THE Greenylicious Super Smoothie (#GSS)

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Meet my Go-to, Guru & Gorgeous lover – The GSS

If you have ever seen my instagram feed (@elenoreearth) well, then you know how obsessed I am with the Greenylicious Super Smoothie. This baby truly is a magical one and now I´m hoping to rub some of it´s green greatness onto all of you, pure hearted superheroes.

The Green smoothie have been my not-so-secret beauty/healthy/zippy energy-weapon for a long time. Even if it has changed costume details over the years depending on season and situation, the base always remained the same (gloriously green). It has been created using both hand blenders and powerful Vitamixers and the result is always bliss. By ”bliss” I mean the Woopedihooo-cellular-bounce-high-on-life sort of bliss. The GSS supercharges my own (and others) passion, vitality, playfulness and all kinds of hot´n healthy things every day. Did I mention it´s very addictive? Ok, I think you got that…

 Fun & Fabulous Facts

Let´s get you in on all the goodies of the GSS (aka your new fave accessory). The Greenylicious Super Smoothie is smack-packed with dark leafy greens and if you have been hanging around in the veggie community lately you know that those darlings should be brought home. ASAP. Leafy greens are not only very yummie, they are also miracle workers giving you an extra hand in the health, energy and beauty department. And we all want that, right?

The wide spectrum of amino-acids (let me hear you say p-r-o-t-e-i-n), minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, chlorophyll and enzymes will give your fabulous body heaps of strength and happy cells. The cellular walls of the leafy greens however, has to be broken down for our body to assimilate all nutrients. That´s where the blending comes in. Sure, you could go ahead and chew 3 cups of fibrous greens every morning but I bet you don´t have the time it takes to chew long enough for the cellular walls of the plants to break down. So for us to be able to get the greatness of the vegetables, we need to bring forth our blenders (or juicers).

When living in this high-speed world where loads of toxins enter our body every day, it´s important with ongoing cleansing and alkalizing routines. When bringing the GSS into your everyday life you have come a long way in both of those departments. The Greenylicious Super Smoothie is not only filled with all nutrients (and alkaline properties) listed above, it´s also crazy loaded with fiber. Fiber collects the toxins and away they go. The result? A clean digestive tract, glowing skin, shining eyes and a satisfied full tummy (among others). You in? HELL´S YEAH!

Greenylicious Super Smoothie

This recipe makes approximately 2 servings (plus toppings and add-ins if you like).  The GSS will last for about 2 days in the fridge (in a glass jar with lid on). Another alternative is to make a huge batch and freeze, then leave a jar to thaw in the evening and next morning you sprinkle some yummy stuff onto it and you´re good to go! Remember this: organic is awesome.

2 servings

1 cup cold, pure water
3 cups of roughly chopped mixed leafy greens*
1/2 avocado
1 banana
1 apple/pear or other fruit.
1.5 tbsp freshly peeled & minced ginger
3 tbsp lemon juice
pinch of pure vanilla
pinch of powdered Stevia/4 drops of Stevia concentrate
The peel of 1/4 lemon (frozen after the Golden Detox Drink)

1. Prepare all ingredients and blend. That´s it!

*Kale, Beet greens, sprouts, shoots, spinach, swiss chard, collard greens, parsley, dandelion, purslane, romaine, lettuce, argula (to name a few). It´s important to vary your choice of leafy greens. You want all kinds of different nutrients/benefits and it´s not a very good idea to stick to only spinach for 2 years. Just sayin.


NEWBIE? Great greens for getting used to the Greenylicious super smoothie are: spinach, mache, romaine and iceberg lettuce. Adding some ice cubes at the end will increase the yummyness, plus the cold will help you get used to the flavor.

I have A LOT to thank the Greenylicious Super Smoothie for and once you start blending away, you will too.

I would LOVE to hear all about your green adventures! Have you ever met the Green Smoothie, if so, which greens do you prefer?

Tell me in the comments below or hop on over to Facebook and Twitter.

See you in the Earthsprouty crowd! We´ll recognize each other by both the green jars and moustaches.


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  1. ashar
    8 augusti, 2012

    Oh me, oh my! This looks divine and about to skip into town for my midweek market run. Very serendipitous indeed opening this before I leave.

  2. Lauren at The Holy Kale
    8 augusti, 2012

    Finally!!! You have been luring us along for so long now I feel as though I have already tasted it! I just bought a ginormous amount of buckwheat, so i will be off to making some tasty granola to put right on top. There is something so satisfying about eating your smoothie. Especially when its a GSS!!
    MUCH Love!!!

    • ElenoreEarth
      8 augusti, 2012

      You.are.the.cutest.ever<3 I am so happy to hear you like the post, Lauren! The granola will be perfect for this!

