Ecstatic Raw Chocolate

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Heart full of laughter

Mouth full of Ecstatic Raw Chocolate

Oh.My.Word. Combine Sarah B with Elenore Earth and you end up with a total love fest. And yes, it includes Raw chocolate so great we even named it Ecstatic (that was due to the over all weekend feeling as well though). Since you do know both of us in some sense you know that we love to share and that is why we even wrapped up the chocolate for you. Read on to get the whole present, baby!

There is something truly magical about co-creating and even though what we do on our own can be explosive, once you find people that simply make you soul sing, that explosion turns to glimmering fireworks.

This is why we, Sarah and I put our gorgeous souls/brains/minds together to create a downright ECSTATIC post for you! I know that Sarah has a bunch of real yummy things to tell you about the cacao butter while I decided to give you salty (in a good way) facts in my ”Fun & Fabulous Facts” section. So be sure to head over to Sarah for her take on this post/recipe/story.

Now I know that I can totally spend this whole post writing about Sarah and all her light but I think you´d better visit her amazing My New Roots and experience all that greatness for yourselves. Anyhow, last week this super soul sister crossed the ocean between Denmark and Sweden to come visit me in the forest. The result? Barefoot frolicking, Greenylicious food, a LOT of talking/planning/dreaming/photo shooting and I´m telling you, A.Huge.Amount.Of. Fireworks.

When I first found My New Roots a little over a year ago I was blown away by Sarah´s ability to deliver great content and high quality recipes every week. Each post infused with her wisdom and hunger (!) for life combined with her glowing spirit and sense of humor. When we finally met a while back, it was like uniting with a kindred goddess that simply had been missing for a while. No biggie. Ehrm..

I´m absolutely certain that my Sprout have a lot to thank her Roots for and we all know that those two are a great deal stronger, interesting and inspiring together which is why the adventure does not end with this co-created post/recipe. If I were you I´d keep an eye out for crazy amazing My New Roots + Earthsprout co-creations in the future.

Fun & Fabulous Facts

I have been waiting for the right time to tell you about SALT and I believe that the moment has finally arrived (drum roll). I often get questions on why I insist on writing ”Himalayan pink salt” in all my recipes instead of just, well, ”salt”. You should know it´s not beacause I want to be all super fancy but thing is, the right or wrong kind of salt can make it or break it when it comes to food creating. Add the fact that you can choose between salt with awesome nutrients or salt that takes your system for a toll (a bad one) and there you have it. The reason for my salty obsession.

If you consider the fact that our body is like a tiny ocean and like all oceans it needs a good balance of minerals like salt to function properly. Salt has the ability to add the final touch to a recipe (in this case chocolate) which means I just have to love it. Even so, it is imortant to keep in mind that the load of salt in our diet for the past decades (much due to fast food and pre-packaged ”foods”) has made it hard for our tiny oceans to stay balanced.

Bleached and processed salt is certainly one of the ”bad” whites and that is why, when I use salt, choose the ones that are as close to it´s original form as possible. Like Himalayan pink salt or quality Sea salt (and the list goes on) that contain way more trace minerals then their completely human made white breed and do not have any additives (yes your regular table salt may have additives!)

The excess salt consumption of today may contribute to vascular insufficiency, hypertension, high blood pressure, difficult pregnancies. Plus it interferes with calcium and nutrient absorption and weakens the kidneys. I mean if there is an imbalance in you ocean everything is affected and you know it. Now I can almost hear some of you yell ”what about iodine?!” so let me write a little note on iodized salt. I strongly believe that there are so many better ways of getting the important mineral iodine into our diets then simply falling into the hands of the clever industry. I add powdered Kelp (a seaweed) as seasoning in my food to give it a huge iodine boost, try it! It is naturally salty and way better than that processed, bleached and altered with iodized table salt.

Keep in mind that real, pure, whole foods and traditional cooking very rarely need much or any salt at all. When you do use salt I hope you´ll embrace the wonders of the real kind and not the ones that humans has altered with for the ”greater good” like table, kosher and other refined salts. Ohh, now I want popcorn with Himalayan pink salt, haha.

Ecstatic Raw Chocolate

I have kept this raw chocolate recipe from you for way to long but ya know what? There are perfect recipes and there are P.E.R.F.E.C.T recipes. Turns out, all this one needed was the My New Roots/Earthsprout collision to get that crazy, almost to good to be true-touch. Now you go and tweak it in any way you like and play with different flavors and endless possibilities. After all. It is even good for you!

Makes 2 large chocolate bars


30 g / 1oz raw cacao powder
100 g / 3.5 oz very soft, pitted dates

85 g / 3 oz cacao butter
1 vanilla bean, scraped (optional, but delicious)
pinch of flaky sea salt (optional, but delicious)

1. Lavender & Vanilla: a couple pinches dried lavender + 1 extra vanilla bean, scraped
2. Lemon & Sea Salt: zest of one lemon + an extra pinch sea salt
3. Smoky Spice: a couple pinches ground cinnamon + chipotle.
4. Ginger & Coconut: a couple pinches ground ginger + a sprinkling of shredded coconut
5. Lime & Cardamom: zest of one lime + a couple pinches cardamom
6. Spicy Orange: zest of 1 organic lemon+ a pinch of chili powder
7. Rose love: a few drops of rose essential oil + dried rose petals for decoration
8. Crunchy Mint: a few drops of mint essential oil + 1 Tbsp. unhulled hemp seeds

1. Begin by pitting the dates and mashing them with a fork, or food processor. You may want to remove the skins first if they are tough. Do not soak dates, as the water will cause the chocolate to seize up.
2. In a double boiler (or a glass bowl over water) over low-medium heat, melt the cacao butter slowly until completely smooth. Add the cacao powder, vanilla, salt, and lavender, and stir to thoroughly combine. Remove from heat.
3. Add the dates and fold to combine. You may need to let the mixture cool a little before this is possible, so put the pot or bowl in the fridge until the chocolate firms up a bit. Taste for sweetness and flavouring.
4. Once the chocolate is cool and you can form a rough ball with it, divide the  chocolate in half and place one section on a piece of parchment paper. Fold the parchment paper over the chocolate once and use your hands to mash it down into a thin piece. At this point you can fold the remaining sides up around the chocolate to create a bar and press the chocolate into the corners. Alternatively, you can press the chocolate into a mold or chocolate form. Place in the fridge or a cool place to firm up. Repeat with the other half. Store chocolate in a cool, dry place away from direct light. 

Just a wee suggestion – You may want to make this chocolate right away.

Do not forget to go bananas with different flavors and to tell me all about your tasty epiphanies on Twitter and Facebook

Hope you liked our present, Earthsproutling!

With Love and Ecstatic Chocolate

°° Elenore Earth & Sarah B °°


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