Raw Cheezy Spaghetti and Rebelling (+B12)

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”I don´t care, I love it!”

I rarely listen to the radio but lately I have not been able to keep away from this song (Icona pop – I love it). It leaves me jumping around feeling all rebellious and passionate at the same time. Those to together can make things happen for sure. Keep on reading..

Aren’t there times when you want to leave that smart, spiritual book, forget your yoga clothes in some far away corner, grab a pair of silly sunglasses, a glass of champagne and go rock the world. hard. I do.

These past weeks (or should I say years?) have been intense. A lot has happened, not only to me and my life but to the entire planet it seems. The energies are spinning so fast and impulses are manifesting right in front of our cute noses. Exciting and thrilling, yes. But also a bit exhausting. I have realized that lately the gap between my structured, cool, entrepreneur-self and my insane, firey goddess-self has been too wide and THAT needs to be addressed. ASAP. I´m not sure in what way I´ll be doing it yet but I´m certain that I have found an interesting step to climb. A step that will take me somewhere absolutely amazing.

I started off by visiting Tivoli in Copenhagen with Fabian and rode roller coasters until it was dark out. We ate lots of liquorice (no, not the raw kind), fruity smoothies and played around laughing. I did not think of future posts, books or goals. Life gave, gave and gave.

So I thought ”I DON´T CARE – I LOVE IT!”

Fun & Fabulous Facts

The most common question I get asked is ”if you only eat vegan foods, where on earth do you get your protein?”. Easy. Legumes, greens, grains, superfoods, an occasional egg etc etc. After that Q comes ”ok, how do you get enough of vitamin B12?”. Let me tell you a little interesting vitamin story (will apply to plant-eaters and animal-eaters alike). The B12-story is very complex so my goal is simply to give you the largest pieces of the puzzle today.

You know microorganisms? The teeny tiny things hanging around all over. Well, there are some sweet microorganisms in the earth that produce a vitamin called B12. This means that when this vitamin is found in animal products, leafy greens, seaweed and traditionally fermented foods, it is because they contain these vitamin b12 producing bacteria. The problem is that large part of our world is so insanely clean that bacteria have no chance of existing in it. We have sterile greenhouses instead of our own vegetable gardens and large tempeh producing facilities instead of a small Chinese family company. Things has gone so far away from our traditional way of producing food that lack of bacteria (B12 deficiency) is a common health issue.

Now I´m not saying that clean is all bad, of course the modern way of handling food and hospitals have helped many lives. But when people do not even know that vitamin B12 starts off in the earth – not inside animals, then ”clean” has gone too far I say.

Over the years there have been many arguments on weather or not micro algeas contain real vitamin B12 or only B12 analogues. Testes now indicate that it´s mostly analogues and that we should not be relying on spirulina, chlorella and other micro-algaes as a complete vitamin B12 source. Nutritional yeast (which is the royal ingredient of this cheezy recipe) does not have large amounts of B12 analogues and is a good source of real vitamin B12. Make sure you buy top quality nutritional yeast produced specifically as food supplement (some of the cheaper kind does not even contain vitamin B12 and is only a by-product of the brewing industry).

Today vegetarians and vegans are advised to supplement vitamin B12 even if they occasionally eat egg/yoghurt/cheese or meat. (No worries, there are 100% vegan B12 supplements as well). Some vegans firmly believe that we can get enough B12 from our own production in our colon, fruit and vegetables that have not been furiously cleaned before eaten, from seaweed and fermented foods (miso, tempeh, sauerkraut, sourdough bread e.t.c.). However, since there are so many cases of deficiency (particularly among vegan kids) I myself take B12 supplements. I incorporate both good quality B12 supplements and eat a healthy diet loaded with the B12 boosting foods listed above and this choice works well for me.

There are some things that deplete the body of B12 and are very much worth keeping in mind. Birth control pills, antibiotics, chronic illness and stress are some of those factors. Alcohol, cigarettes, coffee and other intoxicants also makes the absorption of B12 difficult.

All right, sorry for the tres long ”Fun & Fabulous Facts” but I felt it was time to straighten out some question marks and sometimes a few more words are needed to do so.

Raw Cheezy Spaghetti

When I eat this Raw pasta it always feel like I am cheating a bit. With it´s creamy and cheezy texture and flavor this dish is pretty much the mac`n cheese of the Raw world (nasty, eh?). So I thought it suitable for this post. In the spirit of summery rebellion, I give you the raw cheezy spaghetti complete with tons of flavor and nutrition (ok.. not so nasty).

Spaghetti for 2-3 ppl

2 medium sized zucchinis

1. Peel the zucchini and make spaghetti using either a spiralizer (FUN!), potato peeler or a julienne peeler.

Cheezy sauce

4 tbsp nutritional yeast
1 clove garlic, minced

1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp freshly cracked black pepper
2 tsp maple syrup
3 tsp tamari
5 tbsp tahini
1/2 tsp ground dried turmeric
4 tbsp water

1. Put all ingredients in a a high speed blender or use a hand blender.
2. Mix until a creamy consistency, spoon over the zucchini spaghetti and blend thoroughly.


Top  the bowl of spaghetti with hemp hearts, cracked black pepper, nutritional yeast and eat with fresh tomatoes and some basil leaves. Simple yet rebellious!

It would be so great to hear how YOU keep a good amount of rebellious energy in your life! Roller coasters, ”unnecessary” novels or all night long dancing?

Do give me your insights in the comments below or over at Facebook and Twitter.

See you around in the Earthsprouty world!

Sources: Healing with whole foods, Paul Pitchford, North Atlantic Books 2002

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