  3. Kristin
    9 augusti, 2012

    We have your greenylicious smoothie a la your Basic Bible every second morning…I have two out of three children loving it…and working on the third :-)

    • ElenoreEarth
      12 augusti, 2012

      Kristin, I am SO happy hear this! Yeah, it may take some time for the taste buds of children to get used to it.. but once they do.. ah, bliss!

  4. ElenoreEarth
    12 augusti, 2012

    Hi Bonnie!

    It´s a real good question and with many different answers. What I have learned and stand by (based on my own and clients experiences) Mixing RAW fruits (not melon) and RAW vegetables makes it more all right then mixing them cooked (can even enhance the digestion rate of one another.) Also, the blending makes things easier for our sweet digestive system.

    Happy blending!

  5. Prue Elenore
    13 augusti, 2012

    Oh Good Golly Miss Molly, i was a little hesitant making this for my family this morning not sure who would enjoy its healthy goodness, but wow 3 out of 4 drank that down requesting more!! it was beautiful!! thank you for your inspiration and passion. your website is gorgeous and oh so uplifting. keep shining our earthy angel xx

    • ElenoreEarth
      15 augusti, 2012

      Uh, dear! Wow! I´m so grateful for your incredible words!.. and how amazing to hear that your family liked the GSS too <3 Yay!
      Thank you thank you thank you!

      Lots of smiles!

  6. Cara // Ultra Inspired
    14 augusti, 2012

    I LOVE this! Am a huge fan of my morning green smoothie but all too often get stuck using the same ingredients. Super keen to mix it up with suggestions from your add-ins and toppings. Thanks for sharing lovely lady x

    • ElenoreEarth
      15 augusti, 2012

      Hi, Cara!

      Yeah, somethimes all you need is some new add-ins to spice things up!
      Best of luck, pretty lady;)

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  8. Petra
    16 augusti, 2012

    Det ser fantastiskt ut! Tyvärr får jag bara tag på dyr babyspenat i färdiga påsar. Var får du bladgrönsakerna? Odlar du dem själv eller köper du dem nånstans? :)

    • ElenoreEarth
      17 augusti, 2012

      Hej Petra!
      Ett tips är att se dig om efter en grönsaksodlare i din närhet (eller kanske en ekoaffär som säljer mer varierat grönt).
      Jag odlar mycket själv men under vinterhalvåret får jag förlita mig på grönsaksmarknader mestadels.
      Just nu finns det mycket av ALLT grönt och billigt är det också. Så kika runt och se om du kan ta en sväng till en odlare.
      Lycka till <3

  9. Chris
    17 augusti, 2012

    Hello Elenore, beautiful creations as usual! I have a somewhat unrelated question for you – I have been attempting to make the grissinis you created for Golubka, which so far has been a frustrating experience to say the least. I’ve unbaked them for literally 36 hours in my dehydrator, yet they won’t crisp up! Am I doing something wrong? Or are they supposed to be more chewy than crunchy?

    Thank you so much for everything you do, lovely!


    • ElenoreEarth
      19 augusti, 2012

      Hi Chris!

      Thank you so much for those lovely words! The Grissinis should be just a bit soft on the inside but certainly crisp on the outside..
      It´s hard to say what could have gone wrong since I´m not there to see them but I do hope they are at least tasty!
      Loads of good luck!

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  11. Alyx
    30 september, 2012

    You are a Swedish wonder woman! I was filled with green inspiration and made this for me and my lover. He was a little hesitant but absolutely loved it and so did I. It was like summer freshness in my mouth. I’m from Australia but am now living in Sweden and I think this amazing concoction might just get me through another Swedish Winter. From now on Earthsprout is very close to my heart. Tack så mycket! x

    • ElenoreEarth
      2 oktober, 2012

      Sweet sweet darling, Alyx! YOU are a Swedish wonder woman too for sure! I am beyond blissed out over the fact that both you and your man loved the GSS.
      We sure do need those doses of green sunshine to get through the winter. All will be well and Greenylicious!
      Thank you so much for spreading your fairy love here! So blessed to have you visiting!

  12. Paris
    3 oktober, 2012

    Such a wonderful post!
    I’ve just started edging my way into the vegan world, starting with a green smoothie everyday.
    Your extensive list of greens has given me a new use for the silver beet, beet greens and dandelion that are growing in my garden at the moment.
    Thank you for your beautiful blog, forever inspiring me to live a happier, healthier and tastier life!

  13. gisele
    11 oktober, 2012

    Silly question – do you eat this with a spoon or drink it?? I see many of your pictures with spoons…

    • ElenoreEarth
      24 oktober, 2012

      Usually with spoon.. That´s how I like it best!

  14. Jorja
    16 oktober, 2012

    YUM YUM YUM!! You’re wonderful Elenore!
    The GSS looks fantastic, I make one similar but will be trying yours asap!

