by sending your sparkling request to


°°Elenore + minisprout°°
Ps. Is your sister/friend/relative/honey or history teacher growing a baby? If so, please send them this info and give them the opportunity to breathe some Lisbon air and breathe the gorgeousness of pregnancy powered knowledge.


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  1. Stephanie
    10 maj, 2013

    Oh how I wish I could go to this! Is there any chance you could do a recap here, or a post answering some of those questions you’re receiving. I’d be curious about nutrition pre conception and during pregnancy! Thanks :)

  2. C
    11 maj, 2013

    Awe, this makes me wish I was pregnant (even though I’m not currently in a relationship, ha. But one day, when it is time). Your beauty radiates. I may not comment much (plus my email goes back androgen between two of them depending on what I’ve used last, heehee), or have a blog sharing my life so you don’t know me or much about me but through your sharing you let us into a glimpse of your world, your journey… Your beautiful path of challenges and truth and beauty. And through that I feel a connection on my side. It brings me so much joy to see your growing beauty, the beautiful gift of life, the natural amazing goddess powers of growing and holding beautiful souls that journey here. I’m sure this workshop will be amazing and informational and I send so many blessings. Hopefully something like this is available when I am one day pregnant. The connections of sisterhood is powerful.

    Much love and golden radiating blessings.

  3. C
    16 maj, 2013

    I think for some reason my comment didnt post after i hit submit, maybe i clicked something wrong, if it did and this is a repeat I apologize.

    I hope my above comment didn’t come across as weird. I was just thinking about it and thought it might sound weird. What I meant was, I know I would like to have kids some day in the future, and when I do I would hope something like this is available. I think giving birth is a beautiful thing and I would want to make sure I was taking care of myself properly. I think it is wonderful that you’re doing this. Also, the power of sisterhood, of women supporting each other is amazing. So more power to you :).

    Have a beautiful day.

  4. Alicia Cumming
    19 juni, 2013

    @C: if you get updates on comment responses, know you were not weird-oh Gosh. but even if you were, it came from a place of happy feelings.

  5. C
    21 juni, 2013

    Awe thanks Alicia. Definitely a happy place. I have been In a serious relationship and have contemplated pregnancy. I am definitely one of those women who know they want kids and it is awesome to know there are women out there supporting each other during that time. I’d like to think that would be an option when the day comes that I too am pregnant. Now is so not the time, ha. But in the future I know it will be and it is definitely a happy thought.

    Many blessings to you


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