Raw Elderflower Granita w Raw Honey

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What do you

reallytruly100procent count on?

We grow up in a beautiful yet twisted world where folks say that there are a very few things we can count on (apart from ourselves and sometimes not even that). Sound familiar? Truth is, AH, the truth is there are SO many things that we CAN count on! Such as how we sneakily create our own bountiful reality, that thunder often come during a crazy rainfall and that love can turn a sane person into very silly one. Another thing we can count on are Elderflowers. Oh yes we can and Oh yes we will!

 Where are you when the Elderflowers bloom? Are you standing outside in a wild garden with sleep still in your eyes wearing a fab summery dress and with your hands up up up in the skies, just like I did today. I hope you have bees buzzing around you, playing games with the poppies, butterflies and daisies. Playing games with You. I should probably say that the smell of flowers is all around, but no. The scent of honey is actually most prominent and it makes me want to run completely naked in the forest covered in dew and honey. I mean, why not!? Let´s be WILD, baby!

Fun & Fabulous Facts

I did say that you can always count on the Elderflowers but the truth is, they are depending on the honey bees to be able to bloom. Correction, they are depending on you. Thing is, Earthsproutlings, it is time we gather our forces to save the honey bees.

Did you know that 1/3 of the bee population have dissapeared. Dissapeared as in dead, gone, never coming back. Without bees there would be pretty much no fruits and vegetables growing and one thing is certain; veganism would be extremely tough. This is what we are looking at if we do not change something, folks. It is a very hard thing to grasp but if you turn your focus towards how our beautiful agriculture has turned into an destructive agribusiness we are looking straight at the problem. ”Regular” pesticides (sprayed on the crops),  systemic pesticides (when the poison is put inside the seed), monoculture (meaning only one crop is grown) and many many other factors have a part of the killing of bees. So are you with me, let´s save those little superheroes!

I´m thinking it is time we not only spread but shouted out the incredible properties of raw honey, royal jelly, propolis and bee pollen to the world. See, humans have been harvesting honey for well over 10 000 years not only for it´s nutritional value but also for it´s spiritual value and surely also because it is SO tasty. Raw, unheated honey has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties and has been widely used for healing in many ways. Honey can for example be used to balance hormonal issues, relieve stress and depression, treat high blood pressure and numerous other amazing things. Recent Swedish studies show that freshly harvested, raw honey is many more times powerful than even antibiotics and it´s miraculous properties are being investigated as we speak.

So go find yourself a good source of honey, get it while it´s fresh, enjoy it´s sweetness (on many levels) and save the honey bees while doing so!

Raw Elderflower Granita w Honey

The Elderflower lemonade was a part of each and every childhood summer. You know it too, right? That incredible (very sugary) drink that is so smack packed with summer that it can fool you big time even if you drink it in January. This version right here is far more healthy and only consists out of 4 superhero ingredients. Pure water, Raw Honey, Elderflowers and Lemons. Now it is up to you if you wish to keep it as a lemonade or if you want to beat the July heat with some tres sexy Elderflower Granita.

Makes 2 litres

2 litres of purified (or regular) water

15 clusters of Elderflower blossoms

2 organic Lemons

6 tbsp Raw Honey

1. Rinse the flowers and make sure that there are no darling bugs left somewhere in there. If so, open the window and let them out. Put the clean clusters in a big enough glass jar.

2. Rinse and slice the lemons and put them in the jar along with the honey

3. Pour over the water, put the lid on ant let it sit for 48 hours. Shake the jar a little 2 times a day.

4. Sieve the ready to drink lemonade (add more water if you think it is too concentrated) and if you wish to make a granita then simply pour it into a container of some sort and put it in the freezer for 12 hours.

Arrange the Granita with slices of really ripe peach and leaves of fresh lemon balm. Eat right away and send a ton of love to the bees who truly made this deliciousness possible.

So when I decide to run naked through that forest among the butterflies and honey bees I´ll remember to bring a huge sign that says ”Indulge in Raw Honey and save the world”. I know you want to do it too!

Now come on over to Facebook and Twitter, get the honey party started and tell everyone you know plus the entire web space about how to make this earth a better place and eat Elderflower Granita at the same time.

Also, I am super curious, where do you get your honey, honey? Do share those insights and sources of yours with all Earthsproutlings in the comments below!


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