Raw Harvest Algae Salad & Being Weird

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That weird, too passionate altruist

who plans to save the world. Who?

Oh my.. you should have met me some 10 years ago. In school I was the one discussing polluted oceans, the horror of banana plantations and inventing ”religions” where past lives and living in the heart were central. No one could argue I did´nt have passion. But I would have traded it any day to feel like I fit in. Keep reading…




I was never an outsider (or?!), I really enjoyed hanging out with the people in school and I have been blessed with wonderful crazy amazing friends. But I have always been older then my age, no argument there. When everyone started drinking at 14 I was so shocked that they really wanted to do that to themselves. Meanwhile I was reading books on spirituality and making chocolate cakes with my sister (Much like now but the cakes are raw this time). Sure, later on I had my insane clubbing- & sneaking out -period (ohhhh, fun times!).




I feel like over the past years I’ve started to catch up with myself (or my age is starting to catch up). I’ve found a way to move through life with all fabulous parts of myself welcomed and present, plus everyday we learn something new about them.

And what about the weird altruist who wants to save the world? Oh, she is SO present and super excited to have found a way (and a community) to actually work with those passions and save the world one recipe at a time.

Yes, I realize I am talking about myself in third person. Go with it…






Fun & Fabulous Facts

Today I feel like writing a love letter to the waters of this planet. Totally magical and pretty damn necessary for the survival of, well everything. So here I go.

”Dear waters of the earth, let me be on your side.

I admire your strength, your never ending love of life and your powerful yet soothing movements. You are a miracle worker, a superhero and the bravest one I have ever known. You have carried me for so long, now let me carry you for a while. Let me stand up tall and take your side. Let me give you all my love. Let me give you all my love just as you have do


ne for the earth over millions and millions of years. It is time. I promise you this. I will carry you.”

With this promise in mind, I will tell you something WACKY.



Over the past decades our longing of living ”well” has put us in a really tricky situation. We raced so fast from agriculture to agribusiness that we forgot the word ”quality”. We wanted so bad to measure the success of society based on how much food there were. We got there. We got to the other side with subsidized hamburgers and fries but are we happier? healthier? Let me tell you what. The waters are definitely NOT happier or healthier as a direct result of our agribusiness obsession.

If we keep going on the way we are. The oceans will die. Literally. It´s already happening. An enormous part of the Mexican gulf is now a so called ”dead zone” where pretty much no lifeforms can exist. These zones are found all over the earth and If you were to fly over one you would see it´s complete blackness. I have t


o admit that the first I saw one of those pictures on Google (head over there after reading this) my tears welled up immediately. It is said that certain plane routes are actually being changed because governments does not want us to see the dead zone


s first hand. Scary, eh? But why do these zones exist you might ask? Well, it´s simple really.




Toxic loads coming from agribusiness, factory farming and pharmaceuticals leaks straight to the waters of the earth. Our idea of living well have resulted in the death of oceans and we have turned the water into a place for dumping things we don´t want to see. We grow food with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and all other wonderful things (note the sarcasm) and after spraying this poison over plants and earth, it goes directly into our oceans and causes nutrient enrichment. The nutrient enrichment then cause an insane amount of toxic aquatic growth. When the aquatic plants naturally decays, all oxygen is used for the process = no oxygen left for fish, sea shells and all other darlings very much needed for a thriving eco-system. Tadaa – a dead zone is made.


So have a look in your kitchen, are there mostly conscious vegan whole foods? Then good job. You´ve voted for thriving oceans.

Note on good algae: Natural algae cleans the waters of the earth so if grown in a toxic place it contains a lot of those nasty things. Therefore it´s crazy important to buy algae from a trusted company and always organic. I am SO for adding algae to your everyday diet and supporting healthy waters for them to grow in. Note: The sea spaghetti in the pictures are good guys. Promise.


Raw harvest & algae salad

I focused on the yummy creamy algaes for this recipe (insanely tasty and easy to make) then I went out to the veggie garden and harvested that which was available. Weather or not you go to the veggie garden or the supermarket. Grab the greens in season and they will work perfectly!

Creamy sea spaghetti – 2 servings

30 g dry sea spaghetti (or algae of choice).
1/2 avocado
1/2 lemon, juice & zest
1 tsp light Miso
1 stalk celery
1/2 tsp salt
1 pinch chili
1 tbsp Tamari

1. Rinse the sea spaghetti thoroughly and then soak in clean water for at least 2 hours (put them in a bowl of water in the morning and they will be ready for either lunch or dinner).
2. Rinse the sea spaghetti thoroughly again.
3. Mix the rest of the ingredients preferably using a handblender.
4. Massage the creamy sauce into the sea spaghetti and let it marinate for at least 30 minutes (preferably more).

Glorious greens

1 yellow apple cucumber
1 large fistful of sugarsnaps
3 large fistful of Mache salat
2 beet roots, thinly sliced
some calendula flowers

Prepare the vegetables and arrange with the marinated creamy sea spaghetti on two plates. Drizzle with good quality olive oil and toasted sesame seeds (optional).

So, honey – now it´s up to us. Are you willing to make the same promise I just did and care for the waters of the earth?! I certainly hope so! We can be weird altruists together!

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Did you know about the Dead Zones of the Oceans? If so, have you seen them?

Huge amounts of LOVE!





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