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| Happy birthday to mee, happy birthday to the Nordic Superfood babyy |

You know those thoughts and ideas that come crashing into your sphere so hard that you almost fall over? They are like uncut diamonds that with the right amount of love, care and attention can turn into something so brilliant it will both blind you and have the possibility to inspire something in this world. Not the lala-woho sort of inspiration. No, the kind that makes hearts shift and real change take place.

The Nordic Superfood Mix was and is like that for me.

Many years had passed since I started venturing into the world of Raw Food and just like any new-born and super enthusiastic health nut, I learned about (and bought) all kinds of superfoods from all over the planet. The harder to pronounce the better. ”He Shou Wu”, ”Mesquite”, ”Shilajit” – awesome, sounds like life changers, hit order.

But then.. oh boy.. Gardening took my life by storm. The more time I spent outside and the more nutritional knowledge I could connect to the things that grew, something was awakened. A stirring, a big bang.. a.. a..loud voice; (imagine me yelling now)

”Why aren’t Nordic superfoods crazy glamorous and desirable!? Huh!? Huh!?”

The nutritional value of all greens and berries that surrounded me was insanely high and their medicinal benefits had been documented (and used) for centuries. The biggest part of the “discovery” was that these superheroes actually grew at my feet and all I wanted was to open other people’s eyes to the gold that we can find right.where.we.are.

It was obvious what I had to do; something.

It didn’t take long until that ”something” turned into ”a Nordic superfood mix” and so the adventure began.

From gardening school to Andalusia and Sweden again, late night in front of InDesign, harvesting times a million and then, bam – the first sample from the printers.. Whoa. If anyone had told me it would take this long I don’t know if I would have done it again. KIDDING! I would – a thousand times over.


Now, ladies, gents and all fabulous people, here we are. It’s the 10th of February 2013 – my birthday (yaaay!), the New Moon, the Chinese New Year AND the long awaited LAUNCH of the Nordic Superfood Mix.

This exclusively handpicked (by me on organic, Swedish, wild grounds) product has a wide range of benefits (read about them HERE) and last but not least, the Nordic Superfood Mix is produced based on Raw Food principles meaning the nutritional value is as intact as it could possibly be.

I’d be so honored if you head over HERE, celebrate with me and hit order (world wide shipping). Devour the Nordic Superfood Mix in your juice, smoothie, on top of your avocado toast or sprinkled on your breakfast (yes, the sky is the limit). Let it seep into your system where not only will it mean a major health and beauty boost, it will also inspire you to go check out what you can find in your own backyard.

Let’s sprout some harvesting nerds, let’s shine and let’s give that Greenylicious revolution a grand kick-start. Be a part of it now. Be a part of it HERE.




I am sure The Nordic Superfood Mix will continue to evolve but the most important things are already there. It’s based on a dream, it’s a labor of love, boy does it make you glow (and it will look damn pretty in your kitchen).

Alkalizing and antioxidant power to the people! (That’s YOU!). So see you at the shiny new BOUTIQUE and let’s celebrate!

With so much love, giddy joy and appreciation