Rawsome Plum Tarts w Hot Ginger Glaze

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What? When? Where?

Oh you´re SO sneaky!

My morning run/walk has had a change of scenery. The heavy wet morning dew of fall makes the world seem magical (although I already know it is) and the sit-ups in the grass are pretty impossible to do if I don´t want to consider that my shower. A few days ago on my way back home I saw something that led to a CRAZY-dance outburst. Read on…

Oh you should have seen me.. All sweaty and joyful, hanging out in my little forest world. That´s when I spotted our plum tree and…wait for it… there were plums! I get that doesn´t seem wierd at all, but you should know that during springtime I kept a close loving eye on that plum tree but it NEVER got any flowers. Booo. So when I saw those big, purple plump plums I had a bigtime crazy-dance moment.

I have no idea how those fruits came to life but I sure treated them as the miracles they were. I guess it is a pretty darn good lesson. If you send something all your love and attention, it can seem as if nothing is happening but after a little while the evidence of that love starts to pop up in your reality. Just like the plums. So, LOVE and believe in miracles. Got it?

Now let´s pair the plums with ginger to spice things up a bit…

Fun & Fabulous Facts

I have to say that I have a love affair with pretty much all natural foods. I mean, seriously – how can they all be so freaking great, Right? Ginger is certainly one of them and I get that to some it may seem like a wierd root or simply too strong in it´s flavor. But I think it rocks!

I remember the first time I saw ginger actually growing (not so exotic though as I was in a greenhouse in Scotland but still…) I thought it was tres cool! That chubby little root, I was so accustomed to buy packaged in the supermarket was right there, deep down in a huge pot. Have you ever had that experience when you understand how a fruit, vegetable or other, really grow?! Mother Earth – I bow to thee, you amaze me Every.Single.Day!

Did you know that ginger was listed as a taxable produce by the Romans in 200 AD (wow!) and that 50% of all Auyurvedic and Chinese remedies include some form of ginger. As you can see we´re not talking about some little unimportant thing here. This root (or it is actually rhizomes) is known first and foremost for it´s anti-inflammatory properties and those are no joke. Ginger even destroys many intestinal parasites (so pair it with honey as we will today and you have your own antibiotic). Ginger helps to detoxify the skin, bowels & kidneys and it treats colds, relieves headaches and nausea/sickness. All and all, this one is a keeper.

I use fresh ginger almost everyday for my Greenylicious Super Smoothie #GSS and also love the powdered ginger (which is more concentrated and warming) in my daily Golden Detox Drink #GDD. This way I get an immense amount of health boosting properties in the form of pure deliciousness. There really is no other way when it comes to raw, pure and whole foods.

Raw Plum tarts w Ginger glaze

Do you ever find yourself craving a warming and comforting treat and don´t believe you can find it in the Raw world? Then this is THE right recipe for you. Making the plum tarts took me about 10 minutes and I even managed to take a few snapshots while creating them. Be prepared for a pretty insane flavor trip.

 Cookie dough (base) – makes 10 mid-sized rounds

1 cup flax flour (use a coffee grinder to make it)
1.5 cup coconut flour (use shredded and then grind as above)
2-3 tbsp pure water
15 mid-sized dates, pitted
2 pinches Himalayan salt
1/2 pure vanilla

1. Grind the flax seeds and shredded coconut using a coffee grinder or high speed blender.
2. Add all ingredients to a food processor and mix until a ball of dough is formed.
3. Use a rolling pin to flatten the dough and then use a glass to make the rounds (as seen on the picture above).
4. Put the rounds in the freezer while making the glaze and preparing your plums

Ginger/Honey Glaze

2 tbsp finely grated (& peeled) fresh ginger
2 tbsp firm honey (unpasteurized & raw)

1. Squeeze the juice out of the grated ginger into a jar or small bowl (you can use the fibers to flavor a soup tomorrow)
2. Add the Honey to the jar and whisk using a fork until liquid.


Cut your miraculous plums and remove the pit. Arrange them onto the cookie dough rounds, put on small plates and drizzle with the glaze.

Now, let´s make a deal. In the comments below, write down 1 thing that you´re going to put your loving attention towards and then watch miraculously come to life in your reality.

Keep loving and you´ll see the evidence of it everywhere!

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