    Thank you x 10000

    (The Green Revolution Blog) xxx

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  17. em
    16 februari, 2013

    so I have to share a moment with you.. my husband and 19 month old son just sat together on the couch with a big glass jar of GSS and 2 straws and sipped the WHOLE thing down together. Then my son son licked his lips and said yumMY. Such a moment. I am so in love right now and you just made my month xxxx :)

    • ElenoreEarth
      24 februari, 2013

      Oh wow – that is so precious! Thank you for sharing and have a beautiful Sunday!

  18. Matilda
    13 mars, 2013

    Alltså yum! Vet du om det fungerar att använda frysta gröna blad? exempelvis spenat. De innehåller ju exakt samma näringsämnen om jag inte har hört fel?

  19. Emma
    7 juli, 2013

    YES. I was wondering what to do with the explosion of lettuces in my garden! I made it with strawberries, basil and mint and it was incredible. Just what I needed to boost me the morning after a party! You are quite the inspiration, many thanks.

  20. Natalia
    29 juli, 2013


    Thank you for being an inspiration to us health-minded folk ;) I just read your greenylicious creation and I can’t wait to try it! The only thing though is that I can’t stand the taste nor smell of banana (even more so now that im pregnant! I can detect the smell and taste without fail). I drink a Thai coconut daily for the potassium and was wondering if that would be a suitable replacement? Perhaps with the coconut flesh as a thickening agent like the banana flesh? Any other suggestions?
    Thank you gorgeous lady for empowering! I’m so grateful your site found me.

    • ElenoreEarth
      31 juli, 2013

      Hi sweetness!

      Sometimes I just cant stand banana in a green smoothie either. Then I just skip it and add more avocado for the same creaminess (or other fruit but then it wont be that creamy..). So go ahead and try the coconut meat! Great idea! <3 Much much love!

  21. Nichole
    6 augusti, 2013

    Perfect for my new (renewed) health kick!

  22. Franziska
    11 augusti, 2013

    Dear Eleonore!

    First of all: your blog is absolutely beautiful and so are you :)
    second: up to now i never liked green smoothies- although i really wanted to drink them because i know that they are sooo good for me-.. this absolutely changed with trying you gorgeous recipe- i love it- i really tastes good- i think it´s the freshness of the Lemon and the ginger. so thank you for sharing!

    lots of love from Austria!! franziska

    • ElenoreEarth
      17 augusti, 2013

      Yaay! Sensational news!

      Cheers to your new health bringing routine!

  23. Kylie
    12 augusti, 2013

    Hi Elenore. I am drinking my very first GGS this morning (being a very big fan of your GJJ, I’m taking the plunge into smoothies) and was wondering whether you’re supposed to include the whole peel of the 1/4 lemon. I used a microplane to get the zest but wasn’t sure if there were more benefits to using the whole peel…I was worried that my mediocre blender wouldn’t chop it up, or if it would make the smoothie taste too bitter.

    • Kylie
      12 augusti, 2013

      Whoops, I meant GSS, not GGS. Thank you for your marvelous site and your insanely positive influence! You seem like a wonderful person.

    • ElenoreEarth
      17 augusti, 2013

      Hi Kylie!

      You know, whatever floats your boat (or works well in your blender) is just perfect. There are major benefits from using the whole peel but it that’s tough on your blender and you end up with chunks it might not be super tasty.. ;)

      With LOVE and greens

  24. Karina
    27 augusti, 2013

    After months of procrastinating, I finally whizzed up my first greenylicious smoothie this morning – yum! So satisfying and I felt great all day knowing I had given myself such a wonderful start to the day. I don’t use stevia so substituted with 2 fresh dates – highly recommend! Thank you for starting me on my plant-loving journey xx

    • ElenoreEarth
      27 augusti, 2013

      Oh yes!

      Sounds marvelous, Karina <3
      Happy times are before you!

  25. denisa
    19 november, 2013

    Hi Elenore, I have a question about mixing vegetables and fruits. I read somewhere ( I do not remember where and how trust worthy it was) that it is not the best idea. What do you think?
    Thank you

  26. Marae
    23 januari, 2014

    Hi Elenore, thank you for all your amazing recipes, I just made my first GSS, what a perfect start to the morning:)

    I added:
    -dinosaur kale, dandelion greens, mint & parsley
    -a bit of fresh pineapple
    -coconut milk & water
    -lemon juice
    -lucuma powder

    soo creamy and delicious! I love you and your blog, keep doing what you’re doing!

  27. Sarah
    5 oktober, 2014

    oh my goddess! I have been drinking the GSS for a while now so don’t know why it took me so long to tell you that it is ahhh-mazing! I can feel the life force running through me when I drink it and I feel like a supercharge super woman. Thanks for this incredible creation- it is my go to when I need to feel wildly uplifted! Love and light <3 Sarah

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