Butter me up (Raw vegan smoky buttter)

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Adventures, structure and butter that boosts

What on earth do those words have in common…? Eehh, maybe not much but they just flew out of my fingers and onto the screen. All right, words. You can stay even if you make very little sense. OR do they really? I think I have a story that suits.. Keep reading

I was a little structure loving lady. Not in the sense that my room was tidy or my clothes matched (oh no) more like, I felt most secure when the outer reality did not change much. Yes, my parents are divorced, psychoanalyst. Plus. I loved bread. Bread, butter and ham or cheese. Spreading butter over a slice of bread was like a ritual to me, something I apparently have inherited from my father. I painted the whole wheat canvas and carefully made sure that it was smooth and very evenly done. 1 slice each morning along with the plain yoghurt & muesli and one sandwich (ehh, ok more like 4) after school.

I still LOVE making beautiful sandwiches (and messy structure) even though the things I put on my bread has changed slightly…

First there was the change of butter when the whole family went traveling around Mexico when I was 13 years old. The butter we bought tasted like it had gone really bad so my mom came up with the brilliant idea to spread avocado over our sandwiches. GENIUS! That one stuck and last year I started to make this sensationally tasty avocado butter that I want to share with you today.

No need to say that the ham and cheese got the boot some years ago too..? Neeh, did’nt think so. Awesome vegan sandwiches for a happy earth and body. Yeah!

Fun & Fabulous Facts

Many people are still recovering from the fat-free mania (or still are in the fat-free crazy place). Here is one big factoid for you all. Fat is kinda awesome and you really do need fat to live and function properly. If you go ahead and feed your body poor quality fats then that’s what’s gonna build your body and brain. Who wants a poor quality brain? Not me! So I opt for avocado, seeds, nuts and fattylicous plantbased stuff to get my fabulous fats. Fat from darling animals in the factory farming hysteria is not for Greenylicious Hot’n Healthy ladies & gents. Oh no.

A ripe Avocado on the other hand can be a true ticket to heaven. I believe that when I stayed in Bali for a few months and had local avocados and cacao beans my body loved me the most. These babes have so much greatness in them it’s insane! For starters, if you have a ripe avocado around then you have a meal. Just throw in whichever greens and sprouts and you are good to go. The boost of top quality fats, fiber, phytonutrients, E vitamins, B vitamins and minerals makes it a great choice especially for women that are pregnant or wish to get pregnant. Avocado lowers the ”bad” cholesterol and therefore keeps the heart and arteries healthy. Adding some avocado to your salads also helps your body to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins. Even though this one is a nutrition power house you probably should not eat 3 á day so consume it in moderation, as with all kinds of food.

 And if you don´t want to eat it, just pair it with coconut oil and make a hair mask.
Conclusion: Always have a ripe avocado around.

Raw vegan smoky butter

I considered naming this one ”raw vegan protein butter” since it’s loaded with complete protein from the sprouted quinoa. When I make it I store it in the fridge (for no more than 2 days) and use as dip, dressing or butter. This time around I grabbed a few baby carrots from the garden and paired with the smoky butter it was the most perfect afternoon snack. You are very welcome to do the same but be prepared for the complete and utter perfection of texture and flavor combination.

1 large ripe avocado
1/2 cup sprouted quinoa* (1dl)
8 sun dried tomatoes
2 tbsp soaking water from the tomatoes
1/2 tsp smoked paprika powder

*Sprouted Quinoa
Rinse the quinoa thoroughly and then soak it overnight. In the morning put it in a strainer and rinse them 2-3 times a day for two days. Ready! Store in the fridge for no more than 2 days. Add to salads, veggie burgers and other yummy things.

1. Soak the sun dried tomatoes in 1 cup of water for at least 1 hour (save 2 tbsp of the soaking water for the recipe.
2. Cut the avocado in halves and scoop out with a large spoon into a blender.
3. Add the tomatoes, soaking water, smoked paprika to the blender as well. Blend.
4. Add the quinoa and eat in whatever way suits you best. If you spread it over a slice of bread, remember my rule. Treat it as a canvas;)

I guess I did find a way to make ”Adventures, Structure and Butter that Boosts” fit together and tell you a little story at the same time.

Now, I’d really love to hear about the weird healthy stuff you put on your sandwich! Spread your genius in the comments below!

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